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It’s the first Adoption Social Times of 2015!

This month, this week in fact, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out turns 100! We have a special hashtag for this #WASO100, and we’ve invited you via Twitter to suggest a special theme for this week. It’ll be optional of course, but we’ve picked ‘The First 100′. We loved all of your suggestions, so we’ll incorporate them all in future #WASO theme weeks…keep an eye out for your suggestion.

Our usual themed weeks remain too – so last week was Expectations and next week is…’Next Week…’ future themes below:

23 January – Next week…
6 February – Reasons to be cheerful
20 February – Look how far we’ve come

Social Media and adoption
If you are a professional working in adoption and would like to find out more about using social  media to provide post adoption support then please contact us as we’re currently exploring ways of supporting organisations and professionals better so that in turn they can support adoptive families. We can’t guarantee direct help at the moment, but we’d like to get your views on whether you would want support, how you’d like it delivered, whether you would need training etc. Please email us at

Bloggers doing happiness!
We love when this wonderful blogging community comes up with initiatives and we wholeheartedly support #TakingCare100 – a 100 day photo challenge, and you can read more about it here.

We want you!
The Adoption Social was set up following the success and popularity of The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. A community that already existed was brought even closer together. We’re still here to support that community and are grateful for the reciprocal support that the community extends to The Adoption Social. We work hard to bring you posts that we hope are insightful, useful, interesting, and occasionally challenging, and would love for you to help contribute to those posts. So if you’ve written something that you want to share, then let us know – just tweet us at @adoptionsocial, or email us at

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

Our first ‘Problem Shared’ of the year was about handling a comment often heard – Aren’t they lucky? Have you heard it?

We published an Adoption Social Connections post to help you understand and create ‘sticky’ posts.

Over Christmas we left #WASO open for several weeks. Here you can see all the posts that linked up.

We published a very popular post from Twitter user @crusoepoll – a kind of shopping list of wants from post adoption support.

And Sarah looked back over 2014 on The Adoption Social. Here’s her round-up.


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