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013Monday’s post comes from Laura, who is sharing her Twitter Life. We hope it, and other similar posts by other Tweeters will encourage you to dip your toe into Twitter too…

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We decided to adopt in Spring 2011 and whilst waiting for our “preparing to adopt” sessions in November of that year I took it upon myself to find out as much as I could about adoption, trauma, neglect and therapeutic parenting. I had read all the books in the library (and plenty more that I bought) but somehow it wasn’t enough

I started using twitter as a bit of a “lurker”. I used it initially to get instant information from organisations such as Adoption UK, New Family Social, and BAAF which brought to my attention a variety of content from bloggers and other organisations.  The turning point was when I subscribed to the UK Adoption Daily Twitter paper [] and every day, I got masses of current news, articles and blogs to satisfy my thirst for information.

For a long time I read blogs by adoptive parents that gave me what I was looking for: honest accounts of the ups and downs of life with an adopted child.

I lapped up reading about how these parents put into practice all the theory I had been reading.  I felt like I was getting an understanding of what life is really like, and what to expect. I really feel that all that reading helped me set my expectations for my impending parenthood at the right level and that it gave me strength to remain calm in the early days when I was getting to know my daughter and dealing with the big emotions, the rejection and easing her transition.

I followed the authors of these blogs on Twitter, I saw their conversations with each other, it gave me hope and stirred feelings of empathy and solidarity. I realised that we’re all just people trying to do our best, and trying to be brave – and that even experienced people need some kind words and encouragement now and then.

I changed my user name for confidentiality once my Daughter was placed and started to follow more and more people, all who had been touched by adoption, fostering or the care system in some way. I braved it, and starting tweeting people little comments here and there and was pleased to get comments and follows back. I enjoy hearing news from prospective adopters, those who have been recently placed, and celebrating little successes with people whose children have been with them a long time. And of course I also enjoy being able to give a little advice to those who are walking the path I did last year.

I also feel very strongly about using Twitter as a way to be kind to people who are having a dark/ranty moment, as people have always been very kind an supportive to me.

I find that on Twitter people are very honest about how hard it can sometimes be. It shows me that although life is by no means perfect, and you may never be the perfect family you might have hoped to be, you are doing just fine. A refreshing and healthy approach!

It doesn’t always have to be serious though – the adoption Twitter community are an intelligent, witty bunch and I’ve spend many an evening chuckling into my Earl Grey tea!

7 thoughts on “My Twitter Life by @Lauralikes2read

  1. Sally

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Twitter is a great source of support for the serious as well as the not to serious stuff. It’s great tweeting with you and I hope others can be encouraged to join in.

    1. Laura

      Thanks Sally, I really do find twitter to be a source of comfort and fun – as well as up to date information. I hope lots more people join in the chats!

  2. Susanne

    As a prospective adopter who has been reading lots of tweets about adoption and fostering but not quite had the courage to tweet myself you, you might have just given me the courage to start!

    1. Laura

      I say do it! I was a bit nervous at first, you often hear stories about “trolls” on twitter. But the people I’ve connected with are very kind, knowledgable and funny!

  3. Three Pink Diamonds

    Hi Laura, Loved reading this. I have just joined Twitter and have found people to be helpful and supportive. Great to read other people’s blogs too!!

    1. Laura

      Hello, thanks for your kind words. I really do have a laugh frequently! And everyone I’ve met is lovely – welcome aboard 🙂

  4. Lindsay

    You have described exactly how I feel about discovering blogs, twitter and how to use them. It’s amazing how I can feel connected and supported by complete strangers and you’re right, I feel it’s very important too tp offer support to others…along with a good dose of humour:)
    Thanks for sharing a great post.


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