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1HmanToday we’re sharing the story of how The One Hand Man blog was started. If you’d like to share your own blogging or tweeting story then please do get in touch. For now, we’ll leave you with The One Hand Man



I was having dinner with my wife and my parents at my folks’ house. I was explaining the latest twist in our journey into parenthood when my mother turned to me and said:
Good lord, it is beggars belief isn’t it? You should write a book about all this…”

The seed was sewn.

The front of my brain continued with our conversation, inevitably turning to my brother’s exploits abroad, but at the back of my mind an idea was being created with a fury.

Six weeks or so later, I penned my first blog post, having spent nearly four hours on it, and published it.

Back in March 2012 we were mid-way through the adoption process. The thought that had been planted by my mother had now blossomed. The idea of a book was at the time a little long-winded, so having looked into blogging, I started theonehandman. Once I penned the first few pages, the ideas started to flow, and I quickly reasoned that a lot of what I had been through with the IVF and infertility was too good not to write about. It was a very cathartic experience.

It started as a retrospective diary from my first sperm test right the way through to our son moving in, a time period covering close to five years.

Once I had told my story of how I became a father, I shifted the focus of the blog to look at helping other adopters. I felt that the experience we had through the adoption process was more than anyone should go through, so wanted to provide advice, guidance and tips.

I will continue to dispense this advice for as long as people need it, and as long as I feel it is valuable. It is also a chance to continue writing about the teachings of parenting my toddler son, parenting in general, and being a stay at home dad.

My blog has now become a borderline obsession, and despite my failure of A-Level English, it has made me realise how much I like writing; so much so, I am now pursuing a career in it.

I would like my blog to be able to pay for itself, so I am looking and small ventures to monetise it. However, there is nothing better than receiving a comment or email from a reader telling me how much they have enjoyed a post, or how much it has helped them. That is perhaps the most important bit. Without readers, my blog is a page full of words. Yes they are my words, but if they can help other people, or provoke a thought in someone then it becomes a little bit more.

I am incredibly grateful to my readers. There is something quite narcissistic about writing about oneself, and so I am genuinely grateful there are people who continue to read even if I strike a bum note every now and then. I hope I can continue to provide useful information, and indeed improve the quality and usefulness of what I have to say.

To read The One Hand Man’s story and see his advice for adoptive parents, then you can find his blog here.

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  1. Alison Bates

    Congratulations on your amazing blog. I am currently writing an autobiographical novel based on my own adoption experiences, and would most definitely encourage anyone who has been affected by adoption to write. Good luck with it all.


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