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Meet Me: Gareth Marr

Our first Meet Me post today comes from blogger, tweeter and campaigner Gareth Marr…

  • ‘Sapiens – A Brief History of Mankind’ Yuval Noah Harari. Did you know we lived on the earth with other Home species and probably mated with them!
  • ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’ Marlon James. The Jamaica the tourists don’t know.
  • ‘Artie Shaw, King of the Clarinet. His Life and Times’ Tom Nolan. He married 8 times including Lana Turner and Ava Gardner, dated Betty Grable and had Billie Holiday as his singer in an all white band.

It’s all modern New Orleans jazz

  • ‘Breathless’ Terence Blanchard
  • ‘Say That to This’ Trombone Shorty
  • ‘Stretch Music’ Christian Scott

TV Programme – Dr Foster

Food – soft and easy to digest and made by Mrs M

Pastime – Anything with son. This week conkers.

What do you wish you had known before you adopted your children?
That after us, school is the most important thing to get right. ( I think we passed, so far)

Who inspires you?
So many, but this week Louise Bomber who did a brilliant on day conference for local adopters last Friday.

What do you think is your biggest source of support?
My wife and son.

What do you do to take care of yourself?
Breathe, carefully and with concentration. Yoga.

What is the best or most memorable piece of advice you have ever received?
‘If you are lucky enough to be in the club, you gotta pay your dues.’

The lovely Gareth can be found tweeting as @garethmarr and blogging here..

Me & My Blog by Last Mother

treeToday’s Me and My Blog is written by Last Mother, who explains why she set up her blog.

What did make me sit down at my computer and set up “Last Mother”, after a few years of thinking about blogging? During that time, something always made hold back. The worry that I would get nasty comments, mostly!

I’ve always kept a diary and recorded life with my children, and I love writing. But my blog hasn’t ended up as an online diary, even though I sometimes post snippets of my day to day life – usually those snippets I wouldn’t feel able to share with my family or most friends. I’ve also always liked talking to people about adoption. I’ve used online forums for years and found them amazingly supportive. I’ve been involved with a few preparation groups and found them quite enjoyable in many ways, although it’s nerve-wracking standing up in front of these strangers and telling them things you haven’t even told some close friends/family members. But despite that, posting something on a blog felt a bit different. More ‘out there’.

Thinking back 8 months, what finally made me ignore my trepidation and bash out the first post was the combination of isolation and a desire to reach out, and an opportunity I received.

Isolation is one the hardest things I have to cope with. Not just the stress of not being able to leave the house much apart from my part time job and shopping and therefore not seeing my friends and family very often unless they come to me, but the emotional isolation you go through as the parents of a child who has significant special needs/emotional and mental health issues. There are few people, and nearly all of them are other adoptive mothers or the birth mothers of children who also have special needs, who are able to understand even some of what it’s like to parent my DD2.

In February 2013 it became even worse, as my DD2 embarked on a reunion with her birth mum, which has been a big stress on both DD2 and the family as a whole. Its blown apart what we had before, and taken DD2 to the huge highs of feeling complete and loved and excited beyond belief, to the extreme lows of an emergency psychiatric hospital admission, anger and betrayal (that crisis would not have happened if she hadn’t been in such close contact with her birth mum). I felt unable to talk about it to most people, and my sense of isolation increased and increased. I was advised by a very wise adoptive mother to disengage mentally from it somewhat, and find ‘distractions’ to fill my time. By April this year, I was trying to put her advice in action.

Late in April Andrew McDougall, author of the blog “The One Hand Man”, posted on Mumsnet that he was looking for an adoptive parent to be interviewed on his blog. Feeling keener than ever to reach out to others in more ways than just an online forum, this seemed like a good way to try it out…I would get a chance to see how I might be received in the blogosphere! And when I answered Andrew’s questions, I found I enjoyed doing it. I had found a ‘distraction’ from home life. Why is writing about adoption a distraction from adoption issues? I’m not fully sure, but as long as I was writing about something other than ‘reunion’, I found myself getting completely absorbed in the writing and forgetting everything else. So by the time he was editing my answers for the first interview post, I was setting up a WordPress account.

About 8 months later, “Last Mother” is still, for me, a way to fully absorb myself in something else than is happening right that second, but it’s more than that. I’ve found amazing people online who understand, I’ve had my posts (and my DD1’s) shared around the internet, and I’ve been able to express my views on a wide range of subjects and find people who are interested in hearing what I’ve got to say. Which feels a bit odd really!  But it’s very gratifying to be told that something I wrote was helpful, or interesting, or gave a new perspective on some issue. I don’t find the time to write as much as I would like, but I hope to be blogging for a few years to come.

My readers are some of the kindest and most understanding people on the internet in my opinion, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being so kind and supportive, and making blogging much more enjoyable. Also, thanks to the authors of all the amazing blogs I love to catch up on over a cup of tea. You are fantastic writers, and provide so much support and advice.

My blog is at

I’m also on Twitter now @LastMum

My Twitter Life from @Adoption12

Here @Adoption12 tells us all about here love for twitter and the surprising other character she tweets as……

adoption12I’ve just been searching for a dictionary definition of “family” but all I found were varying descriptions of “people living under the same roof”. Well, if you can class twitter as a roof, then I certainly have a family under it.
I started tweeting about 2 years ago, firstly (don’t laugh) through our cat! He has 929 followers! About 500 more than my other 3 twitter accounts put together! Mad? Yes! Fun? Definitely! I realised that twitter is about finding a main interest (in the cats case it was my interest in animal welfare – signing & RT’ing petitions etc) and once you reach out others with the same interest reach back.
This proved to be invaluable when, in 2012, we decided to go through the adoption process after our attempt at IVF failed.

Something made me set up a twitter account immediately on deciding and, originally, it was going to be a daily diary for myself.

I never imagined in a million years that, just over a year later, I would be in touch with lots of other like minded, lovely people, daily, who have gone through or are going through exactly the same things as me and offering such wonderful support that I always assumed would come from “real life” friends and family.

I started tentatively, little tweets here and there, and then something lovely started to happen. I started receiving little supportive tweets back, advice that I thoroughly appreciated, I felt totally supported by people I didn’t even know.

In the time I’ve been on twitter I feel the family of people on there has become extremely strong. We’ve all got to know each other, as much as you can do over the air waves (or whatever you call it nowadays – digital waves?! *shrugs* I don’t know!)
We offer each other support now and  it’s really comforting knowing that somebody will come to your aid if you tweet you’re having issues or just that you’re having a bad day. It’s also really lovely to be able to offer that support back. If you see someone is having a bad day you make yourself available for them.
And we don’t just tweet support and advice about adoption, we talk and laugh about everything. Just recently we started a healthy eating campaign amongst ourselves! It appears adopters need chocolate cake a LOT! And so we’ve embarked on a #wecandothis campaign and we tweet the healthy things we’ve eaten. I know I wouldn’t have started without my twitter buddies.

There’s something very different about twitter when it comes to adopters. It doesn’t feel like shallow social media. It feels like home!

And in the end I did find a definition of “family” in the, always funny, Urban dictionary (try searching your own name!) I think it sums my twitter family up perfectly…
People you love and love you back, not neccessarily blood or biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them.

Tweet with @Adoption12 and read her blog  Hoops and Hurdles

My Twitter Life from @PuffinDiaries

Today, co-founder of The Adoption Social, Sarah from The Puffin Diaries tells us how she discovered Twitter…



When I joined twitter I was sceptical about it, as I think a lot of people are. I’ve had friends join, who just can’t get the hang of it or fail to see its merits. I was at the time sewing and making things, also selling vintage bits and pieces on Etsy so I joined really as a way of promoting this venture and to connect with other crafting and making folk.

I think one evening I decided to do an “adoption” search and there before me unfolded a new world.

Afraid of mixing my two personas, crafter and adopter, I opened a new Twitter account under the name @adoptionbliss. It was meant in all ways to be humorous, as bliss was far from what my life felt like at times. We were five and a half years into our adoption and it felt like a lonely place.

I tentatively reached out to a couple of people who had popped up in my search, feeling a little awkward and embarrassed; it can be very daunting taking those first steps. Almost worse than approaching a stranger at a party or gathering, in that instance there is more for you to read into, their body language, a welcoming face or a friendly smile. Easier really to detect the possibilities of rejection. Anyway in I plunged and to my surprise and delight, people seemed friendly, introduced me to others and soon I was chatting away and share snippets about myself and my family. From those early days I very much remember @BoysBehaviour, @SallyDWrites, @On_the_edge , @Purdy2233 and @jayandaitch to name a few.

I really did feel elation at having discovered a community where I could truly share my life and feel that it was understood. Initially I also found it all very addictive and soon found myself, glued to my phone or stuck behind my laptop.

The twitter community felt like such a great place to be, often much better than what was going on around me at home.

As I explained in Me and My Blog, Twitter did soon lead me into the world of blogging and the birth of The Puffin Diaries. When I started blogging I started a blog and didn’t intend for it to really be an adoption blog, I still believe that’s not really what it is. I found I was just really taken by the whole world of blogging in general. Because of this I was soon following lots of bloggers of all shapes and sizes through twitter. As my confidence grew I would make little comments were I thought appropriate, to anyone I felt seemed friendly, or whose writings I enjoyed. Soon I was building up quite a circle of twitter friends.

What I love about twitter is how very instant it is, on the most. You dip in and out, pop into conversations, and join in a feed, with whoever is about at the same time as you. Sometimes it’s very quiet and at others times you’re down to twenty characters for your response, so many have joined in.

Either way it gives me a little escapism sometimes and often makes me smile or laugh.

Other times its brilliance is in the empathy it can provide. I recently tweeted about having been in a very dark, depressive place and the amount of people who responded and contacted me to make sure I was ok was really overwhelming. People out there truly are very kind and that kindness helps feed the soul and makes the world a better place, in my mind. In return I try to support others I can see are struggling, reaching out with a few kind words is the very least I can do to help someone whose finding things tough. The adoption community on twitter are particularly good at helping each other through bad times and on a couple of occasions I know the support of many tweeters has pulled me through.

Nowadays I know I’m not as twitter crazy as I was at one time, but I still love very much, sitting down with a cup of tea and finding out what’s going on out there in twitter land. It’s never disappointing, often enlightening and always a very enjoyable place to be.

Tweet with me here @puffindiaries

Me & My Blog – Three Pink Diamonds

Boots PictureToday’s Me & My Blog post comes from Three Pink Diamonds, read on to find out why she blogs…

Since the beginning of our adoption process I have kept an adoption journal as I hoped one day I would turn the entries into a book. I desired to share our story as I felt as though at the time there was a limited amount of literature on people’s experiences of fertility issues and adoption. I wanted to be able to comfort others who were going through similar issues to us and to break the taboo that can often be found lurking around this personal subject.

However, the thought of writing a book overwhelmed me and I did not have a clue where or when to start. One day I was browsing the Internet when I came across an author and publisher in America who has an interest in infertility and helping unknown authors move forward in their journeys. I felt like it was too good an opportunity to miss so I emailed her asking where does one start when wanting to write a book? I couldn’t believe it when she emailed me back the same day with some helpful tips and advice. Her main piece of advice was to begin by writing a blog, to get my story out there and see what the response was. Until that point, writing a blog was not something I had given any consideration.

So, later that week, I began to put my first blog together. Although at the time of starting the blog we had been placed with our daughters, it seemed appropriate for me to begin the blog from the start of our journey. I am not a writer and have never been very good at grammar or ordering my thoughts on paper, but with the support of my husband, and a desire to share our story, I pressed on.

After pressing ‘publish’ on my first blog, the next question I had was ‘how am I going to encourage people to read my blog?’ I continued with my research and came across an online adoption community. I was welcomed by some of the experienced bloggers and quickly became to enjoy being part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out on the Adoption Social site. I joined in with conversations through Twitter (still learning how to use this) and Facebook was a good way to build relationships with other adopters.

Whilst writing my blog it has been good to not only share our story with people we have never met, but also to help our family and friends to gain a better understanding of our journey, the highs and the lows.

I am thankful to my husband for allowing me to share our story, to family and friends who have been supportive and to all those who have taken the time to read and comment on my blogs, your encouragement keeps this journey alive.

My hope for the blog is that, as well as helping others, my three beautiful daughters will read these entries one day and be able to see the journey we have all undertaken.

If you would like to connect with me here is how you can do so:
Twitter: @Diamondspink321

Me & My Blog – The One Hand Man

1HmanToday we’re sharing the story of how The One Hand Man blog was started. If you’d like to share your own blogging or tweeting story then please do get in touch. For now, we’ll leave you with The One Hand Man



I was having dinner with my wife and my parents at my folks’ house. I was explaining the latest twist in our journey into parenthood when my mother turned to me and said:
Good lord, it is beggars belief isn’t it? You should write a book about all this…”

The seed was sewn.

The front of my brain continued with our conversation, inevitably turning to my brother’s exploits abroad, but at the back of my mind an idea was being created with a fury.

Six weeks or so later, I penned my first blog post, having spent nearly four hours on it, and published it.

Back in March 2012 we were mid-way through the adoption process. The thought that had been planted by my mother had now blossomed. The idea of a book was at the time a little long-winded, so having looked into blogging, I started theonehandman. Once I penned the first few pages, the ideas started to flow, and I quickly reasoned that a lot of what I had been through with the IVF and infertility was too good not to write about. It was a very cathartic experience.

It started as a retrospective diary from my first sperm test right the way through to our son moving in, a time period covering close to five years.

Once I had told my story of how I became a father, I shifted the focus of the blog to look at helping other adopters. I felt that the experience we had through the adoption process was more than anyone should go through, so wanted to provide advice, guidance and tips.

I will continue to dispense this advice for as long as people need it, and as long as I feel it is valuable. It is also a chance to continue writing about the teachings of parenting my toddler son, parenting in general, and being a stay at home dad.

My blog has now become a borderline obsession, and despite my failure of A-Level English, it has made me realise how much I like writing; so much so, I am now pursuing a career in it.

I would like my blog to be able to pay for itself, so I am looking and small ventures to monetise it. However, there is nothing better than receiving a comment or email from a reader telling me how much they have enjoyed a post, or how much it has helped them. That is perhaps the most important bit. Without readers, my blog is a page full of words. Yes they are my words, but if they can help other people, or provoke a thought in someone then it becomes a little bit more.

I am incredibly grateful to my readers. There is something quite narcissistic about writing about oneself, and so I am genuinely grateful there are people who continue to read even if I strike a bum note every now and then. I hope I can continue to provide useful information, and indeed improve the quality and usefulness of what I have to say.

To read The One Hand Man’s story and see his advice for adoptive parents, then you can find his blog here.

The Puffin Diaries

Today Sarah from The Puffin Diaries shares how her blog came to be…


I can’t spell to save my life, my English homework was always covered in red ink. I would never have thought that I would be able to write a thing, and yet one evening I sat at my lap top and decided to start a blog. I blame it on twitter it would never have happened if it wasn’t for that pesky form of social media. I innocently signed up to that “just to have a go” and yet I suddenly discovered lots of adoption types out there, sharing their lives, the good and the bad, all in 140 characters. I then realised some shared more ….on their blogs.

 Reading other peoples blogs became addictive. The content is of course very important but the style of writing and the tone of the blog, the characters, are what draw me in. Some blogs provide you with moments of clarity about your own life, others give excellent advice, most share their experiences and in doing so invite you to join their journey.

With each post I read a seed of intrigue was planted, what was it like to write a blog?

The seed soon bloomed into a fully fledged desire to have a go, so I did.

 I’ve never been one who wanted an adoption blog, in fact my blog started off being about me. I was on a mission to change my life and giving up alcohol for a year was going to be the answer to all my life problems. Turned out that’s not the case but more on that another time.

So there was my first post, where I lay myself on a blogging plate for all to inspect.

I took a deep breath and waited. What would the verdict be? Good it was good, thank goodness, as the bug had bitten me and I wanted to write more. Without thinking my second post was an adoption related post, realistically it was what I had to write about. The lives of my children, our relationships, the story of them and us, began to unfold on the screen of my laptop.

050 It still was not wholly an adoption story, my own experiences of living with depression soon made it to the big screen, revealing the often over whelming depths of my despair. My love for my newly acquired camera also became apparent as I tried to find more interesting ways of photographing my kids without showing their faces. The challenge of presenting a moment in time and an expression, from the curve of a child’s back or the tilt of their head has consumed my photography to a point where I often forget to capture their beaming faces for the family album.

065 It would never be long until a family passion for food crept into my writing and image making, and the same can be said of our love for the outdoors. Living in such breath taking surroundings (my humble opinion) we often reach to the outdoors for family solace and inspiration on how to move forward. Incredibly the natural habitat often obliges and offers renewed vigour to our sapped life.

 So The Puffin Diaries has evolved to what it is today. I love writing my blog but I am a little sporadic.

Life unfortunately gets in the way, and when times are tough I actually find sharing it all too difficult.

I write very much from the heart and when I feel vulnerable and exposed emotionally, as my life and adoption can make me feel, putting it all out there doesn’t always seem right. Sharing food and photos at these points also seems frivolous in light of the darkness I’m living in, so yes the blog does get neglected at times.

 However, I am extremely grateful for the amazing opportunities writing my blog has delivered to me and all the wonderful new friendships I have forged through blogging. Writing is now something I love to do and technology (spell check) means no more red ink, but if the odd miss-spelt word does slip through, please forgives me. 

Here’s how to connect with me…

Tweet : @puffindiaries
Facebook :
Blog :

3 Bees and a Honey – Me & My Blog

This post is part of our Me & My Blog/My Twitter brotherly loveLife section where bloggers share the reasons why they blog and tweet. If you want to contribute to this section, please do comment below or contact us. Today, Honey shares why she writes 3 Bees and a Honey

Ok confession time! I originally began using Twitter as a tool to keep an eye on Beeswax’s EBD school, who were routinely posting images of him on their website without ours or Social Services’ permission. Their communication with parents was dire, but their ability to ‘tweet’ links to new information on their site was incredible. As the weeks went I found that, when I wasn’t obsessively monitoring school’s tweets, I would start searching for topics/tweeters that shared a common interest and began to follow them. I rarely commented or actively sent any tweets in the early days because I did not feel confident enough in myself and felt that I would be intruding in strangers’ lives (pathetic but true) but if it hadn’t been for Twitter I wouldn’t have come across #WASO (weekly adoption shout out) or The Adoption Social website and I would not be writing this now.

So how did I get here?

I have always been quite a shy, private kind of person and for as long as I can remember I have used writing to not only get me through the bad times but also to document the good times. However, until I began working with Beeswax’s wonderful CAMHS therapist I had never allowed anyone to know of the existence of my writing, let alone read anything I wrote, but just when our family started to disintegrate and it looked like we were on a collision course with disruption for Beeswax, I decided to take a very brave (or foolish) step and confide in Jemima about the effect Beeswax’s trauma was having on me and my fears for the future.  I did something I had never done before. I allowed her to read my diary and waited for the fallout – which never happened! Instead of being presented with a barrage of criticism and scorn, she reassured me that everything I was feeling was perfectly understandable and supported me through a very dark time.

In the wake of a very difficult year, she gave me the greatest gift she could ever give – acceptance!

As for how I came to starting writing a blog. In all honesty Jemima was instrumental in this. She would regularly compliment my honest writing and tease me (she knew that I found receiving compliments or drawing attention to myself very difficult and loved trying to push me just outside my comfort zone) by suggesting that I should turn it into a book. I wasn’t ready for that, however she had planted a seed in my mind. Could it be possible for me to share my thoughts in such an open way without feeling that I would be exposing myself too much or jeopardising my family’s security?

I used to be quite nervous about using social media sites.

I felt that I didn’t know enough to safely allow my thoughts, feeling and personal family information to be released into the public arena that is the internet (and the boys’ birth family history meant that I needed to be extra careful). Undeterred and somewhat on a mission I started to research how I could go about writing a blog whilst maintaining mine and my family’s anonymity. Although I am cautious about Facebook I do have my own page (in my real name) but very quickly I found that I felt I couldn’t use this as a platform for talking about our ‘Adoption Journey’, and I found myself feeling more and more isolated. There were times I felt extremely jealous that I couldn’t share with friends and family information about the boys because we would be too easily identifiable if searched for by birth family. I was already a member of Adoption UK and used the message boards from time to time and dipped in and out of several blogs that I could identify with on their site, but it wasn’t until BAAF National Adoption week 2012 that I took the final step. Through reading Sally Donovan’s blog I found Life with Katie, who was featuring guest bloggers on her site as a way of promoting National Adoption Week.

Suddenly a whole new world opened up to me.  Not only were there people there blogging about their adoption journeys, they were all doing it with minimal fear of jeopardising their families’ safety.  I know this will sound daft, but it had never occurred to me that I could use a pseudo name to enable me to write what I wanted, without fear of being identified. So tentatively I dipped my toe in the water and asked Bumble to help me set up a blog site and decided that there was no better time to launch it than during National Adoption week. At the time I didn’t expect anyone else to ever want to read it (I felt that there were so many bloggers who were so much better at getting their thoughts across than I ever could be) and thought that I would probably very quickly lose my nerve and stop writing. But instead something wonderful happened.

Not only was I very quickly bitten by the blogging bug, but suddenly strangers were writing comments and lovely ones too on my posts!

Similar to the fears I had when I opened up to Jemima, all the negative thoughts I had, about how what I wrote would be received, were unfounded and instead I had again found people who TRULY understood what it was like to parent children like my boys. 

Writing my blog has proven not only to be a therapeutic experience for myself but I have found a community of caring, funny and inspirational adoption tweeter/bloggers who are not only there to share the good times with you but to offer you support when times are tough.

And if you want to read Honey’s blog, then click here.

My Twitter Life by @KatSwrites

Today’s post from @KatSwrites is part of our My Twitter Life series. Twitter has helped so many people connect with each other, and it can be a useful tool for support…


Social networking had been one of those things I had only used with slight interest. I rarely went on Facebook and used Twitter to follow celebrities and pop culture news.

Then, in March 2013, I started blogging about my life growing up adopted and read that to promote a blog, it was important to use social networking sites. I set up my Twitter account with no expectations really. I figured maybe a handful of people might read my blog.

What happened next still blows me away.

I connected.

I found adoptees, first moms, adoptive parents, adoption reform activists and organizations that have fully impacted my life. I have formed amazing relationships with some Twitter folk that extend beyond Twitter. I became involved in the issues that adoptees face. I have met some of these people in real life and found them to be supportive in both the real world and online arenas. They have made me a better writer and more importantly, a better listener.

I witnessed.

I see what is happening in people’s lives. When a fellow adoptee is having a bad day, or is anxious about reunion, I see that. I have witnessed my Twitter friends deal with adoption issues, big issues, little issues and … life. I have taken part in groups such as #WASO (weekly adoption shout out) and watched it grow into The Adoption Social. I have witnessed fundraising for documentaries showing adoptee’s stories and seen those efforts met. These are amazing stories that I have witnessed happening!

I listened.

I have learned to step back and really listen. There is nothing like getting into a debate over a misinterpretation due to the 140 character limit to make you stop and think before overreacting the next time. Now I try to see the other person’s perspective. It doesn’t mean that I will not continue to state my point of view as well, but I try to HEAR what the other person is saying.

I learned.

I started out wanting to share my experience from which others may learn. Now that has changed. Maybe someone will take something from what I write, maybe not. That is okay because the knowledge that others have shared with me, far outweighs my own writing.

I learned to not make blanket statements. I learned to read links that people tweet. I learned to comment on blogs to connect with others. I learned to think before I tweet. I learned to get informed. I learned to see different perspectives, even if I disagreed. I learned to listen!

I have learned about the issues of adoptees. For example, one issue is the sealing of original birth certificates. Through Twitter, I was able to become involved in the Adoptee Rights Demonstration just last week.

I have learned about what some first moms have experienced. The openness with which they share their stories has amazed me, and their conversations regarding adoption ethics have made me think.

I have learned about the adoptive parent experience. Countless APs have shared their perspectives, insecurities and triumphs with me. They have stood beside adoptees and made our issues their issues.

Twitter is more than just a website. It’s a portal to an amazing community.

For me, Twitter is a Listen, Learn, Witness and Connect world!

Share with me on Twitter at @KatSwrites or on my blog

Me & My Blog – New Pyjamas

New PyjamasEver thought about blogging? Not sure how or why to do it? Here New Pyjamas shares why she blogs, and why she took the leap into Twitter…

I have previously blogged around a common theme of crafty, creative, baking, scrapbooking, sewing stuff and loved it. I had joined in with a few blog hops, even ventured into a few online classes, loved it, learned loads, had fun and found loads of really, really, creative and talented people to connect with and to be inspired and admire their creativity. I loved it.

Mostly, at the time, I connected with bloggers from across the pond – as this was several years ago and “bloggyland” seemed a little smaller here in the UK, at the time. Then, I began my journey towards adoption and found that my time was swamped with preparation and assessments and I blogged less and was perhaps less creative with all the crafts and also felt that with privacy, I couldn’t write about my adoption plans on my blog and my blogging stopped. 

Fast forward for the last few years of deciding, being accepted by and agency to adopt, preparation, home study, approval, searching, matching, panel, Introductions, my creativity seemed to go into getting a room ready and Introductions books ready for the adoption.  Then PJ arrived and whilst I have real friends and connections with some who have adopted, I began to miss the connection I had once known through blogging. 

I missed the outlet I had once known for expressing my thoughts, inspiration, my learning – my journal or diary, my voice or my desire to be heard and listened to was lacking and silently shouting out to be let out once again.

This was my story, my song and I needed to shout it out. I missed the opportunity to learn and share ideas through blogging and at times felt isolated. After thinking and chatting with friends, I decided to blog again and to write about adoption – my story, as I am adopted and our story – my journey and life with PJ, my little girl I have adopted. So, at the start of the year 2013, New Pyjamas was born. I needed to set it up on a different platform to my previous blog but felt that I have my own story to share, a chance to reflect through the art of journaling through a blog and who knows, my words might help someone out there too?

I am a single adopter and sometimes the feeling after bedtime of being all alone is a negative one.

In an attempt to break the isolation, blogging helps. I have quickly connected with other bloggers who are on their journey to adopt, adopters who have adopted and have found a great sense and strength in finding others who understand, those whose experiences who are similar. I have found some great ideas, shared experiences, shared joys and disasters, blog hops, fabulous linkys to join in with and had some lovely and needed and valued encouragement along the way, so far. The power of isolation has lessened its’ grip and a sense of community is growing.

Twitter is very new to me. I am a slow learner and I had always thought I was too much of a twit to tweet. I have begun to dip my toes in, tentatively. It could so easily be all time consuming, so I try and pace it alongside life, PJ and doing the washing up. It is another great community and can be a quick connection for ideas when you don’t have time to blog about your problem you would dearly love to be fixed!

I have been so encouraged by finding others through the #WASO that has now grown into The Adoption Social and am learning all the time. There are some great Ambassadors here who I honour and admire their honesty, tenacity and their writing skills.


Click here to go straight through to New Pyjamas. Or find her tweeting at @newpyjamas on Twitter.