#WASO Top 3

top 3

More exciting and wonderful posts in December especially around the excitement around the pending Festive Season. However there were also some very sad stories of disruption and family breakdown, we send big hugs to all those having a tough time. We hope our selected top 3 give a varied and eclectic view of all the great posts this month.




Adopted parents often find themselves saying sorry. This post entitled just that, Sorry, is so sad and difficult to read but very much needs to be said and understood.

This post is a little bit more uplifting, it’s the celebration of someone’s mum.

It’s great to following a family from the beginning of their adoption journey, this post is all about a first home visit.


I really related to this post about becoming a stay at home mum from one blogger.

This is the beautiful words of a grandmother, excited to meet her grandchild. 

These post on our children’s eating habits and where this might lead is very thought provoking.

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