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From The Archives couldn’t be simpler – just find an old post, and then paste the web address of it, into the linky below. That’s it, and hopefully you’ll find new readers, and get some more comment love on that old and maybe forgotten post.2013-05-03 14.49.45Last time we had a few of you link up – including The Boy’s Behaviour
who wrote about Safe Spaces.

We like to take part in this one too, so here’s one of our older posts – Teaching The Teachers is written by Jennifer Jones at Inspired Foundations, and looks what school can mean for many of our children.

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One thought on “From The Archives 7

  1. Meggy

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, and our family lock down our security settings as tightly as we can. We do post photographs, but carefully and thoughtfully. We don’t give real names on any website.
    But our highly treasured security will probably be blown wide open in less than three years time … by our eldest son. He plans to open a Facebook account on his thirteenth birthday. We don’t feel we have a right to stop him, many of his friends already have accounts and it is a major way they keep in touch. We will educate him (we are already) we will encourage him to use a different name, and not post photos of himself, we will friend him. BUT we cannot stop natural curiosity. His birth family are blatantly active on Facebook, their privacy settings are non existent. He knows their names. And teenage boys want to know…. And they need privacy, time on the computer when mum or dad are not looking over their shoulders. We can ramp up the parental safety settings on our PC and tablets. But like most 10 year olds he is already pretty computer savvy. By 13 he will be leaving me standing. And I am afraid. Not physically afraid, I don’t think his birth family pose a physical danger, but they could mess with his head, and he is a very vulnerable child and easily manipulated. And of course Facebook is only one of many social media sites.
    Very scary. I am afraid for both my boys. They both have a very strong motive for looking, they have another sibling who they are very keen to contact. And telling a teenager not to do something, however good the advice is really only putting the idea in his head ( if it wasn’t there already).


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