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Life With KatieToday’s Me & My Blog post is written by Gem at Life With Katie. Here Gem shares how she got into blogging and why it’s so important to her now…

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Until about 3.5 years ago blogging wasn’t particularly on my radar. We had gone through the adoption process and had been matched with Katie. I had met a wonderful group of amazing fellow adopters through Babyworld and had the opportunity to join in with their meet ups and meet real life adopted children so I didn’t particularly look elsewhere for information or support. I kept an online diary through Babyworld but that was about it.  

‘Life with Katie’ started life as TwoBecomeThree and was primarily a diary tool for writing about our introductions so that my friends and family could keep up to date with all the exciting news as it unfolded without the need for phone calls at a time when we were exhausted.

I’m so glad I kept that diary because the days of introductions are a blur and I love re-reading that special time. It will also be a lovely legacy of memories for Katie as she grows up.

Fast forward a year and my adoption group (The A Team) were pondering how to support National Adoption Week. I had signed up with our LA to be a media representative but knew that we weren’t really a newsworthy adoptive family. We’re really rather ordinary with nothing to single us out so I turned my attention to my blog, dusted it off a bit and decided to promote it to raise awareness of adoption. I was concerned about how much negative press there is about adoption and wanted to share our ordinary little family to show that adoption can be really positive.

But how do you promote a blog?
Ummmm Twitter!

But wasn’t that a place full of faceless, slightly odd people? I decided to dive in and give it a go nonetheless, after all I’m slightly odd at times too. I nervously signed up for an account, started following people who showed up under the word ‘adoption’ in the search criteria and started tweeting my blog around. Slowly I found other adopters and gained some retweets of the blog from Adoption UK and BAAF. I made a point of tweeting well known adopters and got very excited when Sinitta retweeted a link to my blog and people replied to me. That was the point I was hooked. I felt like I was starting to do something to promote adoption.

But then something else happened. I started to find other adopters and adoption bloggers. We started to chat and share stories and support each other.

A whole community evolved on Twitland, a world of lovely and very real adopters who laugh, love and very often struggle on a daily basis. We share information and insights and support each others blogs. We share highs and lows and daily tidbits.

Life with Katie also evolved from being a promotional tool to being a part of my family. I process most of my emotions and parenting decisions, both positive and not so positive through my writing and the blog has held my hand through some difficult times as has the online adoption community. I’ve learned so much from reading other blogs and the comments I’ve received on my own blog. The community online are fabulous and we are always happy to embrace new adopters to our clan so if you’re reading this and still at the lurking, very nervous of dipping your toe in, stage don’t be shy. Come and say hello.

Nearly 2 years ago, now a seasoned blogger (and adopter apparently), we decided to adopt again. Aside from the fact we were going to actually put ourselves through the adoption process (something I swore never to do again), it meant I could no longer be TwoBecomeThree online. The obvious progression was ThreebecomeFour (you can see I’m nothing short of original in my thinking) and the blog eventually changed its name to Life With Katie.

For National Adoption Week in 2012 I hosted a week of adoption stories from other bloggers and friends and worked more closely and was supported by not only Adoption UK and BAAF but Coram and a host of other agencies. Life with Katie is shared by agencies with their prospective adopters and people contact me through the blog and it’s been wonderful and a privilege to support several people through their journey towards becoming parents.

The online community shared in every moment of our adoption process and celebrated as we were approved and matched with Pip, Katie’s half biological brother. Nearly 7 weeks ago Pip joined us, aged 7 months old and our world has become far more hectic than ever before as I get to grips with his routine and job of juggling two children. It’s been a big adjustment and has been totally wonderful but not without some trials and tribulations and has left me an enormously tired and with reduced daily time for tweeting and writing (how dare the life I’m writing about interfere with the time I have for writing about the life I’m writing about!).  

I’ve been neglecting my friends online woefully but I know these are the people who understand the most and will forgive me. I am missing writing as much as I did and all the friends and community that Life with Katie is now a part of but hope to find my balance again soon.

Do come and say hello to me either on Twitter (@threebecomefour) or at the blog Life With Katie and keep my fingers actively tweeting (and help save my baby-tired brain from total atrophy). In fact thank you to Vicki and Sarah for asking me to write this and helping with that very condition.

5 thoughts on “Me & My Blog by Life With Katie

  1. Three Pink Diamonds

    Hi Gem, loved reading this. I feel that I am where we you were two years ago. It’s great to have a community of online adoption support, one of which I hope to become apart of more and more.

    1. Gem from Life with Katie

      Blogging is such a great way of diarying and reflecting. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by and it’s lovely to re-read events and memories. You are a very welcome part of our little community. I look forward to reading your journey.

  2. Helen - SaveEveryStep (family stories from past and present)

    Hi Gem. I follow your blog. I’m a seasoned blogger but only just mid-assessment for adoption. We have 4 birth kids of our own but can’t wait to make it 5 or 6. I will be following you for advice on how much anonymity to give on the blog for our new family when we meet. Clearly I want to parent with equality, but I know that I need to be much more careful when dealing with our adopted children.

    1. Gem from Life with Katie

      I’ve just popped over to say hello on your blog. Good luck on your adoption journey. Equality, I’m sure is a word you’re thinking about a lot in this process. I admire your verve and energy at wanting more children for your brood. Two is exhausting for me! Do ask anything you want to know either through the blog or feel free to email me at

  3. Laura

    To me, your blog is all mixed in with my adoption journey – it was one of the ones I used to read really regularly in those hazy times before my Daughter arrived. I remember those post from National Adoption Week 2012! Reading your blog really made me feel ready for parenthood, and even now It feels like catching up with an old friend.

    I’m glad that you blog! I have found it really valuable.


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