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WASO Top 3 – April

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So here we are revealing our top three posts from April. As always there was plenty to chose from, everyone has something very important to say. Keep up the amazing blogging work and keep reading and commenting on all those great blogs on #WASO.




My first post actually made me feel very sad because it reminded me very much of our own situation. I often worry about the one that got left behind, as in this post Ask the 8 Year Old

Although Three Pink Diamonds describes her family life as living in a Pressure Cooker, I love the positive outcome of this post.

Finally as SATs week approaches, I couldn’t agree more with this post from Safe Mummy, Children who Fail about how hard the education system is on adopted children.


HoneyMummy is one of my favourite bloggers, so I was thrilled to find this post recently, not from HoneyMummy herself, but her son Buzzbee who has started his very own blog. And it’s a very uplifting post too!

Affliction Bingo – a new game, or just a bit of fun? In this post, Suddenly Mummy shares all those afflictions that she’s had to become an expert in. I’m pretty sure many of us can identify with that too…I certainly can.

Naming our children can be a big issue in the UK, mostly I think because we’re told not to change the names they arrive with, although in our case we were advised to change Mini’s name. But because of that I’m always interested to read blog posts about names and changing them and this post from No Bohn’s About It is no exception.

#WASO Top 3 – March

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Back again for another pick of your blogs, it’s our #WASO Top 3!




1.My first choice is from a blog new to me, which had me hooked right away. The emotional rawness and honesty of this post, about a very big weekend, blew me away.

2. This blogger is an unstoppable force in adoption and schools. Thank goodness for his passion and gritty determination in supporting adopters and educating the educators. Find out more about Virtual Schools and more.

3. This blog has lots of great pictures to illustrate just how brave two children were on a family outing. It reminded me that these big adventures are often great sources of confidence for our children. So go ahead, throw them off a cliff!



Self-care is a hot topic at the moment, and this post from Adopt Around The Clock confirms that. Don’t forget to click through to the link on You Tube – one of my favourite feel good songs.

Amanda and Jazz both share their thoughts on attachment, particularly bed sharing and skin to skin contact in this post. I wish I had gone with my gut on co-sleeping right from the beginning, instead of conforming to the wishes of our social worker, because as soon as we started, we began to see massive improvements in our growing bond with our boy.

I do so enjoy reading Travels With My Son, and this post is no different. I do hope J was taken up by the other adoptees – peer support is so important.

#WASO Top Three – February

Oh yes, it’s that time again – we’re sharing our favourite #WASO posts…

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We always like reading the posts that are linked up to #WASO, although we can’t always get to everyone. We do try to read and share as many as we can.

Based on our February reading, Sarah and I have selected three of our favourite posts to feature in our Top 3.



1. When I read this post, Positively Tired it just really resonated with what I was feeling at the time, and expresses just how draining being an adoptive parent can be sometimes.

2. As I now live with an adolescent boy on the verge of being a teenager, this review by mother and son on, Brainstorm a production about the teen brain was of great interest to me.

3.I love the positivity of Hannah Meadows and the idea of #ThankfulThursday is right up my street.


1. The Long Haul on Precious Stones really grabbed me – a haiku that expresses so much in just a few lines, and feels so relevant to me too right now.

2. This post, written by the brave Jamie, is about the now infamous KFC commercial. Whatever my views on the actual advert, I find that Jamie cared enough to express his views, inspiring.

3. Craft time always goes down quite well here, but Mini often struggles with imagination, which I think it why this post resonated with me. Adopt Around the Clock tells us about the glitter and glue, and it’s magical properties.



#WASO Top Three – January

Back by popular demand, well we had one request for it’s return, it’s our monthly Top 3 #WASO posts.

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 As always we enjoy reading as many posts from #WASO as we possibly can each week. It’s not always possible to get to everyone but we do try to read and share what we can. So based on our reading in January, Vicki and I have selected three of our favourite posts to feature in our Top 3.



1. My First post is one from our 100th #WASO Celebrations. I love the way Lindsey from Grey St writes, I can relate to her honest and the raw emotion of her style. This post about the First 1000 Seconds of meeting her son, had me in tears.

2. My second choice, touched me deeply and got me thinking too. A post about a mum, Suddenly Mummy, exploring here expectations of being a parent, Re-framing Expectations.

3. My final choice is simply because the voice of the adoptee is so important to how we learn and grow as parents. Jazz is so brave in baring her all in her posts and they always make my hairs stand on end. So here it is My Name is Jazz


1. My first post is about name changing – something that we had to consider when Mini joined our family, in fact not only consider; we did change his name as advised by social services. This post talks about the impact of a name on a child…

2. Sarah hasn’t yet seen my half of this post, I hope she doesn’t mind me adding one of The Puffin Diaries posts as my second #WASO Top 3. This is from our 100 WASO celebrations, and in it, Sarah talks about the first 100 kisses. I love this post, and I love how it shows the progress Sarah’s made with her boys.

3. In our first #WASO of the year, our theme was Expectations, and I identified with a great deal of those posts. In this post, from Five Go On An Adventure, I found hope and inspiration.

WASO Top 3 – June

top 3It’s always difficult choosing just 3 posts each for our Top 3, because there are always so many great posts to choose from. But here’s our pick of posts that have linked up in June…


Fawlty Dad
A scene that plays out very often in this house, Adoptive Dad describes a Fawlty episode.

Naming My Son
Naming children is an often talked subject amongst adoptive parents. Is it OK to change their names? Isn’t it? What will the children think? Will they lose their identities? Last Mother talks openly about name-changing, and Parrot’s own ideas on his name.

“Inbetweener” generation of birth mothers
We have a lot of adoptive parents who contribute to #WASO, and that’s great. I’m an adoptive parent and enjoy/take comfort/support others in the same boat as me. But it’s great to read a different perspective, and this post from Athensrunner has just that.


This post from Sally Donovan’s son, shows the true rollercoaster that life can be for an adopted teen.

Tough Times for my Girls
I love this blog, it shows the tenderness and hope that a mother can show for her adpoted daughters. The 5 minutes talked about in this post are something I can remember.

Ice-Cream Summit: About the Boys
I love this photo story, the beauty of the pictures and the perception of the mum.


#WASO Top 3 – May

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As always there has been an abundance of excellent blogging posts on display this month. Many amusing and many more touching our hearts, making it difficult to choose just 3 to showcase here. However we have managed and here they are…



From Three Bees and a Honey a post that shows what enormous pressure a mum living with a traumatised child faces on a daily bases. I commend here for her honesty in Hopes for the Future.

I always love to catch up with Sezz at Dear Daughter and it really made me smile to hear that Missy is enjoying spending time with her Daddy.

This is a new blog to me but ,I really felt like this was a conversation I’ve had so many times in my head…see what you think in Hello, can I have a word? 


Another new blog here – at least new to me – but I love this photo story on villainy, which could just have easily be substituted with my children!

Do you know much about Love Bombing? It’s something I’ve heard of, but thanks to this post by Frogotter, I’m keen to learn more about how I can apply it at home.

And I’m finishing off with yet another new blog – it’s great to see so many new adoption bloggers linking up by the way – so keep them coming…in this post about telling mum and dad, Single Adopter tells us just what it was like to share the decision to adopt with family.

#WASO Top 3 – April

top 3It’s Top 3 Time…

Another month of WASO has passed, and we’ve had a ton of wonderful posts. We’re sharing three of the best posts we’ve each read this month – those that have made us smile, made us sad, made us react, or made us nod with understanding and recognition. 

Sarah’s 3

There were a number of good posts written about #15000KiddsandCounting but this one from Amanda Boorman stuck in my mind because she asked the really difficult questions. 15000 million and counting

I remembered this post from the last month because I could really relate to the painful emotions this mother was feeling in Sharing the Hurt

I also loved Fiona Fergusons list if ingredients required for a successful adoption, especially the good sense of humour, in No such Thing as a Perfect Recipe

Vicki’s 3

We Are Family Adoption has written a letter to their birth daughter. I recognise so much of what is written, not because I have a birth daughter too, but because a second child joined our family, and it impacted far greater than I expected on my first child.

A short, but powerful post from Mo and Bro. Sorry is so often the hardest word.

I found myself nodding along to the list of attributes of no-fun mum in this post of Suddenly Mummy’s. I am also no-fun mum at times.

#WASO Top 3 – March

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Hey, it’s the top 3…….

We are here again to tell you three of the best posts we’ve read this month. They are posts that have struck a cord, touched our hearts or reached the pit of our stomachs. This is where we share a little bit of blogging love ….. 


Vicki’s 3

Digger Diaries wrote this great post about being told off. Can you remember your parents telling you off? I certainly can.

Over at Life With Katie, Gem talks openly about Post Adoption Depression – something that’s close to my heart as my own husband suffered after Mini was placed with us.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jazz. This is her blog (along with her mum Amanda), which I always enjoy reading…check out her video too…


Sarah’s 3

I loved the gritty honesty of this post, I think these are the posts that help others, they make you feel less alone, I Admit some Days I’m a Bit Green

Really enjoying the touching posts from  We are Family Adoption, this one really struck a cord

I love the delight of this first holiday from Hoops and Hurdles can you remember yours?


Our Top 3 #WASO Posts -February

Bringing a little extra love to your #WASO Posts….. 

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To give a bit of extra love to the #WASO posts that we so enjoy reading, we’ve decide that each month Vicki and I will select 3 of our favourites to include in our own Top 3. It’s just a little thank you from us, to all of you who contribute, and to ensure that some of your really great posts don’t get missed. We will aim to do this on the middle Friday of each month and will look back over the posts that have linked up since the previous top 3 Friday. Simple… So here we go…

Sarah’s top 3

Because I related so much to this post and found the honesty in the words so very touching – 3 girls together – Acceptance

Amanda has the ability to hit the nail on the head with her writing and I am often moved to tears by her posts, this one was no exception. All Aboard The Trauma Train – Warning – Not an Easy Adoption Topic 

This blog is very much one of my favourites and this post is so beautifully written that it gave me goosebumps, Suddenly Mummy – Introducing Baby Girl


Vicki’s top 3

Adoption Misadventure is a blog I always enjoy reading – this post was celebratory and descriptive and reflective, and written beautifully as always.

Lindsay’s blog ‘Grey Street’ is one I try not to miss. Her writing always uplifts me, but makes me think too. This post about resolutions resonated with me.

I love the letter written in this post. There are things in there that only other adoptive parents would get, and for that reason it’s in my top 3.

Hope you enjoy reading our choices and all you bloggers, keep on blogging, we really enjoy reading your posts.

Sarah and Vicki x