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Life on the Frontline – week 27


A weekly blog from a family made by adoption, warmed by the laughter, broken by the sadness, held together by love with a big dollop of hope, oh, and often soaked in mummy tears.

The second week of the holidays has not been too bad. With the long Easter weekend out of the way it was just a matter of getting to Wednesday, when Tall would be off to camp. Only one day to go then.

Tuesday morning the sun was shining and the air felt warming and inviting. We needed to get out. So armed with sandwiches, a waterproof rug, another family with three boys and the lovely Auntie K (one of my oldest friends and godmother to the boys) we set off for some fun.

A local and very impressive stately home with extensive grounds and a magical play area was our destination. We were not the only ones to hatch such a plan; lots of family had also descended on this beautiful spot. But it didn’t matter; we flung open our rug, claimed our ground and off ran the five boys.

For the next almost three hours they came and went, picking at our picnic whilst chasing around after each other. I occasionally went on a hunt for Small, knowing his social skills are often the route of some trouble. However there was very little that would alarm others. A father came off worst when asking Small to leave the trampoline, to let another child have a go. Small responded “I don’t have to listen to you, you’re not my parent”.

So it was a really wonderful spring day full of all the things you’d hope for in a school holiday outing, friends, fun and laughter.

“There I knew we could do it” I thought to myself as I got ready for bed. It really did fill me full of hope for us all, that such a day was possible. Ok I might have erased the car journey from hell we experienced on the way there, as the boys bickered continuously in the back of the car. Oh and the micro management required to get us out the door. Plus the slightly giddy hyped boy going to camp, at bedtime but today, they can be small details.

So Wednesday morning we sent our oldest boy to camp for three days, I had been very worried at how he would cope, however our positive day out had shed a new perspective on this event too. I felt upbeat as we said good bye. Hopeful for the fun he would have and the positive memories he would forge and for the time off I was about to get.

In Other News

Camp was a big success the boy returned happy, muddy and covered in adventure war wounds all of which I had to inspect.

Small went off to Grandma and Granddad’s on Thursday for the night, giving mum and dad another well earned break.

Small and I enjoyed one of our shopping trips on the Friday; it was a great pleasure, for both of us, with plenty of shopping, chatter and a lovely lunch.

Summer Sandpit 25/8/14

Days out. How many have you had? Where have you been? How have they gone?

It’s difficult to keep the children occupied during the holidays. Days out can be expensive, and sandpit_zpse4b97af5need a lot of planning. But, they give our children great new experiences, allow us to learn, play and be together, and just have fun!

We appreciate that for many, security is an important issue, so of course, don’t disclose your location if you don’t want to. However, if you have reviewed somewhere, then please add your post, and do add your general trips to beaches, parks, exciting attraction and any other days out you feel happy sharing.