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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 176

Welcome to #WASO!


It’s that time of the week again. Get your blog posts ready, and link up below.

Please do read the others that link, comment if possible and share your favourites. And we’ll do our best to read, comment and share them all too!

If you need a bit of help with joining in, then click here. But otherwise, go forth and add your blog posts (no theme this week!).

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 175

Time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!week 175

So, have you been following the sport this week? Football or Tennis, both or neither? Perhaps your sporting experiences have been more school sports day than anything else?

Talking of school, many of our children will have been experiencing transition days recently as they meet their new teachers, explore new classrooms and get tasters of the routines that will become the norm for them come September, so if you decide to use our ‘Moving On Up’ theme this week, perhaps you’ll write about how your children have dealt with the transition day, or how you think they’ll handle it come the start of the new school year?

Maybe, you’ve something else that will fit ‘Moving On Up’? You know what I think of? This…

Anyway, I’ll just leave that with you and give you the linky, you know what to do:

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 174

Welcome back to another week of WASO!

174It’s that time of the week where we want you all to get involved, read, write and share your favourite blog posts! We have no theme this week, so come along with your favourite, best, worst or least liked blog posts and join in.

We’ll do our best to share as many posts as we can, but please help by retweeting and sharing as many as you can too!

Here’s the linky, get involved:

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 173

Hello folks, how are you all this week? Ready for #WASO??!


Welcome back to another week of adoption blogs here on The Adoption Social.
We set this linky up so bloggers and readers could connect with each other and become a community and we hope you feel part of that. We couldn’t do it without you reading, sharing, commenting and talking on Twitter – so a big THANK YOU to you all. Please keep doing what you’re doing to make this community safe and supportive.

We have a theme this week. For those of you who are regular WASO-ettes ignore this but for newbies…our themes are optional, and just there in case you need a bit of inspiration, or want something to guide your blog posts. Never feel you have to write to theme.
This time around it’s ‘My bucket list’, so have you got one? What do you think of them? Can you share what’s on yours? Would you consider one? Can you think of a better name for them?

We’re looking forward to seeing what you write about, and will have a little round-up shortly in a few weeks time in our #WASO Top 3.

Here’s the linky, so get linking!

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 172

Hello, it’s time again for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!172

Welcome back to #WASO, it’s time to get your typing fingers ready, and get those blog posts written and linked up.

There’s no theme this week, so this post is a quick one – just add your latest, best or funniest posts, or maybe you have a post that you think deserves a bit more love. The linky form is below, waiting and ready for you. It won’t close until late Sunday evening (GMT).

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 171

Welcome back to another week of adoption blogs at the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!


How’s your week been? Sunny or stormy? Weather wise or in other ways? Tell us about it in your blog posts this week. Or, if you need a bit of inspiration you can use our theme ‘If I had 5 minutes peace’….just think, you could finish that cuppa, start a blog post, even power nap! Tell us what you’d do if you could have 5 minutes peace.

You know what to do…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 170

Come and join us for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out!Week 170

It’s time to get your typing fingers out, get the words flowing and join in with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.
We’re theme free this week, so you can add whichever blog posts you like, and of course, in turn you’ll be able to read a host of different blogs on all manner of subjects that relate to adoption in some way.

It would be great if you could share the blog love and either comment or share on any you read.

The linky is below, and it’s hopefully fairly self-explanatory on how to fill it in, but if you have any problems please do contact us for help.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 169

Another Friday, another #WASO!Week 169

Hello again, and welcome back to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. It’s week 169 can you believe it? We have a theme this week – don’t worry it’s optional so you don’t have to join in, but if you want a little inspiration or a starting point for your blog you could use ‘What Makes You Feel Good’.

As always, please do like, comment and share as many #WASO posts as you can. It’s a great boost to bloggers to see comments and shares, and it’s nice to see that readers can relate to and empathise with posts. Be sure to include the hashtag #WASO in your comments, tweets and Facebook posts too.

Because it’s a bank holiday weekend, we’ll be extending the linky so it’ll remain open an extra day. Go forth and link you lovely people….

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 168

Friday – that means it’s time for #WASO.

168If you haven’t taken part before, it’s quite simple, just copy the web address for the post you want to link (that bit’s important, not just your blog address, but specifically the address for the post), and paste it into the form at the bottom of this blog post. We do our very best to read and share them all each week on Twitter and Facebook, and hopefully therefore adding more traffic to your blogs, and gaining you more readers.

Our blogging community is brilliant, and they read and share as much as they can too, so get involved, say ‘Hi’ on Twitter, and make some new friends.

There’s no theme this week, so just join in with your best, worst, favourite or newest post.