Summer Sandpit 4/8/14

Week 2 of our special summer linky – Summer Sandpit!

This week we’re very pleased to welcome Crafts on Sea as our guest blogger. She’s writing about crafts which is our optional theme this the way, we’re keeping each of these Summer Sandpit links open ALL SUMMER – so if you don’t do crafts this week, don’t worry, you can still come back and link up at the end of the holidays.

Thank you so much to Vicki and Sarah for inviting me to share some craft ideas with you! Before I start I’m going to say that I am not a super amazing crafty person that leaps out of bed every morning thinking about gross motor skills and ways to develop learning. I’m very much a normal, permanently tired parent just trying to think up some stuff to do with the kids that they will enjoy and that will help to keep them away from too much tv! These are some of the things that have kept my son entertained so hopefully they will help you too. I also share a lot of tutorials for crafts and activities for kids and grown ups on my Facebook page so do come and take a look!

Decorating Mugs

These mugs make a great gift and are fun to make too. Despite what you might read on Pinterest Sharpie pens won’t work but I’ve found a pen that does. My son cake-case-flowers1loves to draw super heroes or the directions to the local soft play on these!

Cake Case Flowers

This is such an easy craft to do and best of all you’re likely to already have everything you need!Seashell-craft-ideas1

Sea Shell Wall Hanging

My son and I made this cute wall hanging together, it makes a great reminder of days out that you have together.

Painted Garland

My son had some issues around going to playgroup and making this garland together to showcase the art he had made there really helped remind him that he had fun there!! 

DIY Kids Moustache T Shirt

I made this simple printed T Shirt with my son looking on but toddlers or older kids could easily join in, it’s a great way to get them creating something for themselves. 

A big thank you to Crafts on Sea for her post, and for sharing some of her wonderful craft activities. Over to you now, add up your posts about the crafty things that you and your children have been up to…

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