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Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 244

Time for another link-up of adoption reading…

So what’s happened in your world this week? We want you to link up your adoption blogs whether they’re about your family life, adoption opinions, wonderings, adoption in the media – or anything else you can think of! We welcome blogs from anyone who might be affected by adoption. Please do add your links below…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 241

It’s #WASO time again!

How’s your week been? What are you going to share with us this week?
In our house we had a birthday celebration which went incredibly well, followed by days of challenging behaviour, not helped by us imposing a ban on his favourite YouTuber!

So whether your week’s been better or worse than ours, we’d like to hear about it. Here’s the linky…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 224

It’s #WASO time again!

How has your week been? Pleasant and calm, or challenging? We’d love if you could share your blog posts about how things are for you all?
We welcome blog posts from adoptees, adoptive parents, birth families, social workers, foster carers, therapists – in fact anyone connected in any way to adoption. So please do get involved if you can.
Here’s the linky, just fill in your details…

Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO Week 144

Welcome to week 144 (yes, one hundred and forty four!) of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. waso144Whether you’re a regular or here for the first time, you’re sure to find lots of adoption related blogs to read, and if you are a blogger yourself, then fill in the simple form below to add your own blog post to the linky.

Newbies might not know that we offer a theme every alternate week – it’s not obligatory, just there to give you a bit of inspiration if you need it. This week it’s ‘Health Services’.

So that’s it for now, go ahead and link up your post, and share as many other posts as you can – spread that blogging love…

How to add a tweet to a linky

Did you know you could do that? Yes, add a tweet to a linky. You don’t even need a blog.

OK, so for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out we want you to link a blog post up, but for #Memorybox or #TASPic you don’t need a blog at all and linking up tweets works really well for images that you’ve shared on Twitter. Here’s how you add a tweet to a linky…

Once you’ve sent your tweet, it’ll appear on your timeline. Click on those 3 little dots under your tweet and click ‘Copy link to Tweet’. Link tweets 1

You’ll get a box like this pop up:

link tweet 2

Now, select all of the text and click Ctrl+C to copy it. There, it’s on your virtual clipboard now, ready to paste.

The next step is to go to the linky that you want to join in with, this is the form for #MemoryBox… but all our linky forms look pretty much the same:

link tweet 3

Simply click in box 1. Highlight the http:// (this will mean you’ll paste over the top of it, but that’s what we want), then press Ctrl+V to paste the tweet address.

Then fill in the rest of the form with a title for the tweet, your email address (so we can contact you if there’s a problem) and you can give your name if you like too. Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll be asked if you want to return to the blog hosting the linky, or you can just close the window at that point.

That’s it. It’s just a matter of knowing where to copy the link from. Like all the posts that join in with our linkys, we’ll share the tweets as much as we can too, and we look forward to seeing some of your tweets on #TASPIC or #MemoryBox soon.