#WASO Top 3 – May

top 3


We’ve enjoyed reading all your blogging posts from the month of May and we were especially pleased with how many people joined in our special #CPV week. To celebrate we have each chosen a “Best CPV” post, in addition to our top three of the month.



My first post reminds me so much of our early adoption days, when you didn’t have a moment in any day to yourself. Whilst things definitely do improve as they grow older and hopefully more settled, I know that ensuring we all have a good day can still leave me exhausted too.

This next post is from a long time contributor to #WASO and The Adoption Social. I always enjoy catching up with Three Bees and a Honey and I especially enjoyed hearing about what gets them out for a walk. Why their furry, four-legged ‘family therapist’ of course.

My last choice had me laughing out loud, so much so, that I then shared it with my youngest son, who also thought it was extremely funny. It’s good to hear these sorts of things happen to other people too, find out more in Puppies,Pants and eerr putting on Weight.

CPV: I want to thank Al Coates for writing this post about safe holding violent children. Hurt is a very honest post about how you safe guard a child, yourself and your home when your child is violent. It is something that needs talking about more.


I just recently came across this blog called Learning to Be A Family, and although short and about sharing a room, this post sums up the feelings around many situations – rage, upset, fear and isolation, that we – as a family – have experienced. I also really like the style of this blog, and hope the writer continues to link up to #WASO.

I’ve always enjoyed reading @adoptingsezz’s blog Dear Daughter, but this particular post caught me as I know it’s something really special and I also know that Sezz will treasure it. Well done Missy.

This post from My Post Adoption Life actually made me tear up a little, because although it’s not something I’ve ever said – I have thought it. See what you think – who is real?

CPV week: Building A Family Together writes about hiding the bruises, and asking for help in this post for our Adoption Sore Point on CPV, I can very much identify with the words.

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