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App Happy

Today’s App Happy comes from Sammy, mum of 4. These are the apps she has on her phone…check them out.

The App I Use the Most.
Hmm. It’s really difficult to say. Probably my email..I use Inbox for my Gmail and I get a lot of email so I check it quite a lot when the kids are at school. I like how I can have certain emails directed into certain folders as soon as they ping in…and I like being able to put reminders on the emails so I can come back to them later.app happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.
Two Dots. I’ve recently discovered this little game. And it’s a great 10 minute distraction. Only ten minutes because your lives expire and you have to wait a while for them to refill. This is ideal for me, as it limits my game playing time.

The App I really should remove.
Snapchat – I just don’t ever use it.

The App on my phone/tablet which is not for me.
Android Pay – I support it is for me, but the other half insisted I download it, because it would make life easier for me. Honestly though, I’ve not used it once. Maybe this should have been the answer to the previous question?!

The App I would recommend.
WhatsApp – a great way to chat with friends for free. No text message/mms cost and you can you can send photos too. I use this more than texting or FB messaging to keep in touch with friends and family.

The last App I used today.
Funnily enough, WhatsApp – used to make arrangements for a coffee and catch up with a couple of friends later in the week.
Would you like to share your App secrets??? Answer the above questions and email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

App Happy

Today Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour is sharing her 3 favourite apps for Android…all available from the Play Store.

I only recently came across this app, and have fast become reliant on it!
It is an alarm clock/timer/stopwatch/clock, which of course most devices have on anyway, however, the difference with Timely is that it’s got some clever extras.

For example, the alarm goes off quite loud as expected, but it recognises that you have picked the phone up and immediately quietens down a little, rather than continuing at 100decibels! And, I also like the challenges you can set. Before you can silence the alarm you have to complete a challenge, which makes you wake up I can tell you. Choose from a pattern recognition, maths puzzle or shape matching exercise.

As with other alarms, you can set more than one, specify certain days for certain alarms, change the tone etc, but I’m really loving those little extras that help me wake up, and more importantly – stay awake!

A camera app, Cymera is a popular editing tool. As well as being able to crop, brighten etc, you can change the effect, put unusual lighting over the top of your image, add text, but also add certain stickers and bling up your image.

Easy to share too, you can show off your photos in other applications.

Out of Milk
Out of milk
The organiser in me LOVES this. It’s a shopping list app. Yes I know it sounds mundane, but where I was once the proud owner of a perfectly functioning (albeit selective) memory, I am not anymore.
This helps me keep a list to hand, which means I can add to it wherever and whenever I recall that we’ve run out of loo roll/milk/plasters/ear plugs – delete as appropriate.

I spent a little time setting it up with prices of each item too, which means when I write a full shopping list I can see how much it’s going to cost me – if necessary I can alter it to reflect my budget.

There are other features too which allow you to basically keep your larder up to date, however being able to create a list (with pricing) is perfect for me.

Words, photos – and getting them together


Phone apps – there are loads out there aren’t there. Some for iphone, some for Android, some for Windows phone users.

As you know here on The Adoption Social, we like a good photo, and we’ve already talked you through Instagram – a great phone app for images. And we’ve told you about the wonderful website that is www.picmonkey.com, today I want to tell you about an app that I’ve recently started using on my Android phone called Phonto.

Phonto is an app that allows you to put text over your images. There are lots of apps out there that do this, and of course the Pic Monkey website does too (with the added bonus of being able to use any fonts that are installed on your computer, as well as those provided by the site itself), but I love the ease of this app.



It’s not a photo editor. If you want to crop it, put a colour wash over it, or add an effect, you’ll have to do that elsewhere, and then come back to Phonto which could be a bit of a faff, however, the number of fonts is amazing and better than other apps I’ve checked out and for 1410427432698me, this makes it worthwhile.


You can however rotate the image. And another bonus is getting to choose whether you save as .png files or jpegs.



Adding photos to your blog can really enhance it. You can say so much with a photo, and there 1410428430103is no need to risk your child’s identity – with the pixelating that we’ve told you about before, and now being able to easily add text over the top to further obscure the photo, you can create amazing images to accompany your posts.

And as with many apps these days, you can easily share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or use one of the other share options (Pinaterest, Flipboard, Drive, Google+ etc). Perhaps you just want to save it. 1410426920031

Downsides? Well, yes, as a free app, you have to put up with a little bit of advertising. But for 85p you can buy the advert free version.

So that’s a bit about Phonto. If you like using your phone for editing images, then you might want to look around for some other apps that do similar things. Cymera is very good for editing and adding images, but I found the text limitations somewhat restrictive.

If you have another app that you particularly like using, let us know?