WASO Top 3 – September

top 3



Another good month for amazing blogs, we always love reading all your blogs. Thank you for joining in with #WASO but here are our top 3



This post rang so many bells for me, well maybe a little more for how my husband is. How important is it to win asks Al Coates?

I’m all for the visual and it’s great that this US site can share pictures of her children. It’s so good to see an average day in pictures.

Nicola Marshall of Braveheart Education writes with such wisdom. This post on what we “feed ourselves” is full of wise words.


My first top 3 of the month is this post from Digger Diaries. 20 seconds, it sounds so little, but can feel so long…but I’ll definitely be trying to get more eye gaze with my kids from now on.

On What’s the buzz, Buzzbee, I was really pleased to hear about all the fun things that Buzzbee has been upto, even though they seem scary. What a brave young man to share his feelings.

Some big moments happened for Two New Girls – some whispered words and an announcement of love are described beautifully in this post. I hope the well-deserved takeaway was enjoyed.

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