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top 3

Back again with our monthly Top 3.

We try very hard to share the love, but sometimes there are posts which just stay with us, or stand out in the month. In a month where you have written about our themes, “Health Care” and “Making Plans” plus about all the other stuff that goes on for you every day, it wasn’t easy to choose just three each…but here they are.



I’ve chosen my first post because to me, it makes hard hitting political sense, so let’s have less talk and more actions

It’s frustrating and hard to read how another family struggle with the bureaucracy of the system, but Permanently in a Pickle does it with such style.

This family have been putting a lot of hard work into getting things right so it is great to see that progress, even if it is Baby Steps


This post from ‘Than The Sky’ talks about touch and shares what has helped them encourage more touch from Buzz.

Mum from Scratch talks about meeting the first parents of her children, and my own experience is similar – it was difficult but the best thing we could have done.

A new adventure has begun at The Family of Five‘s house – wish them luck!

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