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What is a blog hop?

What is a blog hop?

Well, to answer that we need to look at linkys. A linky is basically a piece of code that you add to your blog post. It creates a form for users to add their name and URL into, and then collates them all into a list. Readers don’t see the code, just the form and the list.

For an example, see our very own Weekly Adoption Shout Out – a linky that invites readers to add adoption related blog posts which then all display in a form.

The benefit of this?

Well, it puts lots of related blogs/blog posts in the same place so readers don’t have to trawl the internet. It also means your blog is placed alongside other popular blogs thus gaining more exposure.

So the blog hop bit…

Well, a straight linky tends to sit on one website, much like the Weekly Adoption Shout Out sits on The Adoption Social.

A blog hop is where the list and form are shown as in a linky, but the code can be taken and added to your own website too. It improves the reach of the linky as it then appears on all related websites (if they choose to show it). Typically, once you’ve added your details to the linky, you take the code and place it at the bottom of the post you just linked up.

How do I create one?

Here at The Adoption Social, we use linkytools.com. We have an account where we can create different types of linky, including blog hops and the code is provided by the linkytools website. linkytoolsYou can try it too – from recollection there is a free trial period.

If you decide to set one up, be sure to let us know, and if you need any help just tweet us @adoptionsocial or email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 63

WASO Week 63Easter already? How did that happen when Christmas feels just a few short weeks ago? Good Friday already – hope it’s good for you.

So who has the Easter Bunny visiting? Perhaps you’ll share a great Hot Cross Bun recipe? Maybe your tips on a successful egg hunt? Or some great ways of coping with an extended bank holiday weekend and a change in the normal routine? Our optional theme this week is Professional Support – have you had some? was it useful? was it professional? are you still seeking it?
Whatever your blog posts are about this week, come along and link them up below in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

We love a bit of seasonal fun here on The Adoption Social, so instead of a bunny hop, we’re making this week’s shout out a blog hop. What’s that I hear you ask…another hairbrained idea from those two mad mums? No, it’s just like our normal link up, except that you can also copy and paste the link code into your own blog post. And that means anyone visiting your blog can join in without stepping cyber foot onto The Adoption Social…they can join in via your site.

The important, and vaguely technical bit…every linky list we create is stored centrally on our linky host. All we’re really posting is code which appears as a link to that list. If we share the code with you, then the list can appear on your on blog too. It’ll update automatically when a new person links to WASO, so all you have to do is copy and paste it perhaps at the bottom of whatever post you choose to add to WASO. If you use WordPress, just make sure you create/edit your post in Text mode, not visual. Blogger user? Create/edit your post in html, not compose. That means the code will appear and convert properly. To get the code, just hit the link down there below the actual linky, and if you want to know more about blog hops, well there’s a link to an explanation there too…

The good news is that anyone who visits your blog will see the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, can even join in directly from your blog and it’ll help bring new and more readers to all of our blogs – that’s gotta be a good thing right? If you have ANY problems doing this, then please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you as quick as we can.

Otherwise, go forth and link up – and help us host the Weekly Adoption Shout Out this time too…