New therapeutic service in East Anglia

Today we’re introducing a new service – PACTS Outreach to you. Currently, PACTS works within Essex and Suffolk, but could this be a model that could work across the country? PACTS is not specifically for adoptive families, but can provide support in a variety of family circumstances.

pacts outreach

‘Supporting Parents, Enabling Children’

If you are a parent, carer or family member struggling with managing a child or young person with additional/special needs, disability or behavioural difficulties, then Parent And Child Therapeutic Services are available to support you.

PACTS Outreach uses a variety of therapeutic approaches with effective interventions to enhance the social/emotional development of children, alongside providing families with high levels of intensive support. We work with children aged between 5 and 18 years old with a variety of additional needs. PACTS Outreach work with and help families to develop problem solving skills as they are often experiencing extremely challenging circumstances. These circumstances may lead to feelings of frustration, isolation and hopelessness as they struggle to see a way forward.  At PACTS Outreach we focus on whole family engagement, assessment and intervention for children and young people. We work to promote collaboration with families and a range of partners to give support when it can make the most difference.

It is our aim at PACTS Outreach Limited to offer a professional, caring service to families and children/young people as early as possible, to afford the greatest chance of a long lasting positive outcome for both the family as a whole and the individual child/young person.

Covering Essex and Suffolk, PACTS Outreach focuses highly on the support network of a child. We encourage and help their school and family to work together to create a constantly stable system. To achieve this, we ensure that the right service is put into place as soon as possible. PACTS Outreach collates information by working alongside the family, the school, outside agencies and of course, directly with the child. It is through an understanding of the difficulties experienced, the completion of various assessments to identify needs, outlining difficulties and subsequent solutions that we aim to ensure every intervention is successful.

PACTS Outreach offer families hope where perhaps they feel they have none. We listen to, care for and understand the difficulties encountered by children and families and most importantly, without judgement.  Finally, we provide solutions for families who have become overwhelmed, by empowering parents and their children to face the future with strength and confidence.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat and find out more about how we can help you.

Mob: 07758115945 / 07758115759

‘Supporting Parents, Enabling Children’

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