Meet The Blogger: On the road of adoption

This week on ‘Meet The Blogger’ we’re finding out about ‘On the road of adoption’.

On the road of adoption

Quick 5 – In my life at the moment…

Book – Mixture of ‘the Primal Wound’ by Nancy Verrier and a re-read of the Chalet School books by Elinor Brent-Dyer (currently at The Chalet School and the Island)

– at this very moment Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star over the video monitor but I listen to a very eclectic mix – my iPod on random goes from Early Baroque to Rock including all sorts in between. Blame my father.

TV programme– I watch very little TV (beyond Cbeebies) but I do enjoy NCIS and its spin-off NCIS:LA and also try to watch Countryfile when I can.

Food- Fresh pasta tortellini & salad at this moment.

Pastime- I hate to admit it but I play computer games – mainly MMOs but not World of Warcraft. Plus reading – according to my husband I devour books.

What is your biggest challenge as an adoptive parent?
Knowing what behaviour is just Sqk being ‘2’ and what could be more adoption related.

Why did you start blogging about adoption?
For me initially – I have a terrible personal memory so it was to help me remember what we went through and also as a record for our (then future) son.

Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
What has happened during the week or the time since I last blogged given I am a sporadic blogger.

What made you choose the blogging platform i.e blogger/wordpress that you did?
I started with a private blog in wordpress on my own domain, went to blogger for a bit but then decided to set-up my own domain and went back to WordPress as I knew what I was doing there.

Gin as I cannot drink normal tea – green tea & fruit/herbal teas are what I do drink but I do enjoy a gin & tonic (especially if it is Adnam’s gin).

What do you think is your biggest source of support?
My sister & brother-in-law who are also adopters, plus the other people from our preparation group.

What is the best or most memorable piece of advice you have ever received?
‘Pick your battles’ from my brother-in-law. This is something my husband and I have found very useful as we have decided not to stress over the trivial stuff this early into placement, but deal with the behaviour that is dangerous or very socially unacceptable (we have a son who likes to strip).

When I look into the eyes of my child…
I see inquisitiveness about the world but also need to know Mummy & Daddy will be there.

The best thing we did this week was…
attend the celebration party for the first family from our prep group to get their adoption order.

If you could take your children anywhere in the world to see something where would you go?
To Washington DC so I could show him where Mummy lived for a year.

What I hope I can give to my child/children?
Love and a secure base to explore the world.

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