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App Happy

Today’s App Happy comes from Sammy, mum of 4. These are the apps she has on her phone…check them out.

The App I Use the Most.
Hmm. It’s really difficult to say. Probably my email..I use Inbox for my Gmail and I get a lot of email so I check it quite a lot when the kids are at school. I like how I can have certain emails directed into certain folders as soon as they ping in…and I like being able to put reminders on the emails so I can come back to them later.app happy

The App which is my guilty pleasure.
Two Dots. I’ve recently discovered this little game. And it’s a great 10 minute distraction. Only ten minutes because your lives expire and you have to wait a while for them to refill. This is ideal for me, as it limits my game playing time.

The App I really should remove.
Snapchat – I just don’t ever use it.

The App on my phone/tablet which is not for me.
Android Pay – I support it is for me, but the other half insisted I download it, because it would make life easier for me. Honestly though, I’ve not used it once. Maybe this should have been the answer to the previous question?!

The App I would recommend.
WhatsApp – a great way to chat with friends for free. No text message/mms cost and you can you can send photos too. I use this more than texting or FB messaging to keep in touch with friends and family.

The last App I used today.
Funnily enough, WhatsApp – used to make arrangements for a coffee and catch up with a couple of friends later in the week.
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App Happy

Today Sarah from The Puffin Diaries shares three of her favourite Apps.

I’m going to share with you the three most favourite App’s I have on my phone. It’s hard this because I do like an App, I’ve had all sorts overtime, games, language translators, lots of picture editor Apps and of course all the regular social media Apps. However I’m going to share the ones I use often and find useful or fun.

hsI started using this App a while ago as a way of finding some calm space for myself. It offers directed meditations to help you achieve mindfulness and inner peace, yes very groovy. I started with the free Take10 meditations, aimed at beginners. This ten free sessions of ten minutes long. They are really simple and easy to follow and supported by some great little animations. I’ve really enjoyed this introduction to meditation and am thinking very much of subscribing for further sessions. You can find out more here

Met Office

I love to know what the weather is going to be like and this is, I think the best App for that. It seems to be the most reliable one I’ve found and I like that I can set my locations and others so I can see what the weather will be where I am and maybe where I’m going. Find out more here

hsI don’t play games on my phone…much. I am a bit of a Candy Crush girl but I tend to use my iPad for that, especially since my phone got wiped and it took me back to the beginning. So if I need to fill time with a game I choose this card game, I don’t seem to get bored of it but that could be because I don’t play it a lot, honest. Find out more here.


So do you use lots of Apps and could you choose just three to tell us about? Email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com to join in.