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Today, co-founder of The Adoption Social, Sarah from The Puffin Diaries tells us how she discovered Twitter…



When I joined twitter I was sceptical about it, as I think a lot of people are. I’ve had friends join, who just can’t get the hang of it or fail to see its merits. I was at the time sewing and making things, also selling vintage bits and pieces on Etsy so I joined really as a way of promoting this venture and to connect with other crafting and making folk.

I think one evening I decided to do an “adoption” search and there before me unfolded a new world.

Afraid of mixing my two personas, crafter and adopter, I opened a new Twitter account under the name @adoptionbliss. It was meant in all ways to be humorous, as bliss was far from what my life felt like at times. We were five and a half years into our adoption and it felt like a lonely place.

I tentatively reached out to a couple of people who had popped up in my search, feeling a little awkward and embarrassed; it can be very daunting taking those first steps. Almost worse than approaching a stranger at a party or gathering, in that instance there is more for you to read into, their body language, a welcoming face or a friendly smile. Easier really to detect the possibilities of rejection. Anyway in I plunged and to my surprise and delight, people seemed friendly, introduced me to others and soon I was chatting away and share snippets about myself and my family. From those early days I very much remember @BoysBehaviour, @SallyDWrites, @On_the_edge , @Purdy2233 and @jayandaitch to name a few.

I really did feel elation at having discovered a community where I could truly share my life and feel that it was understood. Initially I also found it all very addictive and soon found myself, glued to my phone or stuck behind my laptop.

The twitter community felt like such a great place to be, often much better than what was going on around me at home.

As I explained in Me and My Blog, Twitter did soon lead me into the world of blogging and the birth of The Puffin Diaries. When I started blogging I started a blog and didn’t intend for it to really be an adoption blog, I still believe that’s not really what it is. I found I was just really taken by the whole world of blogging in general. Because of this I was soon following lots of bloggers of all shapes and sizes through twitter. As my confidence grew I would make little comments were I thought appropriate, to anyone I felt seemed friendly, or whose writings I enjoyed. Soon I was building up quite a circle of twitter friends.

What I love about twitter is how very instant it is, on the most. You dip in and out, pop into conversations, and join in a feed, with whoever is about at the same time as you. Sometimes it’s very quiet and at others times you’re down to twenty characters for your response, so many have joined in.

Either way it gives me a little escapism sometimes and often makes me smile or laugh.

Other times its brilliance is in the empathy it can provide. I recently tweeted about having been in a very dark, depressive place and the amount of people who responded and contacted me to make sure I was ok was really overwhelming. People out there truly are very kind and that kindness helps feed the soul and makes the world a better place, in my mind. In return I try to support others I can see are struggling, reaching out with a few kind words is the very least I can do to help someone whose finding things tough. The adoption community on twitter are particularly good at helping each other through bad times and on a couple of occasions I know the support of many tweeters has pulled me through.

Nowadays I know I’m not as twitter crazy as I was at one time, but I still love very much, sitting down with a cup of tea and finding out what’s going on out there in twitter land. It’s never disappointing, often enlightening and always a very enjoyable place to be.

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  1. Three Pink Diamonds

    Really enjoyed this post. I share your thoughts on Twitter & the wealth of support that is out there.


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