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#TASchat time!

Tonight we’ll be hosting our final #TASchat of 2015 – will you be coming?

We’ve been running fairly regular Twitter chats for a little while now, some have been on serious subjects, others more an informal natter and we’ve really been enjoying them. What about you?
Tonight’s subject is #FestiveFun so get ready for our Christmassy questions…

If you’re not sure what a Twitter chat involves, then this post is for you – it explains how to take part, and I can assure you it’s really not as scary as it sounds. www.kizoa.com_collage_2015-12-09_20-04-25

We try to round-up each chat after too, so if you can’t make it, you can always have a read afterwards. We use Storify as a tool for this, and you can find our previous Storify round-ups here:
Child to Parent Violence
The Best Bits
National Adoption Week 2015
Surviving Christmas

Tonight. 9-10pm GMT. Twitter. #TASchat. #Festivefun.

#TASchat – Join us for more Twitter Chat

#Taschat is back next week.


We’ve really enjoyed the twitter chats we’ve hosted so we are planing to do more, hope you approve. We return next week on Thursday 24th September at 9pm GMT the subject is #MeetMe.

Although some of you are old friends and we always enjoy hanging out with you, we would also love to meet some of our newer twitter followers. And we also thought it would be fun for us all to learn a little bit more about each other. So in line with our new feature #MeetMe we will post questions which aim to reveal a little bit more about your life, don’t worry nothing too revealing.

So grab a tea, coffee, wine or gin and come and have a friendly chat.

We will also be hosting a #Taschat during National Adoption Week on Thursday 22nd October 9pm GMT.

As yet we have not decided on the subject to discuss, we thought maybe you would like to make a suggestion. Last year we did the #Howareyou? as we know many of you find the week difficult.  As we are featuring all posts from adoptees that week. We’d like a subject which can involve adoptees as well as adopters. Have a think and put your suggestions below in the comments or message us on twitter.

We will also do #Taschat in November and December here are the details:-

November – Thursday 19th 9pm GMT – Surviving Christmas

December – Thursday 10th 9pm GMT – subject TBC

How to add a tweet to a linky

Did you know you could do that? Yes, add a tweet to a linky. You don’t even need a blog.

OK, so for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out we want you to link a blog post up, but for #Memorybox or #TASPic you don’t need a blog at all and linking up tweets works really well for images that you’ve shared on Twitter. Here’s how you add a tweet to a linky…

Once you’ve sent your tweet, it’ll appear on your timeline. Click on those 3 little dots under your tweet and click ‘Copy link to Tweet’. Link tweets 1

You’ll get a box like this pop up:

link tweet 2

Now, select all of the text and click Ctrl+C to copy it. There, it’s on your virtual clipboard now, ready to paste.

The next step is to go to the linky that you want to join in with, this is the form for #MemoryBox… but all our linky forms look pretty much the same:

link tweet 3

Simply click in box 1. Highlight the http:// (this will mean you’ll paste over the top of it, but that’s what we want), then press Ctrl+V to paste the tweet address.

Then fill in the rest of the form with a title for the tweet, your email address (so we can contact you if there’s a problem) and you can give your name if you like too. Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll be asked if you want to return to the blog hosting the linky, or you can just close the window at that point.

That’s it. It’s just a matter of knowing where to copy the link from. Like all the posts that join in with our linkys, we’ll share the tweets as much as we can too, and we look forward to seeing some of your tweets on #TASPIC or #MemoryBox soon.

Adoption Support Fund feedback chat

Have you accessed the Adoption Support Fund yet? How easy have you found it? Have your social workers been knowledgeable? How long has it taken?

This is the kind of feedback that is needed to improve the way the adoption support fund works, and so next week on Thursday August 6th, 9-10pm, we’ll be hosting a Twitter chat where you’ll be able to share your experiences with Jenny Jones, and hopefully Al Coates and Sally Donovan, all adoptive parents who sit on the expert advisory group that steers the adoption support fund.

We’ll be using our usual #taschat hashtag AND #asffb (Adoption Social Fund Feedback). We need both hashtags used in order to create a round-up of all the chatter and tweets that can be used by Jenny, Al and Sally. Any tweets that don’t include those hashtags, sadly won’t be included as it’s the only way we have of picking out those specific tweets.

We’ll be posing certain questions throughout the hour and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say. If you want a reminder of how to take part in a Twitter chat, then check out our tips here.

Otherwise, we look forward to chatting with you next Thursday 9-10pm on Twitter. Don’t forget those hashtags…

How to Take Part in a Twitter Chat.

Let’s get talking about the difficult bits.



As part of our series of weeks called Adoption Sore Points, we are going to hold a twitter chat around the subjects we are featuring. Our first Twitter chat will be on Child to Parent Violence (CPV) and will take place on Thursday 21st May 9pm-10pm UK time.



So would you like to be involve but not sure how? Let us explain.

What is a twitter chat and how do I particpate?

This is where a group of people on twitter, meet online, at a pre-determined time, to discuss a certain topic. During the chat a selected hashtag (#) is used for each tweet which is contributed to ensure the discussion can be followed. Our Special Hashtag for this chat is #TASCPV. This will change for the next chat.

As the hosts, we will pose questions on twitter, around the topic, which will be organised as Q1, Q2, etc.. and of course with the #TASCPV hashtag attached.

Participants will then respond to questions and can organise their responses, if they wish, with A1, A2, etc.. to help other participants see which questions they are responding too and don’t forget to include the hashtag.

In order to follow the feed, search the hashtag #TASCPV in your search bar, then the only feed you should see will be those with the hashtag attached.

The hardest thing I always find is to remember that all important hashtag #TASCPV, especially when you are getting really involved in a good discussion. So try using Tweet Chat  a site which allows you to follow the feed and join in but, ensures that each of your tweets automatically includes the designated hashtag #TASCPV. Genius!

Hopefully this will get us all discussing the subjects that aren’t always talked about but need greater attention.

How to change your Twitter Avatar.

In support of our #CPV week, change your avatar

This is really easy to do and seeing all these avatars on our twitter feed will raise awareness for this difficult to talk about subject. So here we go….

1. Right click on the image below









2. Select save as and then save to your desktop (or another place you’ll remember).

3. Go to your twitter page and select Edit Profile.

4. Select Change Your Profile Photo and upload the badge from the file you saved it in.

5. The picture should fit perfectly but you can edit. You then select Apply and you are done.

An easy step to showing our solidarity through the difficult bits.

Self-care: A challenge

We love hearing from you – the community – about ideas you might have to connect and take care of each other.
In the past we supported Family of Five with a photo a day challenge, and we’re proud to have promoted another recent happiness challenge – #TakingCare100. Then back in November last year we supported #HowAreYou, a great hashtag initiative on Twitter developed by @adopting and @take2mums.


Now, we’re pleased to bring you another challenge, again from one of our amazing community – this one is from MyBrownEyedBoys. Here’s her challenge to you:

I have suffered from bouts of anxiety at all stressful times of my life so no surprise that having 3 adopted boys brings plenty of anxious times. About  2 years ago I was referred again to a therapist for anxiety but this time I didn’t want to talk endlessly about my problems. No, this time I wanted to work out how change my reaction. I cannot avoid anxious times completely but I figured, I needed to avoid reacting in the same old way to the stress.

Amongst other good advice (about avoiding trying to rescue everyone in my life) she challenged me to give myself a  treat every day.
Not so difficult you might think but, given that international holidays are not possible, finding a small luxury proved difficult. She advised me not to resort to food or alcohol too often so it was not as easy as it sounds. However, after a while I got the hang of setting aside half an hour to watch a TV programme or listen to the radio or to stop for a chat after my yoga class. These may be every day things  but time for ourselves can elude most of us in our chaotic households.
Put yourself first for 30 minutes per day, every day and feel the benefit.

So that is my challenge to you – treat your self in a small way each and every day and when you have mastered that encourage your family to do the same for you. Good Luck!

What a great idea hey? So we’d love for you to share your #metimetreats – photos, descriptions, one-liners, let us know how you’re looking after yourself.

How Twitter Changed my Life.

Today Sarah from The Puffin Diaries tells us how her life has changed since joining twitter.

Last week I attended a conference. I stood on stage next to my friend, fellow adopter and founder of The Open Nest Charity, Amanda Boorman, and talked, all be it briefly, about how The Adoption Social came to be. We then went on to introduce and show, for the very first time, the new animation commissioned by The Open Nest and based on information that The Adoption Social had collated from the on-line community. At that moment, I couldn’t have felt prouder of being part of the adoption on-line community.

Throughout the day I also spoke to many people about the support they could find on line, about the fantastic friendships I’d forged with people I’d met through Twitter and how wonderful it is to read so many amazing adoption blogs.

Even as I write this, it all seems a little surreal.

Nearly three years ago I joined twitter and I didn’t really know what was going to happen. Many people I know had said “oh I can’t get along with that twitter” or “I don’t get it”.Tweeting

I think it is a little bit of an odd space if you don’t really know why you’re there. Especially if you already do Facebook where the majority of your friends hang out. But if you have a cause or are looking for some like minded folk,, then it can be a really positive place to be.

My first twitter name was @adoptionbliss, slightly tongue in cheek because life was far from bliss. We were experiencing regular violent out bursts and I think it was around the time of fire starting, running away and stealing too.

Something strange happened; maybe I tweeted something or said “hello” to another adopter on twitter, but suddenly lots of people were saying “hello back” and suggesting people for me to follow.

I must confess that from that point on I became massively addicted to twitter.

So nearly three years ago I took the plunge to join a social media thingy. One that often gets bad press for bullying, bitching and general hating of others. In my three years I’ve only ever had a couple of bad experiences on twitter and they were quickly dealt with by blocking.

Instead what I’ve found is the most INCREDIBLE source of support, love, empathy, compassion, understanding and a sense of belonging. I have friends who understand my life. I have friends who are there online but are also at the end of the telephone. I have friends that I can make plans to see all of whom I met on twitter.

I am a co-founder of The Adoption Social a site which aims to support the on-line community because of twitter.

I have my own blog The Puffin Diaries, where I write, all though not that often recently, about adoption because of twitter.

I am a trustee for a progressive and creative thinking adoption support charity The Open Nest because of twitter..

And I’m talking at conferences because of twitter.

But most of all and most importantly, for me, is I am now no longer ever alone because of twitter.

Three years on my life has changed quite dramatically because one day I decided to joined twitter.

So if you read this site but have not yet taken the plunge to join twitter, why not give it a go today.

Here’s our post on how to set up an account safely.

Oh and don’t forget, once you’ve joined to come and say hello find us @adoptionsocial.

Two ways to share a post

Every week on #WASO, we talk about sharing your favourite posts on Twitter, Facebook and amongst your networks, but do you actually know how to do this?

Well worry not, because this week we’re going to talk about a couple of ways of sharing posts.

Copy and paste the URL

So the URL is basically the address of a blog post or web page. It begins with http:// or sometimes just www.
When you want to share a blog or website, you share the whole www. address i.e

However, if there is a specific page or post then you need to use the whole address i.e

To copy the link, you need to highlight/select it in the address bar of your browser, and then press ctrl+c. This stores it to your computer’s clipboard.

To paste it, create your facebook post/tweet/email etc, then press ctrl+v. This will paste the link in from your clipboard.

We appreciate that if you’re sharing on Twitter then sometimes these long URLs aren’t easy to share, so we wrote a post about shortening links so they better fit in tweets.

**Incidentally, this is what you should do for linkys too, as it helps direct people to the exact post you are linking rather than your blog, when people then have to scroll through to find the relevant post**

Use the social media buttons

On the bottom of many posts, articles, web pages and images, you’ll see some icons for different social media platforms. If you want to share that particular post, it’s really easy for you to select which platform you want to share to by simply clicking on the button. Below is the bottom of one of our #WASO posts, along with all the sharing buttons…sharing buttonsSometimes the icons can look a little daunting, especially if unfamiliar to you. The ones we use here on The Adoption Social are, in the order shown above:

Sharexy (if you hover over this, you’ll get a host of other sharing options too)

Whichever you click on will take you to that platform and you can log in and hit share.

It’s really quite simple, and once you’ve managed it a couple of times, you’ll be sharing all your favourite posts!

Tips on Twitter

Hands up if you love a hashtag?
*Puts hand straight up*

Yes here on The Adoption Social we do like a hashtag, and we’ve had some great hashtag initiatives recently from the Twitter community – #TakingCare, #HowAreYou, #TakingCare100 and our own #WASO too.

So we’ve thought of a new one that might help with a bit more sharing of tips, resources and general usefulness – Adoption Tips or #Adotips. 1421672780517

There is such a wealth of knowledge out there and we want you to share it. Whether it’s a parenting tip, recommended website, strategy, technique, course, book, blog or even another Tweeter that has been particularly inspiring or helpful. Just make sure you add the hashtag in your tweet and we’ll share it, and try to offer a regular round up here on The Adoption Social.
And if you see an #Adotips tweet that you agree/disagree with or can add to, then please do.