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Making Twitter manageable

Time to talk Twitter – and how to turn it into bite-sized chunks!

It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes isn’t it? You’ve got a couple of hundred followers, maybe more and in turn, you’re following another couple of hundred and your timeline is stacked full of tweets that – although you want to – you know you’re never going to be able to keep up with.

And then there are those odd days where you might not want to see a load of adoption related tweets – you’ve opened up Twitter for a bit of light relief and just want to see a few giggly tweets from your favourite comedians.

So, how can you a) keep up, and b) filter out tweets (and tweeters) for a bit?


No, no, you don’t have to sit there with a paper and pen (thought you can if you want) to make a list of your favourite tweeters!
Twitter has this handy little tool that allows you to make online lists of people that you’re following – you can make one or lots, you can make them private or public.

Finding the list section on Twitter

Log into Twitter. Click on the settings icon in the corner and you’ll see the drop down list appear, then click on ‘lists’.

How to find lists

If you haven’t set any up yet, there’ll be nothing here, but you can see that so far we’ve set up 3 lists on The Adoption Social’s account.

Getting organised

So, have a think about how you want to organise your Twitter feeds. Perhaps you have favourite tweeters….you could put them in a list. Perhaps you want to keep all your adoption related contacts together, so set up a list for them. You might want to put all your blogger friends in another list, or even family members in another.
This is whether the public/private thing comes in. If you don’t want the world knowing who is related to you, then I suggest you set a family list as private. If you’re setting up a favourites list, but don’t want to offend everyone else who isn’t your favourite, you could set that up as private too. Your public lists can be seen by other people so just be aware of that.

 Setting up a list

In the image above, can you see a button called ‘Create List’ above our list titles? Click on it.
You’ll see this:Creating a new list

Here you can fill in the details of the list. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Once you’ve hit ‘Save list’ it’ll appear in your list of lists.

Then you can set about adding members to it.

Adding tweeters to a list

To add people to a list, click on the list title. Here you’ll see a search box and you can type in the names of the tweeters you want to include. I find this a bit fiddly, and tend to forget people.
So I do it via the ‘Following page’. This is the page where you can see all your followers and you can select a list for each and every person (if you wanted), or can easily scroll through and add the right people to your lists.Adding to your list

This is what your following page looks like. Click on that little person icon, then ‘add/remove from lists’. The following page

From there you’ll see a pop-up box and you can select the tick boxes beside the list you want to include that tweeter in.

You can do this for every single person you follow if you like, and categorise them into one of a number of lists, or you can just add to a few important lists. Then when you log into twitter you can either view your whole timeline, or you can view just one or two lists which makes it all much more manageable.

Do you think you might give it a go? If you need more help, then drop us a line we’re happy to help.