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Lindsay from Grey Street is an adoptive mom and step-mom living in Canada – this is why she writes…





I started blogging about our family’s everyday happenings as a way to keep in touch with extended family and friends who live far away. But when our plans for children came to a crashing stop and we entered the adoption world, I found myself scouring adoption blogs to find information and get the non-social worker, nitty gritty low down answer on what adoption was really like. What were we really getting ourselves into?

And so as our journey evolved, so did my blog and my writing. Instead of just reading what others bloggers were doing I joined in and found a great adoption blogging community

You see, if you don’t know already, adoption will pull and stretch and sometimes kick you into dark cobwebbed closets and it will bring you to the top of the highest hills in the brightest sunshine. It’s hard. And wonderful. Sometimes in the same moment. And sometimes we need to shout from the rooftops how in love we are and sometimes we need a place to cry and say ‘help’.

Adoption bloggers understand those highs and lows and they don’t brush you off and say things like ‘all kids do that’ or ‘it’s just a phase’. They say things like ‘I’ve been there’ and ‘Read this article, it helped me when we were going through the same thing’. 

And so writing my experiences not only helps me process all the highs and lows adoption brings to my life, but it connects to me to others who understand and make me feel not so alone in this crazy journey.

You can read Lindsay’s blog here, and see her link-up regularly with The Weekly Adoption Shout Out.





One thought on “Me & My Blog – Grey Street

  1. Kat

    I relate to all of this, Lindsay. People often ask why I tweet and it’s for the exact same reasons. I love that sometimes the only response you (I) need is, “God, we have that. It’s shit, isn’t it?” and in that instant you feel understood.

    Thnak you.


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