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The Adoption Social Times



TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Our ever popular linky – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out – continues to attract bloggers new and old (well, not old but you know…established!). For those of you who don’t know much about it, it’s a blog linky where you can add a specific blog post into a form, and it then gets listed amongst other adoption-based blogs. This means that lots of adoption blogs are in the same place each week and saves readers having to search for them. It also means you can find other bloggers easily. And through it, a lovely, friendly community of bloggers and tweeters has become established.
Just come back here every Friday when we publish the linky, which stays open until late on Sunday. We do our best to read and share all those that join in.

Forthcoming themes:
6 November – Making plans
20 November – Health services

Taspic is a great way to join in, without having to write a blog or say much on Twitter. All you need is an image that fits our theme…currently this is #todayistheday, but will be changing soon so look out for the next month’s post. Publish your photo on your blog, twitter or even Instagram alongside the themed hashtag and #taspic and we’ll share them.
The latest round up can be found here.

National Adoption Week
Last week saw the annual National Adoption Week take place. Here at The Adoption Social we supported The Open Nest’s view that the adoptee voice needed to be heard. Sarah attended The Open Nest conference which took place at The Foundling Museum at the beginning of the week, and here on the site we published posts exclusively from adoptees. Our viewing statistics were great which we were encouraged to see.

Taking place during National Adoption Week were the National Adoption Week awards. The Adoption Social was shortlisted for the best adoption blog award, alongside #WASO regulars and Adoption Social supporters Al Coates (from Misadventures of An Adoptive Dad, also known on Twitter as @nadjasmit) and the lovely Suddenly Mummy (funnily enough from Suddenly Mummy!). Our congratulations go to Al who won on the night and even snapped a selfie with Ed Timpson!
More awards news to follow soon.

Guest posts
We always need them. If you have something to say – whether it’s an opinion based post, a poem to share, or even a problem you’d like advice on, then get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

We love chatting with you all. Sarah is great out in public at events and conferences. Vicki’s more of a behind the scenes gal. But Twitter chat is something that we both enjoy. All you have to do is use the hashtag #taschat on each tweet you want to contribute to the conversation and search by the same hashtag to follow the other tweets. So next dates for scheduled #TASchats are…
November – Thursday 19th 9pm GMT – Surviving Christmas
December – Thursday 10th 9pm GMT – subject TBC

We’re really enjoying finding out a little bit more about what makes you all tick and have received and published MeetMe posts from all sorts of people. If you haven’t yet take part but would like to, here are the questions, just email your answers to us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. (We have separate questions from adoptees and adopters).

Some posts you might have missed:

A book review on Preparing for Adoption, a book for prospective parents.

Can’t go, won’t go – a popular post on school refusing. Can you add to it?

A thoughtful post on sharing online – both the good and the bad.

Summer Sandpit 28/7/14

Hello and welcome to the first week of our new Summer Sandpit linky – a place for you to share your summer memories and activities, and perhaps give some inspiration to others.sandpit_zpse4b97af5

Our weeks are themed, but as with all our linkys – the themes are optional. This first week is ‘Nature’ and to kick us off, Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour is sharing some activities that you might like to do with your children…

barny the woodsTruth be told, I’m not an outdoorsy person. I don’t like hot weather, despise wasps and buzzy insects, and see no point in sunbathing. However, I do like nature – I love the smells and colour of the flowers, homegrown fruits and vegetables taste far sweeter than bought ones, and even as an adult, I’m fascinated by seed pods, crunchy autumnal leaves, knobbly twigs and live in hope I may one day see fairies at the bottom of the garden.

With this in mind, I like activities that encourage the children to think about nature, and allow them to bring the outside in – not worms and stuff, but those seed pods, seeds, dried flowers, petals, feathers and such.

Here are a few of the posts I’ve published in the past that explore and encourage thoughts Dirt cupsabout nature:
Dirt Cup Puddings (with jelly snakes, worms or bugs)
Rice Maze and Story Maker (easily adaptable to only include natural objects)
Grape Caterpillars
Nature Paper

And I have a pinterest board full of other nature-type crafts and activities

how to get kids offline

I also recently reviewed a fantastic book called ‘How to Get Kids Offline, Outdoors and Connecting With Nature’ – click through and you’ll see a photo of the Fairy House that Dollop and I made together. And I’ve made a list of other activities from the book that I’d like to try this Summer.


We’ll definitely be heading out to explore nature – fruit picking, scavenger hunts, gardening, geocaching, and even painting our own rock bugs, link your post up below so we can see how you’ve been getting nature into your lives…

As usual, no rules, just add your link below. All welcome to link in – no connection to adoption needed, but great summer activity posts only please. Do share your favourites, and comment on posts where you can.

The Adoption Social Times 3

Here’s our monthly post of all things The Adoption Social…

Another busy month here at The Adoption Social with new posts going live every weekday. Yes, we really do publish NEW content every week day (we take the weekends off to be with our families). favourite day
We have a general timetable for types of post:
Monday – The Things We Do/From The Archives linky or Handy Tips and Advice
Tuesday – The Blog
Wednesday – Meet The Blogger
Thursday – The Review or A Problem Shared
Friday – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out and sometimes our Top 3 or The Adoption Social Times

If you like reading a certain type of post, then do be sure to come back each week on the same day to read more like it.

BADGE7#WASO remains as popular as ever, with many linking up, and many reading too. If you read, don’t forget to comment and share your favourites.
Forthcoming themes for April are: 
4 April – Freedom 18 April – Professional support


Britmums Round-Up
This month I’ve (Vicki) edited the Britmums Adoption and Fostering Round-Up. Take a look here, many of our regular contributors are included. We really want to include as many good adoption and fostering blogs as possible, and we’re really lucky that we get to read lots of them already. But if you know of any other great blogs that we haven’t included then do let us know at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Britmums conference
Last year both Sarah and I (supported by The Open Nest) attended this massive two day conference for parent bloggers – just a week after The Adoption Social launched. This year, we’re doing it again! We’re looking forward to getting together, meeting other bloggers, developing our blogging skills and passing it all on to you too (oh and of course, there’s the goody bag too). If you’re coming along and we don’t already know about it – let us know, perhaps we could arrange a meet-up?

Exciting news
We do indeed have some exciting news, but we can’t quite share it all with you just yet. The bit I think we can say is that we’re hoping to arrange an Adoption Social family social – in a safe space with trained, experienced support, in August. If you’d be interested in this, please let us know so we can get a feel for numbers.

The other exciting news…well, you’ll just have to keep checking back for a little announcement soon!

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:
– An interesting anonymous post on feeling Second Best as a parent, this anonymous poster wanted the view of adoptees.

– We’ve met Mr Adoption Journey Blog, On the road of adoption, Suddenly Mummy and 3 Bees and a Honey in our popular Meet The Blogger Series.LGBTAFW-header2
– Following National LGBT Adoption Week, we published a quick round-up of some LGBT adoption bloggers.
– A great post from Gareth Marr on Pupil Premium Plus. We’re really looking forward to a follow-up. What did you think?
– Something a bit different – a review and suggestions of music for in the car. Are your favourites on the list?

– Sarah and Vicki were both featured in a book some time ago, here they share their contributions to that book – each in 100 words.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We’re particularly looking for general posts for ‘The Blog’ – you can write whatever you’d like in this section. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.

The Adoption Social Times

Welcome to our new round-up where we hope to bring you a little reminder some of the great things that have been published on The Adoption Social each month, and where we’ll aim to give you a bit more notice of our forthcoming #WASO themes.
We’ll also be using this space to call for contributions, so keep an eye out for those opportunities…

Happy Birthday #WASO
WASO week 52Our first big news is that #WASO is 1! So Happy Birthday to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. Today we’ve published our 52nd regular weekly link up, although we’ve also hosted one or two one-off specials throughout the year.

If you don’t already know, the Weekly Adoption Shout Out began as a way of pulling together lots of posts about adoption into one place (or back in the day on The Boy’s Behaviour and The Puffin Diaries).
Anyone would be able to add their blog’s URL, as long as the post (or the blog generally) was about adoption. The list would mean lots of adoption related blogs were in the same place making it easier to find other blogs of interest.

Using the hashtag #WASO, the shout out immediately gained lots of regular linkers/bloggers. It seems that everyone really enjoyed being part of this growing community, and it really has grown.

  • We had 10 linkers in our first week. Now we regularly see more than 20 bloggers linking in. Our most linked to #WASO was over the Christmas period and we had 31 linkers over a couple of weeks.
  • Our most popular #WASO in terms of views had over 2000 visits.
  • We’re really pleased to have a core group that regularly come back and link up their blogs, and support each other through reading, sharing and commenting on the blogs.

If you haven’t yet taken part but want to, then come along every weekend – we open the #WASO on Friday mornings and it closes Sunday night, all you have to do is copy and paste your blog request for tips and adviceweb address (URL) into the form in each week’s new blog post.

Forthcoming themes for February are:
7 February – A year on…

21 February – The work of my children/child

What’s new?
We’ve launched a new section – Meet The Blogger, and to date have a month’s worth of these posts lined up as bloggers are keen for you to get to know them a little better. You can already read more about The Puffin Diaries, The Boy’s Behaviour and Nicola at Braveheart.

We started The Things We Do linky. To take over from Memory Box, our new linky lets us share  the big and small things we do – things that help us get through the day, make life easy, make us smile, help our children reflect, feel loved, secure or safe… or even the practical things we do that help us get out of the door on time, or encourage our children to eat their greens! As with all our linkys, a new post is published each week with a form for you to copy and paste your blog address into.

And here’s a round up of some of our popular posts this month…
We published a popular post from Suddenly Mummy about her views on Panorama’s I want my child back programme. Click here to read it.

We had lots of comments and Twitter reactions to an anonymous piece we posted from a mum who felt strongly about prospective adoptive parents. Here it is.

We posted a review about an Inspired Foundations workshop and brought you a special offer with it. Find out more here.

We welcomed a guest post from Australian author and clinical psychologist Colby Pearce who wrote about balanced views and self-fulfilling prophecies. Read it here.

Tweeter @Ivavnuk posted a response to Colby Pearce’s guest blog. Beautifully written, you can see it here.

AProblemSharedrequestWe had a few problems shared…if you have any advice, please do comment on the posts themselves – Lunchtime Lies and Controlling Children When Out.


It’s been a busy month hasn’t it?! We hope February is as busy and hope to keep posting pieces that encourage, support, challenge and help you. If you have any ideas for posts then please do get in touch at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, and as always we’re pleased to receive your contributions.