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It’s been a while since The Adoption Social Times has been published – but we’re back again this month with a round-up of all things Adoption Social…

Taking Care
What an amazing event that turned out to be! On 18th October, around 80 adoptive parents, adoptees and others working in adoption came together in York to think about #TakingCare. Speakers talked with passion about their stories, their children, their parents, their thoughts and their suggestions for taking care. Conversations were honest, open and thought provoking, and many faces and names were connected. The evening social also proved a popular event, with many a dancing induced blister being reported!
There are many blogs with reviews of the event, but suffice to say it was popular, met it’s aims, and will hopefully be repeated in other locations.



BAAF National Adoption Week Awards 2014
As you might know, it’s National Adoption Week next week (3-9 November) , and during that time BAAF holds it’s National Adoption Week Awards to recognise and celebrate good practice and exceptional achievement among those working or involved in adoption in the UK.
We’re super proud to share with you that we’ve been shortlisted for the Digital Champion of The Year award!!! Yes, how blooming lovely is that? We have to thank Jenny at Inspired Foundations for the gentle nudge – else we wouldn’t have put ourselves forward, and of course we owe HUGE thanks to all our supporters, readers, and contributors without whom The Adoption Social wouldn’t exist. So keep your fingers crossed for us, the awards ceremony takes place on 4th November.

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out continues to be popular, with many a new and old blogger linking up. Please do continue to do so – even you haven’t already got our #WASO badge, keep an eye out in future weeks for the code and let all your readers know that you join in.

Forthcoming themes for this month are:
31 October – Embracing social media
14 November – Secrets
28 November – At this time of year…

Poets needed1414443008157
To help promote National Adoption Week 2014, this year we’ll be posting acrostic poems each day of the week. An acrostic poem is one where a word is written vertically, and then a word or sentence is written beginning with each one of those downwards letters. Here’s an example.  We’re looking for poems to be contributed that we can publish (anonymously or in your name) throughout the week. Perhaps your kids might like to give it a go? Our theme of course is ‘Adoption’ so please use that as your vertical word.

If you have a poem to contribute, please email us at or message us via our Facebook page.

Snap happybrothers
One of our newish features is Snap Happy. This is a picture related post where you can contribute a picture or photo that has a story to tell, or is a memory for you. You don’t have to be a blogger to take part – just send us your photo and a few words and we’ll add it to The Adoption Social. Here’s our first post in this series if you’d like a little inspiration.

Using social media
If you are a professional working in adoption and would like to find out more about using social  media to provide post adoption support then please contact us as we’re currently exploring ways of supporting organisations and professionals better so that in turn they can support adoptive families. We can’t guarantee direct help at the moment, but we’d like to get your views on whether you would want support, how you’d like it delivered, whether you would need training etc. Please email us at

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

Author Katie Wrench wrote about The Importance of the Life Story Book.

We published a post on how to create some calm time during the busy month of December.

Suddenly Mummy shared some top tips for introductions.

Our anonymous contributor wrote about that moment when you’re passed a baby…and her subsequent reflections on not having her own child…

A guest post from EyePAT about ‘keeping your child safe on the internet’.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.

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