What I want…

wantToday’s Blogless Blogpost comes from adoptive mum and tweeter @purdy2233 and is from our section where those without blogs can have a space to write, and those with blogs can write anonymously. I’m sure many adoptive parents will identify with these wants…

I want to be loved for me and not hated for who I represent,

I want to be looked upon with adoring eyes and not have eye contact avoided,

I want to be spoken to in a nice way and not shouted at,

I want to have them come to me when they are hurt and not avoid me,

I want them to know when I say I will be there I really will and not think I’m not coming,

I want them to believe me when I say I love you and not think I’m lying,

I want to see the twinkle in their eyes when they are having fun and not a scared look,

I want others to understand me and my family and not judge.

So many wants, but most of all I just want them to be happy and feel safe.

2 thoughts on “What I want…

  1. Three Pink Diamonds

    Simple but effective piece.. says a lot. It has given me food for thought.

    Thank you for sharing.


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