Meet The Blogger – Our Dear Daughter

Today is the turn of @adoptingsezz, who writes the blog Dear Daughter to answer our questions so you can ‘Meet The Blogger’.


Quick 5 – in my life now:

Book – I have a reading pile nearly as tall as my daughter. Currently in it is Hero by Rhonda Byrne (she of The Secret), Allotment Month by Month, A Slice of Organic Life by Sheherazade Goldsmith plus several magazines including What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The Green Parent and Kitchen Garden. I’m having a break from adoption books at the mo!

Music– anything 80s

TV programme– Just got into Silent Witness, even though it’s been on TV for years. I also love any cookery programmes and The Great British Interior Design Challenge.

Food– anything but especially Daddy’s Green Curry and his homemade cheesecake. Yum!

Pastime– blogging, cookery and I’ve just taking up growing vegetables.

What do you wish you had known before you adopted your children?
I wish we’d known a lot more about attachment disorder. Believe it or not we only touched on it during our approval process and were recommended a book to read. I tried to read the book but it was too heavy going. So much of what I’ve learnt about attachment has come since Missy came home. I didn’t really know the term Reactive Attachment Disorder before matching and certainly didn’t know what it meant in practice, how it would affect me and Daddy, how we could help Missy and how others could support us. I wish we had met up with local adopters during the approval process, not afterwards, but our LA doesn’t seem to encourage that. Funny that.

Why did you start blogging about adoption?
As a diary for me and to keep my family and close friends up to date with the process, though I don’t think any of my family read it now.

Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
Differs from week to week. Sometimes I’ll write about a particular event or something that’s just happened in our lives, sometimes I’ll blog to fit the Adoption Social Weekly Shout Out theme and sometimes I’ll just blog about how I’m feeling.

Tea as I hate gin. Now, if you’d asked Tea/Amaretto that would be a different story!

If you could take your children anywhere in the world to see something where would you go?
I love travelling and there are so, so many places we’d love to visit and take Missy. But if I had the money now, I’d book to go to the North Pole next Christmas so Missy could visit the Big Man himself, Father Christmas. She would be over the moon. Plus we’d have a lot of fun building snowmen and throwing snowballs and I might, just might, get to see one of the things on my bucket list, the Northern Lights.

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