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Today we bring you a guest post from Blackpool Council’s Adoption Service. As we all know, National Adoption Week is used to find more adopters for the many children waiting, and this post is typical of a profile that prospective adopters might see…

The UK recently celebrated National Adoption Week and its key focus for 2014 centred around adopting siblings.
Why? Well every year around 6000 children in the UK need a new home, half of which are siblings.


Now a sibling does not necessarily mean a biological connection. It takes into account children who share at least one birth parent; and children who live for a significant period with other children in a family group such as step siblings.
It’s also important to note that the word ‘sibling’ is viewed differently across all cultures.

Adopting siblings can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It gives the child stability as well as extra love and it can help the transition period into their new forever families.

Blackpool Council’s Adoption Services strive to keep sibling groups together where possible and in the last 6 months alone,  we have been able to keep six groups of brothers and sisters together which is fantastic news!

Do you think you could adopt siblings? *Lily and Grace are just one example of the many groups of brothers and sisters who are currently waiting for a forever family to come forward and give them a stable home together.

Lily & Grace*Lily and Grace

•        Lily is 4-years-old
•        Grace is 6-years-old
•        The pair need to be adopted together

We love…
We love to have lots of fun. We’d like a family who we can play with and are just as energetic as us!
Lily loves playing with her dolls and Grace likes to play outside whilst trying to catch butterflies.

The beach is our favourite place to go so we can build sandcastles and find pretty shells, so if you live on the coast or on a seaside resort, you’d be our perfect forever home match.

Learn more about the duo…
Lily and Grace are very close sisters. They’re also best friends and therefore are very happy to play together.

Each child is very unique in their own special way and have their own individual interests.

Lily is very clever and loves to learn new things and is an inquisitive little girl.
Lily is the quieter of the two around new company and can be shy on her own, but soon comes out of her shell when Grace is around.

Grace is a confident character and loves to meet new people and make new friends. She’s very active and likes playing games and sports, both indoors and outdoors, and is a member of Brownies.

Together they are a confident, happy little team who love trips to the petting zoo, the park and generally like to be outdoors. On rainy days they like painting pictures and watching their favourite films, to which they know all the words to the songs. They like to help in the kitchen, whether it is making fruit salads or helping with breakfast.

It is everyone’s wish for siblings to stay together when being adopted. We’re here to help make that happen and guide prospective parents throughout Lancashire and the North West on their adoption journey.

What the sisters need is a loving forever family in which they can flourish. If you want to adopt children like Lily and Grace, visit the site today at or get in touch by:
• Call 01253 477888
• Email
• Request a free information pack

Together we can make a difference and help place children in loving adoptive families.

* For security reasons, profile is not real but depicts the types of children we have waiting for a new home.


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