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Something different for stockings

Christmas is coming. It might be around a couple of corners just yet, but many are starting their shopping and so we hope this post will give you a few ideas if you need them.

Of course our children have lists like most children and enjoy a whole range of traditional stocking fillers, but I thought I’d share a few ideas that you might not normally consider, but could sneak in without your child realising how useful and important they are…

Chewigem Dog Tags
This site offers necklaces and bangles in a variety of designs – this is a link for some great looking dog tags.

These are available in different colours and sizes. This is just one link to a basic junior tangle.

Twist and lock blocks
My own son loves his twist and lock block. It’s one of those things that he can move around and fiddle with when he’s anxious or stressed. He also uses it when watching TV etc, rather than scratching or picking at his skin.

Stress balls
There are a whole host of stress balls on the market – there is a great selection here of different shapes – some to suit children, others plainer.

Recordable Thought Cloud
A great way of expressing a thought, record and playback your thought or emotion, and you can write it too on the wipeable surface.

Scented play dough – using aromatherapy for different effects.

Create a nice calm time with a massager (which come in a range of shapes and sizes, from a range of suppliers). These are a good idea for children who can’t manage skin to skin contact, but still allow the relaxation of a massage.

Worry Eaters
My son doesn’t use his very much at the moment, but probably because he dislikes writing. The idea is that you write down a worry and the monster eats it. Fun for some, but not everyone’s bag.

Glitter Tubes
Regulate and calm whilst watching the glitter settle. You can make these yourself, but for a handy ready-made stocking filler this is perfect.

Superhero cape
What a great way to boost your child’s self esteem! Grab a personalised superhero cape and make them feel confident in their abilities.

Play tent
OK, so this one is a little large to be a stocking filler, but nevertheless, I’m including it as it’s a great gift (especially if they have a favourite character, as there are plenty of designs about) and creates a safe space or den for a child to hide/calm/scream in.

Sleepykids bath additive
A fun way to encourage calm, and therefore sleep.

Feelings Cards
We especially love these Todd Parr cards – hardwearing and durable, with opposite feelings on each card. A fun way to introduce emotions.

Hopefully these might give you a little inspiration with your Christmas shopping. I’d like to think that all of these items would be seen as fun, and not a therapy/special needs/disability aid. If they’re not seen as ‘special’ toys, then perhaps they might be used to better effect.

Have you got any other ideas? Add your own links in the comments section…



Sleepytime separation

sleepThis anonymous poster needs some help – and some sleep! Have you experienced this…how did you deal with it?

Our 17 month old son has for a few nights now, taken to waking up at the same time every night and crying and screaming as if in terrible fear. He calms as soon as we pick him up and cuddles us tight and won’t let go.

Is this separation anxiety?

He was removed at birth and came to us at 7.5 months and has from Day 1 slept brilliantly – 12-14 hours at night plus 2 one hour naps during the day.

This can happen up to 5 times a night after 10pm. He’ll go down no problem at bedtime and doesn’t mind the dark. It’s as if he’s having nightmares or terrors but is he too young for this?
How do we manage it? We go in and pick him up and cuddle him each time as our presence just isn’t enough; he needs the physical comfort (which we always give him).

It’s worth mentioning he’s not hungry / doesn’t need a nappy change and isn’t teething.

The only saving grace is that his sister is a heavy sleeper and doesn’t stir! We however, are shattered plus we’re worried about him.

We’ve never experienced this period of babyhood before and it’s come out of the blue. No change of routine etc.
Thank you for any replies.