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Welcome to another ‘Meet The Blogger’. This week the lovely Lindsay from Grey Street answers Greyour quick 5, and has chosen another 5 questions to answer…

Quick 5 – In my life at the moment:

Book – ‘A house in the sky; a Memoir’ by Amanda Lindhout is my most recent favorite. I really like to read nonfiction and usually pretty traumatic, horrific, stories. It’s not about the trauma and hardship though, it’s about the triumph, overcoming terrible things and the human spirit that gets me every time and inspires me. Also, on a lighter note, ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See are also recent favorites.

Music – Riverside, Marillion, Haken. But, nobody will ever come close to Dave Matthews…my blog may be named after one of my favorite songs by him;)

TV – We don’t have TV, besides NetFlix that we just got a couple months ago, which I rarely watch. The only tv series I watch is Arrow and that’s most because my husband (but I really do like it!)

Food – You say cheese or bread and I’m there. Also chips. Chips and tea are my comfort

Pastime – Sewing, hiking, baking, reading,

Who is your biggest source of support?
I would have to say my husband is my biggest source of support because he’s the only one who is experiencing the story that is unfolding in front of us like I am. Since adopting Jonathan, we have never fought more and leaned on each other more and loved each other more.

Also, my sister. From the moment we announced we were adopting, through introductions, and a really tough and wonderful first year she was always, and still is, in my corner.

What is the best or most memorable piece of advice you’ve ever received.
‘Get your head out of your arse and get on with it!’ Courtesy of my dad. It sounds harsh but it was only said after listening to me grumble and a dose of empathy. It has really taught me to pick myself up quickly and do what I need to do to fix what it is that I don’t like or change what it is that is getting me down.

Favourite non adoption blogger
Kelle Hampton who writes at Enjoying the Small Things Kelle is a mom of three, one who happens to have Down syndrome. I love the humour in her writing and how eloquent she expresses her insight into people and challenges. And her general outlook makes me smile.

Biggest challenge as an adoptive parent
Having people in my everyday life really understand the challenges of raising an adoptive child. The ‘oh all kids do that’ statement is my nemesis. I find it really hard to explain how big the struggles really are and the impact that they have, and also having people who can understand that the smallest success isn’t small at all but cause for a huge, dancing in the kitchen, over the top hugs and kisses kinda celebration.

What do you wish you would have known before you adopted.
I wish I would have known the extent of the physical and emotional drain that was to come during the few months, and beyond too but those first few…phew! And I wish somebody could have prepared my heart for the anger and sadness, but also the amount of joy and love that it has gone through since Jonathan came into our lives.

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  1. lindsay

    Oh dear, I apologize for all the typos…I admit I was at a pub when I wrote this! (great way to spend some respite hours BTW:) But what happened to editing I do not know!

  2. Threebecomefour

    Lovely to read and also just to say that we LOVE Arrow in our house as well!! With all those abs, what’s not to like? Having said that we love the ridiculous story lines and the concept.


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