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TAStimesOur monthly round up of all things Adoption Social…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Back into the swing of things now with the children back to school and routines beginning again? Then come back and join in with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out or #WASO.

Forthcoming themes:
25 September – In ten years time…
9 October – I swear
23 October – Smile

We love seeing your #TASPIC images – it’s nice just to share an image sometimes without having to find any words. So this month our theme is #whatsonmyplate. Come and share your own #TASPIC images either on your blog, Instagram or Twitter.
News of next months theme soon, but the latest round up can be found here.

National Adoption Week
Taking place in October, The Adoption Social plans to support The Open Nest’s conference ‘Adopted Voices’ as part of National Adoption Week. This conference supports adoptees, rather than sticking to the usual National Adoption Week ‘adopter recruitment drive’.
As part of that, we’ll be inviting guest posts from adopted people. We have a few guest posts lined up already for the week, but we want even more! So if you would like to write during that week, please email us at

We’re really enjoying the #TASchats that we’ve hosted so far. These are usually themed Twitter chats, where, using a hashtag (i.e #TASchat) you can take part in a conversation with other tweeters. We usually pose questions throughout an hour, and invite your responses. Along with a #TASchat on the adoption support fund, we usually host these chats during our Adoption Sore Points weeks where we focus on a specific issue for a whole week. However, we’ve enjoyed these so much we’ve decided to make them a regular feature outside of Adoption Sore Points too. For more information on the themes and dates, check out this post.

Wow what a great response we’ve had to our new #MeetMe initiative. We’ve loved receiving responses from you all and will be posting these over the coming weeks. Last week we published the first two – from @TreemendousKids and @BuildingAFamily. If you’d like to take part too, here are the questions, just email them to us at

Some posts you might have missed:

Some round-ups of the recent camp held at The Open Nest’s campsite near Whitby. Here are the first, second and third posts.

A quick tutorial on how to add a tweet to a linky. Useful for those of you without blogs, but still want to join in.

An honest and moving post from birth mum Millie.

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