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The Things We Do 28/4/14

TheThingsWeDoIt’s time to share the things you do again in our linky. You have all week to share with us what you’ve been doing; what is working for you and your family.


Write it. Snap it. Post it. Link it. That simple.

Digger Diaries

Last time we had a few wonderful links, but this particular one is something close to home for me, as we struggle with toothbrushing on a twice daily basis. It’s a battle I’ve lost so many times that my 6 year old ended up having a tooth pulled out. If you have the same battle, check out Digger Diaries’ post.

The Things We Do – 14/4/2014

What are the ‘things’ your family do? Have you written about them recently?

Is there something you do to overcome difficulties? Perhaps a special place or activity that the whole family enjoys? Maybe you have learnt a technique that particularly works with your children?
If you have, then write a post about it and link up here on The Things We Do – let everyone know about the things that work for you…

white light
Last time, Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour shared a meditation technique she uses to calm, clear her mind and relax herself.

You can read more about it here…



If you have something to link, then add it below; and if you like you can always add our rather lovely badge to your post or blog…TheThingsWeDo

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From the archives – 5

Hey, you there…got an old post that didn’t get the love it deserved? Then bring it here and link right up!

From the archives is our simplest ever linky. Find an old post, copy and paste it into the form down there…yes, at the bottom of this post. That’s it. To quote a ‘friend’, could it BE any easier?!

Oh, and if you fancy it, you could add our pretty badge to show all your readers that you join in (it’ll magically link back to us here at The Adoption Social, and therefore help promote your fellow bloggers too!). So what are you waiting for?

From The Archives

We like to join in this one too, so check out one of our older posts – Father and Son

The Things We Do 17/3/14

The Things We Do – a link up for you to share the things you do…

Last time the lovely Frogotter shared her post about ‘The Hat’…you can read the full post here.

IMG_20140313_170045 (1)
What things do you do that make your life a bit easier? What things do you do for your children?

Whatever it is, we want to share it, so link up below, and as with all our linkys, please do share your favourites, and we’ll do our best to share all the posts that join up.

From The Archives 2

Finding a little extra love for our blasts from the past……
We had a brain wave over at The Adoption Social. Why not give you a link-up where your older blog posts can receive a little extra love.

We’ve all got those posts that we feel really do deserve a little more attention, an extra comment, another share.  Maybe you just want to re-share an image or a poem you published in the past. Whatever, the reason, we want you to have a check through your archives and come and link up your post.

We really couldn’t make it any easier, you don’t even need to write a new post! Just come and link up an old one. We have a  shiny new badge- so if you fancy, you can grab the code below.

And because we don’t want to miss out on the fun, here is one we’ve picked from our archives Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

From The Archives will be open every other Monday – Sunday, with The Things We Do linky available on the alternate week. Sometimes we might give you an optional theme, but for the most part, just link up an old post – and we’ll share it as much as we can. Readers – please do read, share and comment when you feel able.

From The Archives

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So come and link up below………….