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Autism or attachment?

My son is 3 and a half. He came here at a year old, and until now we’ve had a reasonably comfortable time. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all been easy, but the tough times were relatively expected given the moves that this child has had in his short life.

Now though…
He doesn’t want to play, he wants to help with the housework.
He likes to line up his cars and animals, rather than play with them, and gets really cross if they get knocked out of line.
He isn’t very affectionate.
He repeats noises over and over.
He won’t make eye contact with either me or my husband.
He gets really upset if we have even the slightest change in routine.
He hates us saying ‘No’. It’s not just a toddler tantrum that ensues, but instead a full blown meltdown.

Naturally, I started thinking about Autism. These all seem likes traits to me but my health visitor thinks I’m wrong. She’s observed him at his nursery and said he has great social skills with the other children so can’t possibly be autistic. But equally, she won’t say that these symptoms are ‘normal’ or could be of something else.

I started looking online, and now I see that some of these quirks can also be signs of an attachment difficulty. They’re very similar to autism and it’s hard to make the differentiation. So what now?
The health visitor doesn’t know much about attachment disorders, but is quick to rule out autism. My GP won’t do anything as she says the health visitor knows us best, and he’s so young to diagnose with anything.

Have you experienced similar? How did you get a diagnosis of autism or attachment? If you can suggest anything for this mum to try, please leave a comment below.