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The Adoption Social Times

TAStimesOur monthly round-up of all things Adoption Social

Weekly Adoption Shout Out
As always, #WASO keeps us busy. We try to read and share as many as we can – but it’s not always possible so we really appreciate when you readers can share #WASO posts too – even just one or two is helpful to the bloggers.

Themes for forthcoming weeks are as follows:
12 February – Personal hygiene
26 February – Extended family

We always love to see your creativity in the form of #TASpic images. Most recently we wanted to see your #firsttime photos and if you want to see them too – just look on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TASpic.
Come and find out soon what the next theme will be, and keep posting your #TASpics.

Britmums adoption & fostering round-up
We’re back onto writing the Britmums Adoption & Fostering round-up as editors. The next round-up is due out at the end of this week – so keep an eye out for it and see if you’re included. If you know of other blogs you think should be included – then let us know.

Britmums Live 2016
We’ll be attending Britmums Live again this year and will of course feedback useful information afterwards. Are you planning on attending? From past experience I can say it’s always informative, inspiring, and friendly, and of course Sarah and I will be there and would love to meet you if you’re going.

Sore Points
Next week sees our #Sorepoints week, it will take place 8th – 14th February. The theme will be sorepoint**Personal Hygiene** – periods, puberty, body odour, hair washing, soiling, wetting and everything else between. We’ll be posting book reviews, hosting a #TASchat and the #WASO theme that week will all be around Personal Hygiene, so make sure you come along to share experiences, pick up advice and chat.

If you’d like to write a guest post on your experiences for publication that week then we’d love to host it. We want to share your experiences so others see they’re not alone – and so we can share tips and advice. So please get in touch if you can share a guest post. Email us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com.

Britmums Live and the Adoption and Fostering Roundup.

Are you free Saturday 26th June 2016?

Every year Britmums put on a spectacular conference for bloggers and social media types. It is a great opportunity to:-

  1. Meet other bloggers/tweeters.
  2. To hear inspirational people speak.
  3. To learn more about how to make your blog GREAT.
  4. To meet product people you might be interested in working with or just sample their lovely wares.
  5. To receive an awesome goody bag to take away full of freebies.
  6. To get a little you time away from the family.
  7. To eat great food, their is a lunch included at it is usually very yummy.
  8. To socialise and have a glass or two with your new friends and old.
  9. To support those nominated in the BiBs awards.
  10. And finally a chance to hang out with Vicki and I.

Now I know number 10 is a little off putting but seriously we would love it if other bloggers or tweeters would join us, it would great to have a meet up in such inspirational surroundings. There is a special EARLYBIRD price on tickets until 30th November of £59.99. Which is quite a bargain for everything that is included. We usually travel down on the Friday and stay over on the Friday night.

So Click on here to find out more, the full agenda and how you can be there are all detailed and let us know if you book and we can make sure we meet up, Vicki and I have booked our tickets already.

I Write for Brit MumsAnd whilst we are on the subject of Britmums a little reminder that Vicki and I also do a monthly round up of Adoption and Fostering blogs for Britmums. We have just altered the date it is published, so it should now be posted the in the second week of each month. Why not check out this months post, you might be on there

The Adoption Social Times 6

The Adoption Social Times is back again, sharing all things The Adoption Social with you…

BiBbigLogo2014a-600x600Brilliance in Blogging
In the last Adoption Social Times we told you about our shortlisting for a BiB award. Well, even more exciting is that we were further shortlisted to the final 6. And we find out tonight at an awards ceremony (as part of Britmums Live) whether we need to use our surprised happy faces or our (more practised) gracious-in-defeat smiles. We’ll keep you updated, but we’re blown away to have gotten so far, and proud of all of you who contribute to The Adoption Social. The site wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Britmums Live
We’re currently on our way to/at Britmums, so if we’re a little quiet – you’ll know why. We’re excited to be attending this top notch blogging conference again and learning new blogging skills, which we’ll pass on to you of course though our ‘Social Media Tips’ section.

BADGE7Oh we do love our #WASO’ers. You always bring us wonderful posts to read, and it’s really encouraging to see the adoption blogging community growing, and we’re chuffed that a few of our friends from overseas are joining in now too (not forgetting the lovely Grey Street, whose been with us from the start). Still not so sure on how to join in? Then check out our helpful post here.
Forthcoming themes are:

27 June – Forever
11 July – Timekeeping
25 July – Our favourite family place

MBbadge#Memory Box
We mentioned last time – #MemoryBox is back.
So if you’ve got a
great moment to share, Memory Box is the place to link it.

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:blog1

– An anonymous post on PCOS and it’s symptoms, with a thank you…
– A review on The Secret Life of Babies – did you watch it?
– Help on how to create a custom header for your WordPress blog
– An update from Gareth Marr of his work on local authority support and Pupil Premium Plusdad pic
– A problem from a prospective adopter concerned about how adopting will affect her father 

Father’s Day thoughts from a social worker and adoptive parent.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.



Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 72

Week 72Hello! It’s Friday, that means it’s time for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.
It also means that we (Sarah and Vicki) are heading to London for Britmums Live – not only to attend the blogging conference and gain new skills, or to meet other bloggers, but also because this very evening, we’ll find out whether we’ve won the ‘Social Media’ category of the BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. Keep your fingers crossed, we’ll let you know if we win.

Although we’re away, we want to see loads of you linking up – just like last week. We had some really great posts, and we’re looking forward to your efforts this week too.

This week is theme-free, so add your best, favourite or newest posts of the week in the usual way, and as soon as we can, we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter. If you read a post that you particularly like, or possibly dislike, then please do share them through your own networks too.
Oh and watch out for the forthcoming Adoption Social Times to get an idea of what themes will be coming up over the next month.

Go on then…link up now – #WASO closes midnight sunday (GMT).

The Adoption Social is a finalist!

Well wouldn’t ya know – we’re down to the final 6 of the social category of the Brilliance in Blogging awards (BIBs)!

FINALIST BiB 2014 SOCIALMEDIAHow chuffed are we? Well, we only launched The Adoption Social a year ago, so we’re really proud to have been recognised in this way. Even if we don’t win, it’s a massive achievement for us to get this far, and it’s not just us of course, it’s all of you who contribute to The Adoption Social, and all of you who read and comment on the other bloggers that join in with us and our activities. So keep your fingers crossed, because if we win, then so do you!

Now on that note, we need more of you to join in, not with #WASO or our other linkys – #MemoryBox etc, although if you don’t already take part in those, please do, it’s as simple as copying and pasting a link into a form.

What we need now, is to keep the momentum going, keep the support there, keep the site full – and that’s where you come in. We are looking for posts and content on the following:

The Blog – any content you like. Anonymous or in your name. A poem, a post, a rant, a campaign, an information piece. If you’re an organisation, we might be able to showcase you here too.

Tips and Advice – parenting, social media, or anything you do that could help others. Maybe you could share a piece about what’s involved in an adoption preparation course, what it’s like attending a CAMHS appointment, how to get in touch with Post Adoption Support, where to find blogging inspiration, how to edit a photo, or even how to avoid the toy/sweet aisles in the supermarket. If you have something to share, then this is the place for it.

A Problem Shared – Need some advice? Just want to share a bad timeProblem and hear from others who’ve experienced the same. We can publish it anonymously if you’d prefer.

The Review – any reviews you have written – a book, a course, a tv programme or product. Send it to us for publication. We also regularly receive books for review, if you’d like to join in and receive books for free in turn for an honest review, then let us know.

So that’s it – problems, reviews, tips and one-off pieces. Not much really, but your knowledge will help others experiencing the same problems, and your questions will help others too worried to ask those questions.

VOTE for The Adoption Social

It’s Award Session………


We are in celebration mode at The Adoption Social because we have been shortlisted for a very prestigious blogging award. Yes in the category of Social Media we have been shortlisted for a BiB Award ( Brilliance in Blogging). These awards are organised by Britmums who we are very happy to be associated with through our monthly Adoption and Fostering Round Up.

When we set up The Adoption Social we recognised the support that bloggers were finding through our Weekly Adoption Shout Out and we wanted to extend that community through the use of other elements of social media; twitter, Facebook and pinterest. We wanted to encourage more people to join the world of social media and find the friendships that we ourselves had found invaluable as part of our support network.

As the number of our readers and followers continues to grow, we feel very much that our community is blossoming and we both feel hugely inspired by all the people who continue to be involved in this online network.

So if you feel that we have made a difference for you and helped in any way, please vote for us in these awards. Imagine if we could call ourselves The Award Winning Adoption Social, it would be an award for all of us.

To Vote Click on the Badge Below. Each person only has one vote in each category. Our Category is Social Media.



Oh and Whilst you’re there both The Puffin Diaries and The Boys Behaviour are nominated in the Inspire Category so please Feel Free to cast your vote there too!



And as always a massive thank you to everyone for their continuing support, every one of you plays their part in making The Adoption Social.

The Adoption Social Times 3

Here’s our monthly post of all things The Adoption Social…

Another busy month here at The Adoption Social with new posts going live every weekday. Yes, we really do publish NEW content every week day (we take the weekends off to be with our families). favourite day
We have a general timetable for types of post:
Monday – The Things We Do/From The Archives linky or Handy Tips and Advice
Tuesday – The Blog
Wednesday – Meet The Blogger
Thursday – The Review or A Problem Shared
Friday – The Weekly Adoption Shout Out and sometimes our Top 3 or The Adoption Social Times

If you like reading a certain type of post, then do be sure to come back each week on the same day to read more like it.

BADGE7#WASO remains as popular as ever, with many linking up, and many reading too. If you read, don’t forget to comment and share your favourites.
Forthcoming themes for April are: 
4 April – Freedom 18 April – Professional support


Britmums Round-Up
This month I’ve (Vicki) edited the Britmums Adoption and Fostering Round-Up. Take a look here, many of our regular contributors are included. We really want to include as many good adoption and fostering blogs as possible, and we’re really lucky that we get to read lots of them already. But if you know of any other great blogs that we haven’t included then do let us know at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com

Britmums conference
Last year both Sarah and I (supported by The Open Nest) attended this massive two day conference for parent bloggers – just a week after The Adoption Social launched. This year, we’re doing it again! We’re looking forward to getting together, meeting other bloggers, developing our blogging skills and passing it all on to you too (oh and of course, there’s the goody bag too). If you’re coming along and we don’t already know about it – let us know, perhaps we could arrange a meet-up?

Exciting news
We do indeed have some exciting news, but we can’t quite share it all with you just yet. The bit I think we can say is that we’re hoping to arrange an Adoption Social family social – in a safe space with trained, experienced support, in August. If you’d be interested in this, please let us know so we can get a feel for numbers.

The other exciting news…well, you’ll just have to keep checking back for a little announcement soon!

And finally, here are a few of the posts we’ve published on The Adoption Social this month:
– An interesting anonymous post on feeling Second Best as a parent, this anonymous poster wanted the view of adoptees.

– We’ve met Mr Adoption Journey Blog, On the road of adoption, Suddenly Mummy and 3 Bees and a Honey in our popular Meet The Blogger Series.LGBTAFW-header2
– Following National LGBT Adoption Week, we published a quick round-up of some LGBT adoption bloggers.
– A great post from Gareth Marr on Pupil Premium Plus. We’re really looking forward to a follow-up. What did you think?
– Something a bit different – a review and suggestions of music for in the car. Are your favourites on the list?

– Sarah and Vicki were both featured in a book some time ago, here they share their contributions to that book – each in 100 words.

If you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We’re particularly looking for general posts for ‘The Blog’ – you can write whatever you’d like in this section. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.

The Adoption Social Times 2

It’s time for our second monthly round-up of all our posts on The Adoption Social.

Thanks to everyone that has read, commented on or shared a post this last month. We’ve had several messages of support and some lovely feedback from both contributors and readers alike. If you have any ideas for posts that you’d like to see on here, then please do drop us a line at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com.

request for tips and advice#WASO
As you might have seen we published a round-up of #WASO posts this month with both of us choosing 3 of our favourite linked posts. We hope to do this every month, to try to give a bit more support, exposure and traffic to some of the bloggers that take part.

Forthcoming themes for March are:
7 March – Friendships
21 March – Recipes – and why they’re important to your family


What’s new?
We launched another new linky. We like to have several on the go at one time, but we know not everyone has time to write a new post for each linky. So ‘From The Archives’ is a new opportunity to link up an old post. Hopefully this’ll mean more people visit some of your older posts that might have missed out on some blog love. If you come across a post you’ve not seen before, I’m sure the blogger would appreciate your comments. We’ll alternate between this new linky and ‘The Things We Do’, so the schedule will look like this.
The Things We Do – 3rd, 17th, 31st March
From The Archives – 10th, 24th March

Britmums Round-Up
We’ve both been avid readers of the Britmums Adoption and Fostering Round-Up since it began, edited by Maryam Lane. In recent times Maryam extended her family and both Sarah and I helped out with editing the round-up when Maryam was unable. Sadly, she’s since decided to step down, but Sarah and I have jointly taken on the role of Editor. Sarah’s done a smashing job this month – here’s her round-up. We’re trying our hardest to include blogs that both link up to #WASO and our other linkys, and blogs that don’t take part in them. So rest assured that even if you don’t link up, we’ll do our best to share your blog in the Britmums round-up. If you know of some fantastic blogs – do let us know so we can include them.

And here’s a final round up of some of our posts this month…

We published an anonymous post from an adopter who often hears suggestions that she’s crazy. What do you think? Would you do it all again?

One adoptive dad is concerned about his relationship with his wife and ask for help in making time for them as a couple.

We met some more bloggers – Family of Five, Grey Street, Our Dear Daughter and Adopt and Keep Calm.

We received several supportive comments on this emotional piece about post adoption support. Have you experienced the same?

AProblemSharedrequestIf you have any posts that you’d like to contribute, then please do send them into us at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com. We’re particularly looking for general posts for ‘The Blog’ – you can write whatever you’d like in this section, and also ‘Handy Tips’ pieces. We also love hearing your feedback, so do get in touch.