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Adopt and Keep CalmBuster is a single adopter. Bonzo is her nearly 6 year old son. Read about them at Adopt and Keep Calm.

It took me some time to get into Twitter. All the talk of twitter, tweets and having tweeted was quite frankly going over my head.

Then, one bored evening I set up an account. Really wasn’t very impressed, wondered who on earth would ever read my tweets, and let the account lay dormant, till my next bored evening. (which was probably the following night!).

Then I had a brainwave, a very rare happening these days, and typed in ‘adoption’. Suddenly the world of tweets took on a new life, and I haven’t stopped tweeting or being a ‘twitterer’ ever since.(I am sure there is a joke in there somewhere about being a twit, but I’ll leave it up to you to find).

For me Twitter is great. Somewhere, that pretty much anonymously I can scream, shout, sulk, cry (sometimes virtually and really at the same time), laugh, encourage, support……… I say anonymously, a few of my ‘followers’ are friends in real-life too, and many of them feel like good friends even though I have never met them. (sorting that out soon though.)

Sometimes my role on Twitter is to vent, sometimes it is to support others, sometimes I just read, sometimes I respond. 

From a couple of years back when I thought the world of Twitter was a mad world indeed, I have leapt to when Twitter is part of my daily life. (Click to tweet!)

I am still old fashioned and keep it to my laptop, as if I had it on my phone as well, I would get nothing done, and Bonzo would get no attention. For me, Twitter and Facebook dominantly happen when Bonzo is happily sleeping, or at school.

And then we move onto blogging.

A similar story really. I had heard about blogging, read about blogging, read some blogs and spoken with some bloggers. Then encouraged by Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour,  I put pen to paper, or more aptly, fingers to keys. And haven’t looked back.

For me blogging is almost like a therapy.

I can say far more anonymously to the world of adopters and others, than I can to friends and family. Sometimes blogs take minutes to write and sometimes they take a lot longer. Sometimes writing them makes me cry, this always means they take a bit longer as I can’t see what I am doing. Often people’s comments afterwards make me cry too. Sometimes they make me smile – remembering Bonzo’s achievements and how far he has come, how far we have come as a family.

I hope they are a help for others, even if it just the reader knowing they are not alone.  Certainly when I read other people’s blogs I realise I am not alone. I also realise how fortunate I am, in that some people have far worse things to deal with than I do – blogging (reading & writing them) often helps me put things in perspective.

Mainly, tweeting and blogging keeps me sane. Readers of my tweets may not realise (as it is often very negative) that generally I am an upbeat person with a lively, if slightly warped, sense of humour. Sometimes this comes through in my blog – though I have to be careful that it doesn’t just turn into pure sarcasm! I can generally find something to smile about and find the good out of the bad. Not always, but usually.

So, for those of you out there that read my blog, and tweets, thank you – for keeping me sane.

Read more about Buster and Bonzo on their blog here.

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