Memory Box 17/6/13


The aim of this linky is to share and celebrate great moments, memories and achievements – both our own as parents or adopted people, and that of our children or parents. We all sometimes have days, weeks when things can be really tough, looking for those small positives can really help us find our way. We are not aiming to sugar coat things just celebrate the good that is sometimes over shadowed by the darker bits.  So if something has gone well, been great or made you smile then share it here. You might want to link a full blog post, a photo, a poem, or a soundbite, anything you like. So find those encouraging moments and share them here, or have a read and find something to make you smile.

Memory Box runs all week long, opening on Monday mornings, closing on Sunday evenings. So do come and link whenever you have something to celebrate. 

The only rule is that you look at the other posts linked up and comment if you can. #MemoryBox

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Memory Box
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