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Here @Adoption12 tells us all about here love for twitter and the surprising other character she tweets as……

adoption12I’ve just been searching for a dictionary definition of “family” but all I found were varying descriptions of “people living under the same roof”. Well, if you can class twitter as a roof, then I certainly have a family under it.
I started tweeting about 2 years ago, firstly (don’t laugh) through our cat! He has 929 followers! About 500 more than my other 3 twitter accounts put together! Mad? Yes! Fun? Definitely! I realised that twitter is about finding a main interest (in the cats case it was my interest in animal welfare – signing & RT’ing petitions etc) and once you reach out others with the same interest reach back.
This proved to be invaluable when, in 2012, we decided to go through the adoption process after our attempt at IVF failed.

Something made me set up a twitter account immediately on deciding and, originally, it was going to be a daily diary for myself.

I never imagined in a million years that, just over a year later, I would be in touch with lots of other like minded, lovely people, daily, who have gone through or are going through exactly the same things as me and offering such wonderful support that I always assumed would come from “real life” friends and family.

I started tentatively, little tweets here and there, and then something lovely started to happen. I started receiving little supportive tweets back, advice that I thoroughly appreciated, I felt totally supported by people I didn’t even know.

In the time I’ve been on twitter I feel the family of people on there has become extremely strong. We’ve all got to know each other, as much as you can do over the air waves (or whatever you call it nowadays – digital waves?! *shrugs* I don’t know!)
We offer each other support now and  it’s really comforting knowing that somebody will come to your aid if you tweet you’re having issues or just that you’re having a bad day. It’s also really lovely to be able to offer that support back. If you see someone is having a bad day you make yourself available for them.
And we don’t just tweet support and advice about adoption, we talk and laugh about everything. Just recently we started a healthy eating campaign amongst ourselves! It appears adopters need chocolate cake a LOT! And so we’ve embarked on a #wecandothis campaign and we tweet the healthy things we’ve eaten. I know I wouldn’t have started without my twitter buddies.

There’s something very different about twitter when it comes to adopters. It doesn’t feel like shallow social media. It feels like home!

And in the end I did find a definition of “family” in the, always funny, Urban dictionary (try searching your own name!) I think it sums my twitter family up perfectly…
People you love and love you back, not neccessarily blood or biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them.

Tweet with @Adoption12 and read her blog  Hoops and Hurdles

2 thoughts on “My Twitter Life from @Adoption12

  1. Threebecomefour

    Love the urban dictionary definition of family. I’ve definitely been missing the family since Pip joined us and clearly need to get back to Twitter as I’m eating far too much chocolate again! I’m sad that we’ve all had to go through so much to find each other but it’s great to be able to link up and share with people who “get it”, without lengthy back stories.

    P.s. I want to know the username of your cat as mine want to link up!


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