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Welcome to the latest edition of The Adoption Social Times, our monthly post where we can sing about all the things we’ve been up to, and give you a sneaky peek at some of the things that’ll be coming…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
#WASO is still one of our most popular posts – every week it draws in many many views, and we can tell that people are linking through and reading your blogs, so keep ’em coming. We’ve not had any suggestions from you after our last Adoption Social Times, but the invitation is always there…come and let us know if you would like a particular theme.

For now, here’s a reminder of the theme for the end of this month, and forthcoming themes for May.
24 April – A sense of relief (change to our usual schedule)
8 May – Where I Walk – to help celebrate Get Walking Week
22 May – Child to Parent violence (CPV)

#WASO Top 3
So we’re back into the routine of publishing our Top 3 #WASO posts each month. If you haven’t come across this monthly post, then you won’t know that it’s where we each choose our Top 3 posts from all those linked up to #WASO in the previous month…now you know. We’ll try to give everyone a little shout out on Twitter too, so keep your eyes peeled for a notification featuring you!
In the meantime, here is the latest Top 3 post.

Call for contributions
Thanks to those who have responded to our recent Twitter calls for guest posts. To clarify, we welcome guest posts from adoptive parents, adoptees, foster carers, prospective adoptive parents, care leavers, birth families, extended adoptive families, professionals and anyone who has an interest in adoption, or supporting adoptive parents and adoptees.

Contributions should be typically between 500-1000 words, and can be sent to us at If you have an accompanying photo/picture to which you own the copyright then we’d welcome that, if not, we can provide an image if needs be.
The pages on which we mostly take contributions are ‘The Blog’ – an open platform for informative posts, emotional pieces, rants, topical opinion pieces and poetry; ‘The Review’ – a space for book/programme/movie/training/game reviews and ‘A Problem Shared’ – where we invite our readers to respond with advice or information.

All guest posts can either be in your name, with a pseudonym or anonymous completely. And we are happy to include links to your blog or website within the post.

#taspic – our new monthly photo challenge
We launched our latest photo challenge this week for all of you shutterbugs. We recognise the importance of hidden identity, and how anonymity is important for many of you – and us too. So we’ve kicked off with #feeties (obviously only anonymous if your feet are normal…don’t post if you have 16 toes because that might compromise identity). A popular theme on Instagram and a more anonymous take on #selfies, it’s a fun way of getting involved with the community, and connecting with each other on another social media outlet. So dust off your cameras, and shoe us your #feeties!

Heel free to join in as much or as little as you want, use the #taspic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and feel free to add other hashtags toe – #feetie, #fromwhereistand and even #takingcare

Here are a  few of the #feeties that we’ve already seen…
Reviewers information
So, a bit delayed but we’ve finally been in touch with those who expressed an interest in becoming reviewers at #TakingCare in October.
If you signed up, but haven’t heard from us, please do drop us a line.

If you weren’t at #TakingCare but would like to be considered as a reviewer (free books!!!!) then please email us with your name, address and connection to adoption, and we’ll get in touch shortly. Our email address is

Meeting Up
As some of you know, Sarah and I live in completely different parts of the country. Although most of what we do can take place online via Twitter, email, the website, and Facebook, as well as a whole host of other online tools, we speak regularly on the phone too. However, sometimes it’s just much easier to get together in real life, not only for Adoption Social stuff, but as friends and just for a hug from someone who ‘knows’. So this week we’re meeting up and will be making plans for The Adoption Social, which after initial chats sound really interesting. We’ll feed back as soon as we have firm news.

And finally, posts you might have missed:

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The conclusion from our survey on ASD and adoption is available here. Thanks to those who completed the questionnaire.

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