#WASO Top 3 – August

top 3


Back again with our top three picks from the past month’s #WASO. Lots of excellent reads, as always, making it hard to select just three each. Thankfully  some more of our choices appear in the monthly Britmum’s round up, so look out for that. So without much further ado, here they are.



  1. This post about a boy and his bear is so familiar to me. I am always astounded, yet heart warmed, by the affection which can be held for a small, rather raggedy bear so it’s lovely to hear a similar story here.
  2. Great to read news from The Family of Five. Sounds as if they’ve done well with their super long summer break.
  3. I have felt similar family betrayal in my past, as mentioned in this post, and I know I also have issues around trust which can lead to heartbreak. So here on Getting the Right Balance, another post which struck a real cord with me.


  1. This post is a reminder to us all of the tiny steps we take which have such enormous meaning in the progress of our children. It made me smile to think this young lady was exploring the power of expression in this post, and then she said.
  2. I love this set of questions which adopters from the  We are Family group are answering. Here’s number one in a current series of 17 posts. Starting off with the question “How and when does your child/children wake you in the morning?” All the way to “What is he piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child?” Well worth a read.
  3. Ground hog day indeed and what a family dilemma, I feel deeply for the decision this family must make.


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