#WASO Top 3 – April

top 3It’s Top 3 Time…

Another month of WASO has passed, and we’ve had a ton of wonderful posts. We’re sharing three of the best posts we’ve each read this month – those that have made us smile, made us sad, made us react, or made us nod with understanding and recognition. 

Sarah’s 3

There were a number of good posts written about #15000KiddsandCounting but this one from Amanda Boorman stuck in my mind because she asked the really difficult questions. 15000 million and counting

I remembered this post from the last month because I could really relate to the painful emotions this mother was feeling in Sharing the Hurt

I also loved Fiona Fergusons list if ingredients required for a successful adoption, especially the good sense of humour, in No such Thing as a Perfect Recipe

Vicki’s 3

We Are Family Adoption has written a letter to their birth daughter. I recognise so much of what is written, not because I have a birth daughter too, but because a second child joined our family, and it impacted far greater than I expected on my first child.

A short, but powerful post from Mo and Bro. Sorry is so often the hardest word.

I found myself nodding along to the list of attributes of no-fun mum in this post of Suddenly Mummy’s. I am also no-fun mum at times.

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