Summer plans at The Adoption Social

It’s almost Summer Holiday time and indeed for some, the holidays have already started, so we thought we’d best let you know what’s going on here…

We’ve decided to take a break for the entire Summer holiday, giving you just the Weekly Adoption Shout Out each week from Friday to Sunday as usual.

We both feel that we need to re-assess what The Adoption Social means to us, to you, whether we need to branch out, or stop or diversify or…we don’t know, but in order to this about all that, we need to step back completely for a while. July and August are traditionally quieter months for The Adoption Social anyway, so we hope you won’t mind us stepping away for a bit.

However, we will still be around if you need an ear or a shoulder, you’ll find us at @puffindiaries and @boysbehaviour. We started The Adoption Social because of our amazing online community, and we both definitely want to remain a part of that community too – because we still need support and help with our families, and because you know, you lot are pretty nice people!

If you have any thoughts about what The Adoption Social means to you or where you see it in the future, then please by all means email us at, and we’ll take your thoughts, ideas and messages into consideration when we think about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do.057

For now, here’s the dates that we’ll be running #WASO, and their themes:

22-24 July                 ‘6 Weeks’
29-31 July                 NO THEME
5-7 August               ‘Fight, flight or freeze’
12-14 August           NO THEME
19-21 August           ‘Sun or storm’
26-28 August           NO THEME
2-4 September        ‘How do you feel today?’
9-11 September      NO THEME

We’ll be returning week commencing 12th September and we’ll let you know our plans then or shortly thereafter.

4 thoughts on “Summer plans at The Adoption Social

  1. Blogfox14

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the fab work you do running the adoption social. You must both be super busy with your own families but you take the time to support the whole community .
    I haven’t been involved with the adoption social for long but I have found it to be a really lovely, friendly & supportive community so I hope it can carry on in one form or another.
    Have a lovely and well earned break xx

  2. Amanda Boorman

    So glad you are taking a break. You have worked so hard over the past few years and have created a wonderful and diverse community space. I really don’t know how you’ve done it whilst parenting and all that brings!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon and hoping to contribute to WASO again soon. Love you guys xx

  3. Eve and Ella

    Eve here – Ella is cooking the tea and I’m supervising!
    We love the weekly Shout Out and we always read all the links that people post. In the old days we used to post comments on many of these blogs but people didn’t bother to do the same for us (sad face) so now it is just a good read rather than a read and write feast.

    Actually I cannot find the usual Friday Shout Out – is it going to appear?

    1. Blogfox14

      Eve & Ella, I often read your blog and have tried to comment several times but it never works. I’m not sure why, I try to do it with my WordPress account but it always says not valid. It doesn’t work on anyone’s blog who has the same platform as you. Might be my inexperience but if it isn’t might explain why you have fewer comments than you’d expect.
      Also, don’t know you’re Twitter handle so can’t contact you that way!
      Anyway, just to let you know that the intention to comment is there xx


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