Our Top 3 #WASO Posts -February

Bringing a little extra love to your #WASO Posts….. 

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To give a bit of extra love to the #WASO posts that we so enjoy reading, we’ve decide that each month Vicki and I will select 3 of our favourites to include in our own Top 3. It’s just a little thank you from us, to all of you who contribute, and to ensure that some of your really great posts don’t get missed. We will aim to do this on the middle Friday of each month and will look back over the posts that have linked up since the previous top 3 Friday. Simple… So here we go…

Sarah’s top 3

Because I related so much to this post and found the honesty in the words so very touching – 3 girls together – Acceptance

Amanda has the ability to hit the nail on the head with her writing and I am often moved to tears by her posts, this one was no exception. All Aboard The Trauma Train – Warning – Not an Easy Adoption Topic 

This blog is very much one of my favourites and this post is so beautifully written that it gave me goosebumps, Suddenly Mummy – Introducing Baby Girl


Vicki’s top 3

Adoption Misadventure is a blog I always enjoy reading – this post was celebratory and descriptive and reflective, and written beautifully as always.

Lindsay’s blog ‘Grey Street’ is one I try not to miss. Her writing always uplifts me, but makes me think too. This post about resolutions resonated with me.

I love the letter written in this post. There are things in there that only other adoptive parents would get, and for that reason it’s in my top 3.

Hope you enjoy reading our choices and all you bloggers, keep on blogging, we really enjoy reading your posts.

Sarah and Vicki x




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