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My Twitter Life by @KatSwrites

Today’s post from @KatSwrites is part of our My Twitter Life series. Twitter has helped so many people connect with each other, and it can be a useful tool for support…


Social networking had been one of those things I had only used with slight interest. I rarely went on Facebook and used Twitter to follow celebrities and pop culture news.

Then, in March 2013, I started blogging about my life growing up adopted and read that to promote a blog, it was important to use social networking sites. I set up my Twitter account with no expectations really. I figured maybe a handful of people might read my blog.

What happened next still blows me away.

I connected.

I found adoptees, first moms, adoptive parents, adoption reform activists and organizations that have fully impacted my life. I have formed amazing relationships with some Twitter folk that extend beyond Twitter. I became involved in the issues that adoptees face. I have met some of these people in real life and found them to be supportive in both the real world and online arenas. They have made me a better writer and more importantly, a better listener.

I witnessed.

I see what is happening in people’s lives. When a fellow adoptee is having a bad day, or is anxious about reunion, I see that. I have witnessed my Twitter friends deal with adoption issues, big issues, little issues and … life. I have taken part in groups such as #WASO (weekly adoption shout out) and watched it grow into The Adoption Social. I have witnessed fundraising for documentaries showing adoptee’s stories and seen those efforts met. These are amazing stories that I have witnessed happening!

I listened.

I have learned to step back and really listen. There is nothing like getting into a debate over a misinterpretation due to the 140 character limit to make you stop and think before overreacting the next time. Now I try to see the other person’s perspective. It doesn’t mean that I will not continue to state my point of view as well, but I try to HEAR what the other person is saying.

I learned.

I started out wanting to share my experience from which others may learn. Now that has changed. Maybe someone will take something from what I write, maybe not. That is okay because the knowledge that others have shared with me, far outweighs my own writing.

I learned to not make blanket statements. I learned to read links that people tweet. I learned to comment on blogs to connect with others. I learned to think before I tweet. I learned to get informed. I learned to see different perspectives, even if I disagreed. I learned to listen!

I have learned about the issues of adoptees. For example, one issue is the sealing of original birth certificates. Through Twitter, I was able to become involved in the Adoptee Rights Demonstration just last week.

I have learned about what some first moms have experienced. The openness with which they share their stories has amazed me, and their conversations regarding adoption ethics have made me think.

I have learned about the adoptive parent experience. Countless APs have shared their perspectives, insecurities and triumphs with me. They have stood beside adoptees and made our issues their issues.

Twitter is more than just a website. It’s a portal to an amazing community.

For me, Twitter is a Listen, Learn, Witness and Connect world!

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