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#Taspic Review – and a new Challange

Well did I put a jinx on summer with lasts months #summerishere, probably.

However some of you still found thinks ironic or not to snap and share. Firstly here’s our Top #Taspic, a true summertimes scene from @Adventuring5.

summerishere top taspic

And here is some of our other favourites.

summerishere collage

So to next month, I don’t want to jinx the weather for July so lets try something simple like #beautiful  and don’t forget to hashtag #taspic too to help us find your picture.


#Taspic – A review and a new challenge

Here again to review the pictures from the last month.

Thanks for taking part and showing off with our #Hashtag #Lookatme. I think this picture from our own @boysbehaviour deserves a bit of showing off and the accolade of our #TopPic

Dollops birthday cake for her party today. Pleased as never iced in this style before. #dollopisnowsix #vegan #taspic #lookatme

Dollops birthday cake for her party today. Pleased as never iced in this style before. #dollopisnowsix #vegan #taspic #lookatme

So how did the rest of you do with a little bit of showing off…..

look at me collage

Thanks again for getting involved and I’d love to see your pictures in June with the hashtag #summerishere. So get snapping and have fun.

App Happy – by The Boys Behaviour

Apps – these days we can’t live without them, but which do you use the most? Which apps have you installed for the sake of someone else? Today it’s the turn of The Boy’s Behaviour to answer these questions…

The App I Use the Most.  Well aside from Instagram and Facebook, I suppose I use my camera loads, and then after that the Amazon Kindle app. Before bed, in the car waiting for the kids after school, in a snatched 5 minutes here and there, I do try to read fiction to transport me away from everyday life, and it’s much easier to do that on my phone, than carry a book happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.
I’m going to sound like the poster girl for Amazon after my previous answer but I suppose the general Amazon app is my guilty pleasure. I have Prime membership, so it’s super easy to have a quick flick for an item, order it and have it the next day. The downside is that one-click ordering – makes it far too easy to spend!

The App I really should remove.
I’m pleased to say I don’t have any that I should remove. I hate having an untidy app screen so I periodically get rid of those I don’t use anymore. Plus I’m in the honeymoon period of my phone (having only had it a fortnight) so having filled it up with rubbish…yet!

The App on my phone/tablet which is not for me.
I don’t have many – in fact just one for Dollop which is Endless ABC. It’s educational so I don’t really mind, but to be honest, she rarely plays it as she has her own tablet now.

The App I would recommend.
Several actually – Ocado, which I use frequently to order and edit my shopping; Ringo – because I never have change on me for parking, and this means I can use my card to park and S Health (a Samsung app) which helps me track my steps, meals and weight, which is important to me.

The last App I used today.
Nissan EV – a very useful app for people with Nissan Leaf electric cars, but very boring for those without. It helps me see how much charge (and therefore how many miles) I have left on the car, I can track how efficient the car and my driving are and I can see from a distance how well it’s charging – I love this because I can sit and enjoy a cuppa somewhere and see exactly how fast it’s charging. Or even, like tonight, I could check from the comfort of the sofa to see whether I needed to charge the car overnight. Which incidentally I do…so excuse me whilst I go and plug in…

 Would you like to share your App secrets??? Answer the above questions and email us at

#Taspic for May.

So after a brief break, #Taspic is back…….

With Spring in the air and I thought it would be fun to show off a bit. Yes lets shout about the big and little things we can do or that our family/pets can do. So adopt those smug faces and share your shots with the #lookatme #Taspic.

So touch your nose with your tongue, show off about those lazy moments you are treating yourself with, climb a tree or maybe let one of your children do that, or stand on your head, or cook up a storm in your kitchen or maybe paint a picture. your dog may be able to do a trick or is your cat super lazy? See if you can make a video and not just a photo of your amazing self/child/animal.

And here’s one I made earlier.


App Happy – Share your App Secrets

So which App do you use the most? Which App is your guilty pleasure? Which App are you hanging onto but don’t remove, Today Puffin Diaries reveals answers to all these questions and you can too. 

The App I Use the Most.  Apart from all the obvious social media Apps which I don’t count because they are a complete life necessity, I think I use Pinterest and Spotify the most. I love Pinterest it’s my go to cheer me up app. All the lovely food to pin, all the lovely yoga postures and quotes, all those stylish people and all those amazingly cute animals. I also love to listen to music whatever I’m doing, the fun stuff like yoga and cooking or even the not so fun stuff cleaning the happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.  I’ve had loads over time but I end up removing them. Yes I’ve done all the Candy Crush sagas, I also had a spell on Covert Fashion, a long spell, think I was rather depressed at the time. The one guilty pleasure I never tire of is solitaire, I play it almost every day, and love it. I suppose I shouldn’t really feel guilty because when I’m on holiday I play this game with actual real playing cards.

The App I really Should remove I have an app called “Moon Planner” which I don’t understand. All I wanted to know was when it was a full/new moon, all in the name of yoga. However it’s more to do with star signs and biorhythms??? Enough said.

The App on my phone/table which is not for me. Too many is the answer. Sandbox, Clumsy Ninja, Sketch Nation and more… all for the children/young people in my life, obviously. I know you know there are always times when they need the device, even though you also need it. ANGRY FACE.

The App I would recommend. It’s dull but I think it’s so very useful. The BBC weather App. Who doesn’t want to know when the sunshine is coming? It’s also a very clear, well working app, what else would you expect from the BBC.

The last App I used today. My trustee BBC weather APP.  I just checked if we would be having sunshine again tomorrow.

 Would you like to share your App Secrets??? Answer the above questions and email us at

#Taspic Round-up and a New Challenge.

Happy New Year Snappy Friends

Thank you for all your jolly #festivefun pictures and before it all seems a distant memory here is our TOP #TASpic from December.

festive @adventuring5

And as always I’ve selected a few of my favourites here.

festive collage

So we are into a fresh year, with new resolutions and plenty of hopefulness in our hearts. So how about we all do something new or for for the #firsttime, even if it’s just for the #firsttime this year. Our maybe your little bundles of joy, do/make/create/perform something for the #firsttime.  You could even challenge yourself to try something you’ve been meaning to do but not got around too. If you do don’t forget to snap it and share #firsttime #TASpic.

I look forward as always to your wonderfully creative contributions.

#Taspic – A New Challenge

So we have had another good month of picture taking in #Taspic and you’ve been sharing the things you are keeping all to yourself with the hashtag #allforme.

I LOVE the shoes in our Top #Taspic, thanks to @LornaSandbach

all 4 me Lornasandbach

And here are a some of the other great pictures we saw this month.

all 4 me collage

So now to this month’s challenge lets see all your pictures of #Festivefun

#Taspic – A new Challenge for November

Once again you have all done an awesome job of being part of of #Taspic. I think you’ve all enjoyed #todayistheday, I think it was a really creative challenge. I hope you will find the next one the same….but before we go there, here’s our Top #Taspic from @2newgirltoday 2newgirls

And here is a selection of the many others who joined in.

today Collage

And so to next month?? I hope this is as inspirational as the last and makes you want to join in. Lets do…


So go and have some picture taking fun……….

#Taspic September – And a new Challenge

So food was the topic of Septembers #Taspic and it was  a yummy filled month. I’ve  salivated over lots of your meals and a special mention goes to @mizzanels to the thing that didn’t quite make her plate.

Here’s this months Top #taspic, just because I so wanted it.


And here are some of the others I loved.


So what shall we do for October?

Well shall we #Taspic #todayistheday.

So what are you going to achieve today? Or maybe it’s the day when you accept that your plans have completely changed. Lets see it all in picture form. Roll on October for a new challenge.


#Taspic August and a new challenge.

So that was our #summertime, did you see much of it? We asked you all to share your #summertime #Taspics throughout August and below is or top #Taspic and a selection of the wonderful snaps you 3beesI love this selection of #summertime delights from @3beesandahoney

st collageThank you to all you lovely tweeters for joining in the fun.

So what next? I thought it would be fun to see what you are all scoffing this month all the yummy meals and food you consume. So join in again with this months hashtag #whatsonmyplate #Taspic