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#WASO Top 3 – October

top 3

Once again we look back on a great month of blogs which linked up to #WASO and choose our Top 3. There are always so many great blogs posts to read, which can make it really hard to choose just three each. However as we also do the Adoption and Fostering round-up for Britmums, we get to select more good reads for that post. This month, for the first time we will included our Top 3 on the Britmum’s round-up.


  1. Very clever, drawing parallels between household renovations and the making of a fostering and adoption family  “As we live life, we might feel compelled to hang signs around our children’s necks declaring that they are under construction, that the damage was not done by us, nor is it the children’s fault.”

2. There are meltdowns, and then there are meltdowns. I feel very supportive of this blogger and adoptive parent for bravely saying enough and sharing openly their experiences.

3. Whilst this post has a very important message, about the things you shouldn’t say to adopted children, it did remind me of some of the many sticky situations we found ourselves in during the early days of our adopted family, which could now be seen as a little bit funny.


My first Top 3 this month is from The Hopeful Dad. I’m looking forward to reading more from this new blogger about the journey this couple is on to become a family.

Depression is a very real and very current issue for me, and CBT is something that I’m investigating, so this post from Families Tied was very interesting for me to read.

This is a post about love. I’ll say no more than that – just read it.



Britmums Live and the Adoption and Fostering Roundup.

Are you free Saturday 26th June 2016?

Every year Britmums put on a spectacular conference for bloggers and social media types. It is a great opportunity to:-

  1. Meet other bloggers/tweeters.
  2. To hear inspirational people speak.
  3. To learn more about how to make your blog GREAT.
  4. To meet product people you might be interested in working with or just sample their lovely wares.
  5. To receive an awesome goody bag to take away full of freebies.
  6. To get a little you time away from the family.
  7. To eat great food, their is a lunch included at it is usually very yummy.
  8. To socialise and have a glass or two with your new friends and old.
  9. To support those nominated in the BiBs awards.
  10. And finally a chance to hang out with Vicki and I.

Now I know number 10 is a little off putting but seriously we would love it if other bloggers or tweeters would join us, it would great to have a meet up in such inspirational surroundings. There is a special EARLYBIRD price on tickets until 30th November of £59.99. Which is quite a bargain for everything that is included. We usually travel down on the Friday and stay over on the Friday night.

So Click on here to find out more, the full agenda and how you can be there are all detailed and let us know if you book and we can make sure we meet up, Vicki and I have booked our tickets already.

I Write for Brit MumsAnd whilst we are on the subject of Britmums a little reminder that Vicki and I also do a monthly round up of Adoption and Fostering blogs for Britmums. We have just altered the date it is published, so it should now be posted the in the second week of each month. Why not check out this months post, you might be on there