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How to add a tweet to a linky

Did you know you could do that? Yes, add a tweet to a linky. You don’t even need a blog.

OK, so for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out we want you to link a blog post up, but for #Memorybox or #TASPic you don’t need a blog at all and linking up tweets works really well for images that you’ve shared on Twitter. Here’s how you add a tweet to a linky…

Once you’ve sent your tweet, it’ll appear on your timeline. Click on those 3 little dots under your tweet and click ‘Copy link to Tweet’. Link tweets 1

You’ll get a box like this pop up:

link tweet 2

Now, select all of the text and click Ctrl+C to copy it. There, it’s on your virtual clipboard now, ready to paste.

The next step is to go to the linky that you want to join in with, this is the form for #MemoryBox… but all our linky forms look pretty much the same:

link tweet 3

Simply click in box 1. Highlight the http:// (this will mean you’ll paste over the top of it, but that’s what we want), then press Ctrl+V to paste the tweet address.

Then fill in the rest of the form with a title for the tweet, your email address (so we can contact you if there’s a problem) and you can give your name if you like too. Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll be asked if you want to return to the blog hosting the linky, or you can just close the window at that point.

That’s it. It’s just a matter of knowing where to copy the link from. Like all the posts that join in with our linkys, we’ll share the tweets as much as we can too, and we look forward to seeing some of your tweets on #TASPIC or #MemoryBox soon.

#Taspic – July Roundup and a New Challenge

Another month of great photos as you all shared the #Smallthings  in your lives. Be it the tiny moments or the the tiny shoes, there was definitely plenty to smile about.  

top #taspic july

I have selected this shot from @littlebit_bod as the top #taspic for July because, even with out seeing the girl’s faces, I can just imagine the delight expressed at spotting a little rabbit. The sort of moment that makes any parent smile, as you share a little bit of magic with your child. 

Thank you to all of you for getting involved and sharing the tiny snapshots of your lives. I am always really impressed with the creativity that goes into your shots. Here’s a a selection of some of the great pictures we’ve seen. 

smallthings collage



So now to August and a fresh challenge for us all. As It is supposed to be our summertime I thought we would go for that as our hashtag #summertime. Maybe it’s the things around you that remind you of summer; the flowers, the trees, even the wildlife. Maybe its what’s on your plate; a salad that’s fresh and summery, a bbq in the rain. Or maybe your #feeties are out in sandals, maybe your little ones little #feeties are paddling in the sea. So many things to draw inspiration from…I hope.

So use the #summertime hashtag and if you remember, #taspic too. And lets get sharing.

I think I’m going to try to make a little #summertime video, anyone else want to join in?

#Taspic – June Round up and a New Challenge.

What a very Yellow month June has been…..

yellow8First things first,here is our TOP #TASPIC from June, thanks to @grumpymumtoo. I love how joyous and yes, how yellow it is. I understand that this funny yellow fella tops a garden cane to stop it being dangerous. So not only is he lots of fun but very useful too….and yellow. 

It’s been great to see all the yellow pics on our twitter feed, they’ve certainly made me smile. With spring in full swing,  it’s been good to see all the gorgeous blooms you’ve captured. You’ve also been very creative and found the colour yellow in lots of unusual places. Here are some of the great shots we’ve seen.


So on to our next challenge, starting next Wednesday 1st July, our new #taspic theme will be…..


Maybe you could take a picture of a very #smallthing, a ladybird, some little feet or tiny hands. Or it could just mean those #smallthings that make all the difference for you, a walk, a cup of tea or time with a friend. Interpret it any way you like, the more creative the better, and I’ll see you back here in a month.

Have fun, enjoy the #Smallthings

Just a reminder, that whilst we love to share your pictures here and on twitter, if you would prefer us not to, then please let us know.





From a twitter discussion last week it came apparent that we needed an antidote for all the very serious and difficult conversations we’ve had recently around CPV. Whilst no one would want to the take away from the importance of discussing topics such as child to parent violence, we are very proud of the all those who contributed to our Adoption Sore Points week, we want to offer a balanced view of adoption.

So whilst many of us have very challenging times in our lives, we also make tiny and sometimes huge steps of progress. We now want to celebrate these moments, you know #theBestBits. So here is what we propose.

MB polaroidWay back in the day, when The Adoption Social first began (we are almost two you know) we had a weekly linky which was supposed to do just this job, it was called Memory Box. We asked people to link up blog posts about the magical moments, the bits that made you smile, the reminders of why everything is worth it. It didn’t need to be a lengthy post, sometimes a picture says it all. And with that in mind people didn’t need to have blogs they could tweet a picture with the #memorybox to join in.


So next week we will bring back #Memorybox. The link will be live on Wednesday and stay open until Sunday. So get those positive posts at the ready. Here’s an example of one I did earlier….image


As well as this we will hold a twitter chat next Thursday 11th June  9pm GMT all about #theBestBits #TASchat, so we look forward to lots of positive inspirational chat!

We do try very hard to give a good mix of light and shade and that is why we also run features like #Taspic for people to join in with. A little bit of fun. Find out more about June’s #Taspic here and get sharing those cheery #yellow shots.

And finally, just to remind all, we are here to support you, and if you have suggestions or thought on things you would like to see on our site, you can email us

#Taspics – A New Challenge

First of all I’d like to thank all the lovely people who joined in with #taspic #feeties. We’ve all had a lot of fun looking at each others feet. There has been a good selection of painted nails, new shoes, slippers, small feet and big feet. Great to see the creativity and offer a small window into each other lives. I’ve selected a few for you to look at.

If by any chance I’ve featured a picture on the site which you wouldn’t like shared here please let us know and we will remove it.


So with our #feeties challenge coming to a close at the end of May, it’s time for a new challenge.

We thought with summer just around the corner we’d do something cheerful, bright and joyous, and what fits this description better than the colour #Yellow.

So our new challenge starting on Monday 1st of June is #yellow #taspic. Lets fill our twitter feed full of lovely yellow things. To give you a couple of ideas I’ve put a small selection together.


#Taspic – #Feeties Roundup

It’s been brilliant to see lots of people joining in our #Taspic photo challenge.  We’ve seen #feeties in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest of toes to the loveliest new shoes and even the odd paw.

So here is a small selection of some of our favourites,feeties collageRow 1 left to right – @Mendingmum, @onroadtoadopt, @suddenlymumof2

Row 2 left to right – @purdy2233, @mizzanels, @kittyTrill

Row 3 left to right – @puffindiaries, @suddenlymumof2, @buildingafamily

We’ve contacted everyone included in the collage to ask for permission to use their picture. If we ever use an image of yours which you’d rather we didn’t share please contact us and we will remove it. However going forward by using our hashtag #Taspic we’ll take it as consent to include pictures unless we are otherwise notified. So if you’d like to ensure your pictures are not shared on our site, on twitter or any other form of social media which The Adoption Social uses, please notify us.

So lets carry on the #FEETIES fun for May.

From Monday 1st June our #Hashtag will change but look out for a post nearer the time to reveal your next challenge.

And we’ll let @hlmeadows have the last say with her favourite socks. 

My favourite socks. #feetie #taspic

A photo posted by Hannah Meadows (@hannah.meadows) on

#taspic – New Monthly Photo Challenge


We’ve decide to introduce a little bit of photographic fun into your lives.

Some of you have been very dedicated to #takingcare100 and also the #FO5photo challenge was a lot of fun too. So to join in we are bringing you our own monthly picture challenge. A one word or one phrase challenge for the whole month.

So what to begin with????

In an age when the “selfie” is everything, yet our own anonymity and that of our children, is so important, we need a different way to represent ourselves.I’m a big of a fan of the feet photo.  So instead of a #selfie we take a #feeties . 

It’s very simple, just direct your phone towards your feet and snap.

So this month (rest of April and also all of May) we would love to see as many pictures as possible of where your feet find themselves, where they take you, how good they look, possibly a favourite shoe, or are your feet clad for a special occassion/job/journey. What are your feet standing on? Finding different backgrounds for your feet can be fun.

Please share your pictures with the #TASpic and #Feeties.taspic

You don’t need to be on Instagram to join in, share your pictures on Twitter with the hashtag too.

HOWEVER for those Instagram lovers out there, using popular hashtags can be a great way to:-

a) gain additional followers.

b) be inspired by what others are doing.

So for this type of picture here are some hashtags to use.





Oh and if you just want to share a picture with us and the community, even one that’s not related to the challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #taspic

Two ways to share a post

Every week on #WASO, we talk about sharing your favourite posts on Twitter, Facebook and amongst your networks, but do you actually know how to do this?

Well worry not, because this week we’re going to talk about a couple of ways of sharing posts.

Copy and paste the URL

So the URL is basically the address of a blog post or web page. It begins with http:// or sometimes just www.
When you want to share a blog or website, you share the whole www. address i.e

However, if there is a specific page or post then you need to use the whole address i.e

To copy the link, you need to highlight/select it in the address bar of your browser, and then press ctrl+c. This stores it to your computer’s clipboard.

To paste it, create your facebook post/tweet/email etc, then press ctrl+v. This will paste the link in from your clipboard.

We appreciate that if you’re sharing on Twitter then sometimes these long URLs aren’t easy to share, so we wrote a post about shortening links so they better fit in tweets.

**Incidentally, this is what you should do for linkys too, as it helps direct people to the exact post you are linking rather than your blog, when people then have to scroll through to find the relevant post**

Use the social media buttons

On the bottom of many posts, articles, web pages and images, you’ll see some icons for different social media platforms. If you want to share that particular post, it’s really easy for you to select which platform you want to share to by simply clicking on the button. Below is the bottom of one of our #WASO posts, along with all the sharing buttons…sharing buttonsSometimes the icons can look a little daunting, especially if unfamiliar to you. The ones we use here on The Adoption Social are, in the order shown above:

Sharexy (if you hover over this, you’ll get a host of other sharing options too)

Whichever you click on will take you to that platform and you can log in and hit share.

It’s really quite simple, and once you’ve managed it a couple of times, you’ll be sharing all your favourite posts!

Take a look at Britmums

BM-Header-41Today we thought we’d share with you some of the great things that go on with Britmums.

BritMums is the UK’s largest parent blogger collective, which offers bloggers the latest support, advice and how-tos as well as feature great content on food, travel, relationships, health, charities, crafting and much more.

There are lots of activities that they do a daily, weekly, monthly bases, which might be of interest to many of you. Things that you can maybe get involved in over the Christmas holiday time, things that will help you improve your blog or find new blogs to read.

So here’s our recommendation for things you might like to try.


If you have enjoyed joining the recent photo challenge started by The Family of Five , #FO5Photo, you will also enjoy this daily picture taking activity. Very much the same, you take a picture to represent the word of the day. Britmums do #SnapHappyBritmums every month so there is always a word to give you inspiration to your picture taking. They share their favourites on twitter and on Pinterest. Take a look here is December’s List.


My best post of the week is a weekly linkup for exactly that, your post that you feel is your best from the week. It opens on a Saturday and remains open all week. It is a great place to find new blogs to read and to find new followers for your own blog. So what are you waiting for bloggers, join in. Find this weeks link up here.


Another good way to increase traffic to your site and find new blogs. A different parent blogger hosts the carnival every two weeks and you submit your posts to the host. Posts must be written in the past 4 weeks and not be commercial or give aways. Find out more about how it works and up coming carnivals here.

Twitter Chats

This is a collective discussion you can join on twitter. You use the suggested hashtag to follow the feed and make a contribution. The next twitter chat is tomorrow 11th December 13.00 – 14.00 pm GMT . In collaboration with Disney’s new Tinkerbell Movie, the chat is on tips to teach your children not to judge a book by its cover, using the hashtag #TinkerbellNeverbeast. Find out more here.

Round Ups

You may already be familiar with round ups as we now do the Adoption and Fostering monthly Round Up (returning in January). However did you know about all the other intresting round ups that will take you to lost of other exciting blog posts. Here are some of our favourites.



Mental Health



There also lots of information about how to improve your blog and use social media. So why not pop on over and have a look.



A Photo Challenge from The Family of Five

Today we share with you a fun challenge from The Family of Five.

We always love an activity which as a community we can have a go at. So this list of photographic prompts from one of our favourite adoption blogs has caught our eye and we would like to share it with you.

It was actually started 6 days ago so today, 26th of November, the photographic theme is “Makes you Smile”. See the list of themes below.

To join in take your picture on your phone or with a camera and then share on your blog, on Facebook, on twitter or on Instagram with the #FO5Photo

It’s fun to try and join in each day but I think Mrs FO5 will be glad to see your pictures whenever you have a chance and so will we.

Over on The Family of Five you will find a daily post of pictures, here are some already posted, to give you some inspiration.


Something you Adore


So come on everyone, lets get snap happy.