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WASO Top 3 – July


top 3


More great blog posts in July and thanks to everyone who joined in with our sore points week on contact. We see so many different emotions in your blog posts, sadness, anger, despair, happiness and joy, you share everything. Sharing your experiences we hope helps you as well as the many people who visit your blogs. So without further ado, here’s our top 3.


1.This blog post about seeing abandonment from the child’s perspective and the mum’s, really moved me and gave real insight. Thank you Safe Mum for helping me understand just how hard all those changes in school are for our children.

2. It was good to catch up with this blogger, as I know this family sometimes have hard times. In this post, from Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sapphire, mum realises that what she may have been experiencing is secondary trauma.

3. Finally this piece tells a beautiful tale of childhood, and then weaves the storytellers new family life into the story. Feast is a great post about the enjoyment of cooking and food.


My first post is from Grey Street and is about when Jonathan talked about adoption. I love how these conversations just pop up at the most random of times and we have to be prepared to answer as sensitively as we can.

A lovely announcement is contained in this post from Suddenly Mummy – just reading it made me smile.

From one happy post to one that’s completely opposite. At But All Kids Do That, Wyxie talks about the difficulties in getting support when those who are supposed to support you, are actually blaming you…I think many adoptive parents can identify with this, I certainly can.