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TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social.

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
Our weekly linky continues to draw in readers and linkers alike. If you’re not sure how to join in, then this post is for you. It tells you all you need to know about linking your blog up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

*A little plea*
We’ve noticed that some of you are just linking up the main web address of your blog i.e theadoptionsocial.com. Please can you try to add the full address of the post you want to add i.e Theadoptionsocial.com/myfirstwasopost. This is important because we want to find the actual post you intended to link up, and in the case of older WASOs where you might have since blogged another 50 times, it’s impossible to find that particular post on your blog without spending hours scrolling through your older posts. Thank you .

OK, theme heads up time:
19 June – Celebrations and occasions
3 July – What we like to dance to
17 July – Contact
31 July – In the car

We’re still very much enjoying all of your #Yellow #Taspic photos so do keep them coming, on Instagram, Twitter or even in a blog post (which you can link to #WASO). Next week, we’ll be letting you know about the theme for July so check back on Wednesday. I can’t even give you a clue because Sarah chooses and I don’t know what it is yet!

In the meantime, if you want to know more about the photo challenge, then here’s our post all about #Taspic in June. And to see some of the photos, check out our Instagram feed over there to the right ————————————————————————————————>>>>>>>>

Birthday celebrations
Yes we’ve reached the age of toddler tantrums, short sentences, and standing on tiptoes; The Adoption Social is two. We have been very quiet about it, but we did a little round-up of our own #bestbits…

After the difficult and challenging posts we offered up during our Adoption Sore Point about #CPV, we tried to balance the conversations a little by bringing you #bestbits (which happened to coincide pretty much with our own #bestbits birthday post), a week to celebrate all the positive memories and bits you like about adoption. During this week we resurrected our old #Memorybox linkys (Sarah and I used to love this linky!) and invited contributions to it.
We also held a Twitter chat on #taschat and #bestbits, which you can catch up on here.

We really do think it’s important that a balanced view is available on adoption, and we’ll support any initiatives that promote it. The lovely @adoptingsezz suggested a regular hashtag where we can all share out #bestbits regularly. So feedback please on #btpb or Bank The Positive Bits. We need a unique hashtag, so that’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Adoption Sore Points
All that talk of balance reminds me that our next Adoption Sore Point week will take place in July. We’ll let you know nearer the time what the topic is.

And finally, posts you might have missed:

Anna Writes about identity and names in this post.

A difficult subject is broached here, in our anonymous guest post on adoption disruption.

Did you get to see our Top 3 from May? Here it is.

#MemoryBox – 10/06/15

Today we welcome back the linky which bursts with positivity, yes it’s #Memorybox.

MBbadgeThis linky is a place for you to share all the magical moments from recent times. Those tiny steps of progress you are making or a special little something that happened for you or your child. We know that many of the things we see as good bits are the norm for other families. So here you can share and we will all appreciate just how much it means to you.

So did your child remember to do something that they usually forget or did they say something that made you smile. Maybe you managed a tricky situation particularly well or you and your other half shared a bit of time out. Hopefully you get the picture, we are looking for you to tell us about the good bits.

These do not need to be long blog posts, sometimes a picture says it all. You can share your blog posts here in our linky or share your pictures on twitter with the #bestbits.

So come on everyone, link up and if you enjoy doing this link up and people join in we could run it as a regular feature.

This linky does look a little bit different to our normal #WASO linky because it allows for images to be displayed in the list below. It’s very easy to use, just follow the instructions.