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The Adoption Social Times


Our monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social…

Well that’s another year over and a brand new shiny one just beginning. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, how was it?
Weekly Adoption Shout Out
We had an extended break over the Christmas period and decided to keep #WASO open during that time. Lots of blogs have linked up and you can see the list here. Go and have a read?

Themes for forthcoming weeks are as follows:
15 January – If I were a child…
29 January – Dear teacher
12 February – Personal hygiene

TASawardstas awards
Did you get around to voting? Was your favourite tweeter or blogger in the running? Perhaps you were up for an award yourself?
Well, come along NEXT Thursday evening 9pm GMT to our awards party on Twitter and see if you or your nominee have won! Use #tasaward to join in. (We’ve had to change from our previously advertised date – hope you can still make it).

We’ve loved seeing all your #festivefun #taspic images this last month. Come and find out tomorrow what our next theme will be – and keep posting those #taspics and sharing your favourites. It’s nice to see so many using their creative skills photographically.

Sore Points
We’ve been busy planning our next Adoption Sore Points week and as we mentioned last month, it will take place 8th – 14th February. The theme will be Personal Hygiene – periods, puberty, body odour, hair washing, soiling, wetting and everything else between. We’ll be posting book reviews, hosting a #TASchat and the #WASO theme that week will all be around Personal Hygiene, so make sure you come along to share experiences, pick up advice and chat.

If you’d like to write a guest post on your experiences for publication that week then we’d love to host it. Just get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com.
**We’re looking for professional experience and advice too, so please forward this on to anyone you think might be able to help**

New columnist wanted
We’re sad to tell you that Anna will no longer be writing her fortnightly ‘Anna Writes’ column at The Adoption Social. Anna feels like she’s running out of things to write about, and is concentrating on all sorts of other things, and we wish her all the best for the future. We also send thanks for her thought provoking and interesting posts, and are grateful for those she’s written.
But now, this opens up a new spot here on The Adoption Social. We’ve never really advertised for a columnist before – both Life on the Frontline and Anna Writes came along quite naturally. However, we feel a regular adoptee voice on The Adoption Social has been very worthwhile, interesting, informative and makes the site more inclusive and meaningful. So if you are an adoptee (or birth parent, family member or professional – someone who can offer an alternative viewpoint) and can commit to a regular spot reaching a variety of readers, please get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Guest editor applications still accepted
We’ve had several very good applications for guest editor, but we’re still considering who to take on. This means you’ve still got a little more time to let us know if you’re interested in taking over The Adoption Social in March. Find out more here and get in touch if you’d like to be considered.

That’s all for this month folks…

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Just a few weeks ago, the closure of BAAF was announced. One of the big questions this raised was ‘what about National Adoption Week?’, certainly amongst the adoption community on Twitter.
This year, National Adoption Week falls in October, rather than November, and during that week The Adoption Social will be supporting adoptees, rather than supporting the usual ‘adopter recruitment drive’ that we feel usually happens. As part of this we’re also supporting The Open Nest’s next event, which will be adoptee focused and will take place in National Adoption Week at the Foundling Museum. More information from The Open Nest on that soon.
We’ll be seeking guest posts from adopted people that week, so if you’re interested in writing, please do email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
It’s been pretty quiet recently on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out, but we do expect that during the Summer. But do remember that all previous WASO links are still available on The Adoption Social (as long as those links are still live on those blogs), just click on Weekly Adoption Shout Out up the top there…you can always catch up and have a read.

Forthcoming themes:
28 August – Books
11 September – Confidence
25 September – In ten years time…

Thanks to everyone who took part in last months #TASPIC challenge of #smallthings, we’re well in the throes of our latest challenge #summertime, please do come and share your own #TASPIC images either on a blog, Instagram or on Twitter. We love to see them and round up each month – here’s the latest round-up.

Summer is a busy time, so we appreciate you might not have the time to blog a whole post. I know I don’t! But if you have a summery snippet that you’d like to share, a good memory, a positive moment, a photo, or anything else to share, then do come and link up to #MemoryBox which is open all Summer and a bit beyond too. Here’s the linky…

Twitter chat
A few weeks ago we hosted a chat on Twitter to gain feedback on the Adoption Support Fund. We presented this as a Storify round-up and gave it to our friends on the Expert Advisory Group who will take it back to the others on the group. Here’s the round-up for those that missed the chat.

Off to La Rosa
Next week we’re off to La Rosa campsite – home of The Open Nest, where we’re looking forward to meeting some more of you. We’ve got respite for the adults, and activities for the children, but won’t always have WiFi so forgive us if we don’t tweet/post/email back as often as we usually do.

Some posts you might have missed:

This piece by @Ivavnuk on Basic Goodness was powerful.

We had a couple of reviews – one on a book, Forever Fingerprints and one on a course, an NVR course.

Suddenly Mummy shared her experiences of reactions to second time adoption.

The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social.

Adoption Sore Points – #CPV
I know, I normally start off each month with Weekly Adoption Shout Out stuff, but this month, something else comes first!
We ran our first ever Adoption Sore Point week – these are themed weeks where we’ll focus on cpvsome of the harder subjects in adoption. Our first theme was Child to Parent Violence or #CPV. And boy, has it been a busy week. We usually aim for a new post every week day, but this week, we’ve had several posts each day from professionals and parents, talking about different aspects of child to parent violence. We also published a resources post, with links to other potential sources of support.
We hosted a Twitter chat, and you can catch up with it either by using the #TASCPV hashtag, or clicking this link to Storify.
Our #WASO theme was also CPV, and saw many linking up, and many speaking out.

Our aims with Sore Points are to get people speaking out, getting the support they need and raising awareness. And it’s really hard to measure how successful we’ve been with that. But I’ve certainly seen more people talking about CPV than ever before, yes, many of those are anonymous, but at least we’re talking and supporting each other now. I can however tell you that traffic to The Adoption Social was 33% higher than a *good* week! So more people have definitely been interested.

All of the posts are still available on The Adoption Social, so if you missed any of them then please do check back.

Mostly, we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part either by contributing, commenting, WASO’ing, Twitter chatting, re-tweeting or any other way! Look out for the next Adoption Sore Point.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Back to #WASO, and an improvement that we’ve already implemented…
As you know, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out takes place from Friday to Sunday every week. However, we’ve decided that on bank holiday weekends we’ll give you an extra day. So on those weeks, the #WASO will remain open until the end of Monday. We’re based in England, and so will being using English Bank Holiday dates.

Theme-wise, here’s June’s…
5 June – The world around us – in aid of World Environment Day
19 June – Celebrations and occasions
3 July – What we like to dance to

Out next week!
Watch out for #WASO Top 3 and a great guest post about Life Stories.

Our monthly photo challenge has gone down well with those of you who enjoy a photo or two. Starting at the beginning of June we have a new theme – #Yellow. If you post a photo then remember to include the hashtags #Yellow and #TASpic. Read more about our photo challenge in yesterday’s post.

Calling for more contributions
Wow, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the contributions and offers of pieces that we’ve received – in a good way of course! And we still want more! Please use us as your platform to speak – either in addition to your blog or instead of, or as a space for those who don’t have a blog. You don’t have to be a writer, as long as you have something to say!

Contributions should be typically between 500-1000 words, and can be sent to us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. If you have an accompanying photo/picture to which you own the copyright then we’d welcome that, if not, we can provide an image if needs be.
The pages on which we mostly take contributions are ‘The Blog’ – an open platform for one-off informative posts, emotional pieces, rants, topical opinion pieces and poetry; ‘The Review’ – a space for book/programme/movie/training/game reviews and ‘A Problem Shared’ – where we invite our readers to respond with advice or information.

All guest posts can either be in your name, with a pseudonym or anonymous completely. And we are happy to include links to your blog or website within the post.

Adoption Social meet-up at La Rosa campsite
Did you read about the brilliant camp that we’re running with The Open Nest in August? Well, the good and bad news is that we’re all booked up. Bad luck if you didn’t manage to get a space, but great news if you did. We’re putting the finishing touches on a range of activities, and can’t wait to meet you there!

And finally, posts you might have missed:

A challenge in self-care from one of our readers.

The latest from our newest columnist Anna – on what would have helped.

A brilliant guest post on sleep issues within adoption.

The Adoption Social Times

Read all about it, read all about it, it’s time for The Adoption Social Times

As always, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out remains popular. We’ve had several themed weeks BADGE7recently, and seen many non-themed posts link up too.
#WASO is for you, so if you ever have an idea for a theme, or something topical has come up and you think we should do a #WASO special, then please do let us know. But for now, here are our forthcoming themes:

3 April – My best chocolate recipe
24 April – A sense of relief (change to our usual schedule)
8 May – Where I Walk – to help celebrate Get Walking Week

#WASO Special
During the week beginning 13th April we’ll be launching a #WASO special. I can’t tell you anymore than that at the moment, but we’ll bring you news as and when we can. As a result, we’ve moved our usual themed weekend (17th to 19th April) to the following weekend, and future themed weeks will be every fortnight from then.

New animation from The Open Nest
Amanda from The Open Nest and Sarah from The Puffin Diaries & The Adoption Social recently launched the new animation – Brighter Thinking – based on research provided by the Twitter community. The animation shows examples of poor support and good support that can come from friends and family.
The animation is also available to view here, so if you haven’t seen or shared it yet, please do.

World Autism Awareness Week
From 27th March to 2nd April, it’s World Autism Awareness Week. To support this, we’ll be bringing you a number of posts next week around Autism, including the results of our recent questionnaire.

Posts you might have missed:

We published a review of a course delivered by Kate Cairns.

Our Frontline Mum asked for you to share your exclusion experiences.

We gave you a ‘how to’ post on sharing your favourite posts.

Eastenders got this mum a little worked up. What do you think of the way they’ve covered the recent adoption storyline?

The Adoption Social Times

It’s time to shout about all the things we’re doing on The Adoption Social…

Ever popular, The Weekly Adoption Shout Out is still strong and still going. One of our recent #WASOs saw 30 posts link up which might well be a record for a standard week! We’ve had some interesting themes – some seem to have really inspired you lovely bloggers, so hopefully well be able to bring you some more inspiration with our next lot of themes:AProblemSharedrequest

6 March – Ways to keep positive
20 March – Introducing change
3 April – My best chocolate recipe

#WASO Top 3
Yes we really did have a request to bring back this monthly post. I think the person suggested that they enjoyed the sense of competition. We don’t do it for that reason, but like to post some of our favourites as a showcase, and to help our readers find posts they might have missed. And I can tell you, that there have been a number of occasions where I’ve wished it was a Top10 as it’s difficult to narrow them down to 3!
P.S We love seeing the ‘whoop, I made the Top 3′ tweets, so keep ’em coming, and we’ll keep sharing our Top 3.

Interview with an Adopted Child
Never meant as a regular slot, but posts that have provoked some support, our interviews with adopted children have been popular. We’ve published two so far, one as a standard blog post, and the other as a You Tube video. We’ve also had a request for a post with a full set of questions in (you’ll see that this week hopefully). It can be hard to talk to your child about adoption, and most of the advice you’ll find it about wondering and doing it therapeutically, however, this interview style can make it more of a game – dress up as newsreaders? Use a Dictaphone? Let your child question you back? So if you feel like interviewing your own child, and want to share it, then please do let us know and we’ll (anonymously) publish it.
I must stress the children already interviewed have given express permission to share their responses.

Other posts this month:

Ever thought about claiming Disability Living Allowance? This post gives some tips on how to do it.

We gave you a review on a children’s book about adoption.

We brought you news about the new Cornerstone project – a buddy scheme for prospective and new adopters.

Jenny from Inspired Foundations write a brilliant guest post about Pupil Premium Plus.

The Adoption Social Times

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Adoption Social Times…

BAAF National Adoption Week Awards 2014fortnums
You might remember that we were shortlisted for an award earlier on this month. Sadly we didn’t win, and neither did our friend Jenny from Inspired Foundations.
It was a little disappointing to go all that way for nothing, especially as it was difficult to network with the other people – but I took the opportunity for a little Christmas shopping and a quick trip to Fortnum and Mason, so it wasn’t all for nothing! And I got to meet Jenny’s children, who are a credit to her and her partner.
Having said all that, we don’t need an award to know how useful The Adoption Social is – you all tell us regularly, and we know from talking to you all that it’s part of a wonderful community.

As always the Weekly Adoption Shout Out is popular, and this month is no different. Until the end of this week we also have a special ‘Collective Response’ #WASO live, where you can add your posts and feedback to the recently published letter by Edward Timpson MP, or feedback about National Adoption Week in general. You’ll find this linky here.

Now of course you’ll want to know in advance what the themes are for the next month, however, one of our theme weeks falls on Boxing Day so we won’t be having a theme that week. Instead, we’ll open up the usual #WASO on 19 December and this will stay active until 4 January. Normal #WASO service (and a theme) will return on 9 January.

Forthcoming themes for this month are:
28 November – At this time of year…
12 December – Gifts
9 January – Expectations
23 January – Next week…

Social Media and adoption
If you are a professional working in adoption and would like to find out more about using social  media to provide post adoption support then please contact us as we’re currently exploring ways of supporting organisations and professionals better so that in turn they can support adoptive families. We can’t guarantee direct help at the moment, but we’d like to get your views on whether you would want support, how you’d like it delivered, whether you would need training etc. Please email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

We heard from blogger 5 go on an adventure in this meet the blogger post.

Amanda Boorman from The Open Nest shared news from the charity.

We ran 2 initiatives for National Adoption Week – one was to publish acrostic poems contributed by our readers and their families. We had such a great response we had to split them over two posts. Here and here.

The other initiative was an idea from 2 members of the wonderful Twitter community that exists. Read more about #HowAreYou here.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.



The Adoption Social Times

It’s been a while since The Adoption Social Times has been published – but we’re back again this month with a round-up of all things Adoption Social…

Taking Care
What an amazing event that turned out to be! On 18th October, around 80 adoptive parents, adoptees and others working in adoption came together in York to think about #TakingCare. Speakers talked with passion about their stories, their children, their parents, their thoughts and their suggestions for taking care. Conversations were honest, open and thought provoking, and many faces and names were connected. The evening social also proved a popular event, with many a dancing induced blister being reported!
There are many blogs with reviews of the event, but suffice to say it was popular, met it’s aims, and will hopefully be repeated in other locations.



BAAF National Adoption Week Awards 2014
As you might know, it’s National Adoption Week next week (3-9 November) , and during that time BAAF holds it’s National Adoption Week Awards to recognise and celebrate good practice and exceptional achievement among those working or involved in adoption in the UK.
We’re super proud to share with you that we’ve been shortlisted for the Digital Champion of The Year award!!! Yes, how blooming lovely is that? We have to thank Jenny at Inspired Foundations for the gentle nudge – else we wouldn’t have put ourselves forward, and of course we owe HUGE thanks to all our supporters, readers, and contributors without whom The Adoption Social wouldn’t exist. So keep your fingers crossed for us, the awards ceremony takes place on 4th November.

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out continues to be popular, with many a new and old blogger linking up. Please do continue to do so – even you haven’t already got our #WASO badge, keep an eye out in future weeks for the code and let all your readers know that you join in.

Forthcoming themes for this month are:
31 October – Embracing social media
14 November – Secrets
28 November – At this time of year…

Poets needed1414443008157
To help promote National Adoption Week 2014, this year we’ll be posting acrostic poems each day of the week. An acrostic poem is one where a word is written vertically, and then a word or sentence is written beginning with each one of those downwards letters. Here’s an example.  We’re looking for poems to be contributed that we can publish (anonymously or in your name) throughout the week. Perhaps your kids might like to give it a go? Our theme of course is ‘Adoption’ so please use that as your vertical word.

If you have a poem to contribute, please email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com or message us via our Facebook page.

Snap happybrothers
One of our newish features is Snap Happy. This is a picture related post where you can contribute a picture or photo that has a story to tell, or is a memory for you. You don’t have to be a blogger to take part – just send us your photo and a few words and we’ll add it to The Adoption Social. Here’s our first post in this series if you’d like a little inspiration.

Using social media
If you are a professional working in adoption and would like to find out more about using social  media to provide post adoption support then please contact us as we’re currently exploring ways of supporting organisations and professionals better so that in turn they can support adoptive families. We can’t guarantee direct help at the moment, but we’d like to get your views on whether you would want support, how you’d like it delivered, whether you would need training etc. Please email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

Author Katie Wrench wrote about The Importance of the Life Story Book.

We published a post on how to create some calm time during the busy month of December.

Suddenly Mummy shared some top tips for introductions.

Our anonymous contributor wrote about that moment when you’re passed a baby…and her subsequent reflections on not having her own child…

A guest post from EyePAT about ‘keeping your child safe on the internet’.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.

The Adoption Social Times 7

Welcome back to another Adoption Social Times, bringing you highlights from our last month…

Taking Care
This month we’ve published details of Taking Care, the first conference from our friends at The Open Nest. This takes place on 18 October, in York (right next to the train station), and we’re thrilled to not only be speaking at the conference, but hosting an Adoption Social, Social event in the evening – music, food, maybe a dance floor, but a chance to get to know some of the people you have been tweeting and sharing your blogs with…read more about the conference here.

Trustee announcement and short film
Connected to Taking Care, we made the announcement this month about the trustees of The Open Nest charity – these are:
Amanda Boorman: Adoptive parent
Jazz Boorman: Adoptee
Fran Proctor: Adoptee
Sarah H: Adoptive parent and co-founder of The Adoption Social
Vicki N: Adoptive parent and co-founder of The Adoption Social
Sally Donovan :Adopter and writer
Krissi Thrustle: Therapeutic Support Worker
Kayti Boorman: Events and admin manager

Sarah and I are so pleased to have been invited to become trustees of this forward thinking charity. We’ve already had our first formal trustee meeting, and are working hard on achieving the charity’s aims and expectations.
And we brought you ‘The Lost Children of Trauma’ a short film, with a powerful message. Do please take a look and share it if you can.


You lovely lot never fail to bring us your best posts as part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out – what an amazing community of people you are – some adoptive parents, some foster carers, some adoptees, some birth parents, and many more people besides. We LOVE reading your posts, so keep ’em coming…

Forthcoming themes for this month are:
8 August – ‘Down time’
22 August – ‘Last weekend we…’

#Memory Box and #SummerSandpit
Memory Box is taking a break over the next six weeks. From Monday we’ll be bringing sandpit_zpse4b97af5you #SummerSandpit instead.
This is our special summer linky for anyone to link up to – involved in adoption or not. We want to hear all about your summer activities – tips, advice, play ideas, games, crafts – everything! Share your favourite things with others, and get some inspiration to keep the children occupied too. We’ve even got some lovely guest bloggers lined up for you too, so make sure you check it out each Monday. Summer Sandpit will open early Monday and close late Sunday each week. Here’s the theme list:
28 July – Nature
4 August – Crafts
1 August – Cooking
18 August – Active play
25 August – Den building
1 September – Days Out

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:


– A post from Sally Donovan on the prototype support fund for adoptive parents
– A post on early years provision for adopted children
A call for information about you and where you’re based so we can try to facilitate some local meet-ups

– We met ‘Single Adopter’ in our Meet The Blogger series
– After listening to the engaging Camila Batmangelidjh at Britmums Live, we shared information about their new campaign – See the Child, Change the System
– Particularly relevant with the Summer Holidays upon us, here’s a review about getting your children offline and outdoors…


If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.



The Adoption Social Times 6

The Adoption Social Times is back again, sharing all things The Adoption Social with you…

BiBbigLogo2014a-600x600Brilliance in Blogging
In the last Adoption Social Times we told you about our shortlisting for a BiB award. Well, even more exciting is that we were further shortlisted to the final 6. And we find out tonight at an awards ceremony (as part of Britmums Live) whether we need to use our surprised happy faces or our (more practised) gracious-in-defeat smiles. We’ll keep you updated, but we’re blown away to have gotten so far, and proud of all of you who contribute to The Adoption Social. The site wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Britmums Live
We’re currently on our way to/at Britmums, so if we’re a little quiet – you’ll know why. We’re excited to be attending this top notch blogging conference again and learning new blogging skills, which we’ll pass on to you of course though our ‘Social Media Tips’ section.

BADGE7Oh we do love our #WASO’ers. You always bring us wonderful posts to read, and it’s really encouraging to see the adoption blogging community growing, and we’re chuffed that a few of our friends from overseas are joining in now too (not forgetting the lovely Grey Street, whose been with us from the start). Still not so sure on how to join in? Then check out our helpful post here.
Forthcoming themes are:

27 June – Forever
11 July – Timekeeping
25 July – Our favourite family place

MBbadge#Memory Box
We mentioned last time – #MemoryBox is back.
So if you’ve got a
great moment to share, Memory Box is the place to link it.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:blog1

– An anonymous post on PCOS and it’s symptoms, with a thank you…
– A review on The Secret Life of Babies – did you watch it?
– Help on how to create a custom header for your WordPress blog
– An update from Gareth Marr of his work on local authority support and Pupil Premium Plusdad pic
– A problem from a prospective adopter concerned about how adopting will affect her father 

Father’s Day thoughts from a social worker and adoptive parent.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.



The Adoption Social Times 4

The Adoption Social Times is back again, sharing all things The Adoption Social with you…

We need youFirst up – a MASSIVE call for contributions.
We receive SO much feedback from SO many of you, telling us how much you like The Adoption Social, how much it’s brought a community together, how useful it is. And we’re really pleased that we’re able to provide something that so many of you appreciate. We both enjoy running the site and have met some wonderful people along the way.
Now we want to make The Adoption Social bigger, better and more useful but we can only improve our community if we all join in. One of our strongest points is that The Adoption Social is user-led – that means we know our stuff. We know the issues that adoptive parents face, we can support each other because we understand the challenges, we know that support and understanding are lacking in many areas, we know that many of you feel the same – please share your views by writing for us and make use of The Adoption Social as a platform for change.

We are always looking for posts in the following areas:
Monday – Handy Tips and Advice
Tuesday – The Blog (anonymous or in your name)
Wednesday – Meet The Blogger
Thursday – The Review or A Problem Shared

As always, #WASO is our most popular linky. And is firmly set in the linky calendar as THE place to share adoption related posts.  If you read, don’t forget to comment and share your favourites. Forthcoming themes for May are:  2 May –  ‘When I grow up…’ 16 May –  Music

With a nod to the Easter bunny, we turned our usual WASO into a blog hop over the Easter weekend. This meant that just by copying and pasting our code onto your own blog, WASO could be shared across multiple sites. Did you do it? Would you like to do it more often? Did you get any new readers? Let us know…

openNestThe Adoption Social fundraiser
As you might already know, we’re friends with, and supported by The Open Nest – a wonderful post adoption support charity that provides respite, support, lobbying, and much much more.
One of the amazing things The Open Nest has, is a campsite, just outside Whitby, full of vintage and kitsch caravans. This is where it can provide respite for adoptive families, but also functions seasonally as a campsite for the public.
The Open Nest has very generously offered to donate all profits from the campsite on the weekend of 15-16 August to The Adoption Social, so that we can develop the website further.

If you’d like to find out more about booking, either on The Adoption Social fundraising weekend, or any other time, have a look at The Open Nest’s site here. Alternatively, if camping isn’t your thing, then you can still support The Open Nest charity by staying at their gorgeous boutique hotel – La Rosa – in Whitby (we’ve both been and it is truly scrummy!).

Getting recognised
As we mentioned up the top there, we get lots of lovely feedback from you all about how useful and supportive you find The Adoption Social. We’ve now also been recognised by the new UK website for the DDP Network (I’m sure most of you have heard of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy? First developed by Dan Hughes, and now used widely with adoptive families). The site launched this week, and we’re proud that The Adoption Social (and our friends at The Open Nest) have been included in the resources section of the site. You can find it here.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:

We shared a problem about growing up and keeping friends – can you help advise this mum?

– This month we’ve met Three Pink Diamonds, Travels with my son, Misadventures of an AProblemSharedrequestadoptive dad and Relative Strangers through our Meet The Blogger series. Catch them all here.

We published a question from Carol, on how best to support her daughter and son-in-law with their challenging family

– We wrote about how to include links in your tweets, without using up the whole tweet in How to make the most of 140 characters.

Gareth Marr gave us an update on the work he’s doing with Pupil Premium Plus.

– One mum asks ‘Do they still remember?’ – an interesting post about memories, physical and emotional.

The National Fostering Agency shared a post with us, sharing information about what is involved in fostering.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.